Do Matchbook Pay First Past The Post?

Paying first past the post on horse racing in the UK and Ireland is a popular concession offered by many of the top sportsbooks in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Quick Answer

Do Matchbook Pay First Past The Post?

If your horse finishes first past the post but is disqualified by the stewards before the winner of the race is officially announced, you will not get paid out.

If your horse does not finish first past the post but is subsequently promoted to first place, you will get paid out as a winner.

Of course, if your horse finishes first past the post and the result stands, you’ll also get paid out.

Why Do Matchbook Not Pay First Past The Post?

While many popular sportsbooks offer punters a first past the post or double result concession, betting exchanges that provide betting on horse racing in on UK and Irish horse racing don’t. This may be because betting exchanges work to tighter margins than sportsbooks.

Another plausible reason is that betting exchanges work on a commission-only basis, and all bets struck on betting exchanges involve one punter betting against another. In this scenario, betting exchanges would have to pay out on both the back and lay bets.

Matchbook is a betting exchange that does not offer a first past the post or double result concession, but other betting exchanges like Betfair, Smarkets, and Betdaq also don’t offer this concession on their betting exchanges. Please note, these firms may offer a first past the post or double result concession on horse racing bets struck on their sportsbooks.

Matchbook’s Horse Racing Rules

Regarding first past the post, Matchbook makes it clear in their rules that they do not pay first past the post.

While Matchbook settles horse racing markets, typically, on a first past the post basis, if the stewards subsequently amend a result Matchbook will reverse any settlements made in good faith and pay out only on the official result. This is true only of the official result on the day of any race in question. Should the result of a race be amended after a subsequent appeal that takes place after the official result has been called, the official result will stand for settlement purposes. Matchbook will not pay out on both horses in a double result.

Why Have I Not Got My Horse Racing Winnings At Matchbook?

If you’ve not got your horse racing winnings after placing a bet at Matchbook, it may be you’re expecting to be paid out after your horse finished first past the post but got demoted from first place by the stewards. If this is the case, sadly, you will not receive your winnings as Matchbook only pays out on the official result and not first past the post or the double result in such circumstances.

There are also other circumstances in which you may not receive your winnings from Matchbook, even if your horse finishes first past the post.

Matchbook will not pay out on any horses in a race if:

A horse race is a walkover (only one horse runs)
If a horse race is declared void
If a horse race is postponed until another day
The venue or surface is changed following the publication of a market on Matchbook

How Do I Contact Matchbook?

If you have a dispute over a first past the post result at Matchbook, the best thing to do is contact the Matchbook customer support team. Matchbook has an FAQ section. You can also get in touch by email at

Where possible, we advise you to use live chat support if you want to speak to a member of the customer service team. To use live chat, click on the white and grey speech bubble icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any page on the Matchbook website. You’ll need to enter your name, Matchbook username, and email address before typing your message.

Should I Bet With Matchbook?

There are normally pros and cons when it comes to using most betting sites. The pros for betting at Matchbook are you’ll get competitive horse racing odds on a wide range of betting exchange markets. You’ll also be able to take advantage of promotional offers and competitive low commission rates.

One of the cons is you won’t get paid out on first past the post or double results if a horse you’ve bet on finishes first but is demoted. But to be fair to Matchbook, this policy is in line with the other major betting exchanges.

We hope that’s answered your question, do Matchbook pay first past the post. Happy punting!

*Please note, details of this article may be subject to change without notice.

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