Do Unibet Pay First Past The Post?

The Quick Answer

Do Unibet Pay First Past The Post?

If you want to know do Unibet pay first past the post – the answer is yes. The good news is this popular online bookmaker pays first past the post on many UK and Irish races on all single bets and multiplies.

What Is First Past The Post In Horse Racing?

If you’re not entirely sure what first past the post is in horse racing, this popular concession is easy to understand. If your horse finishes first past the post in a horse race in the UK or Ireland, and remains the winner when the official result is announced, you will be paid as a winner.

If your horse finishes first past the post in a horse race in the UK or Ireland, but is subsequently disqualified or demoted by the stewards, you will still be paid as a winner, providing the reasons for the disqualification or demotion does not breach the terms and conditions of Unibet’s first past the post concession.

If your horse does not finish first past the post, but is subsequently promoted to first place when the official result is announced, you will be paid out as a winner.

Unibet First Past The Post Terms & Conditions

If a horse you have backed at Unibet has finished first past the post in a horse race in the UK or Ireland, and you have not been paid out as a winner, it may be for one of the following terms and conditions. These t&cs are in place to protect Unibet from foul play and are similar to the ones used by many other leading online bookmakers.

Unibet will not pay out on horses that finish first past the post and are subsequently disqualified or demoted if:

Your bet is an ante-post bet
Your bet was placed on the Tote or Pari Mutual
Your bet is a forecast or tricast
The race in which your selection ran was declared void
Your selection was disqualified for carrying the wrong weight or the jockey failed to weigh-in
Your selection took the wrong course during the race
Your selection was announced as the winner by a judge in error
Your selection is awarded the race after an appeal after the official result is announced
Your bet was placed in a special market, such as points, distances, match bets, or without the favourite
Your bet was in a two-runner race

What Do I Do If I’ve Not Got My First Past The Post Winnings?

If you’ve not received your winnings from a bet at Unibet when your horse finished first past the post in a horse race in the UK or Ireland but was subsequently disqualified, the first thing to do is read the terms and conditions. Once you’ve read the T&Cs, it may become apparent why you have not received your winnings.

If you can’t find a reason why your horse should not have been paid out as a winner, we advise you to contact the Unibet support team.

What Are Unibet’s Support Contact Details?

If you need support while betting at Unibet, you can browse many frequently asked questions and answers in the help centre. You can also type keywords into the search feature, and you’ll be directed to the best possible information.

If you’d like to contact the Unibet customer support team directly, you can do so by live chat and freephone.

Live chat –
Freephone (from UK): 0800 329 393

More Horse Racing Bonuses At Unibet

As well as having the chance to benefit from a first past the post concession, you can also take advantage of more horse racing promotions at Unibet.

Daily Boost At Unibet

If you’re the type of punter that has single bets, you can boost your odds on three selections every day at Unibet.

Unibet Refer A Friend

If you’re enjoying your experiences at Unibet, you can refer your friends to earn bonuses that you can bet on horse racing and other sports. These bonuses only have a 1x wagering requirement, so you could say it’s money for old friends.

Are Unibet Horse Racing Odds Competitive?

Unibet horse racing is highly regarded for its competitive odds, making it a favoured choice for enthusiasts in the realm of horse racing betting. With its extensive history in the industry, Unibet has firmly established itself as a competitive bookmaker in Unibet racing. This reputation is enhanced by their thoughtfully designed layout and a multitude of betting features and promotions, which enrich the overall betting experience for users.

In Europe, Unibet has made a commitment to offering the “Best Odds Guaranteed” on all UK and Irish horse races. This pledge showcases a strong competitive edge, particularly for bettors focused on these regions. While the guarantee of the best odds can’t always be assured for every bet, it’s clear that Unibet strives to provide excellent value in their odds offering.

The Unibet horse racing betting platform is noted not only for its odds but also for its extensive range of markets. The odds provided by Unibet are known to be competitive, potentially leading to significant payouts for successful wagers. The breadth of these odds adds to the attraction for a diverse range of bettors.

Moreover, Unibet is recognised as one of the largest online betting sites, offering an expansive selection of horse racing markets and various bet types. This variety, along with competitive odds, positions Unibet as a robust platform for both experienced and novice bettors, catering to a wide spectrum of horse racing betting interests.

In conclusion, Unibet horse racing betting is characterised by its competitive odds, broad market range, and promotional offers, making Unibet racing a popular and appealing choice for those keen on engaging in horse racing betting.

Should I Bet At Unibet?

Unibet is a popular online bookmaker that gets its share of the competitive online bookmaking industry by providing its members with a good range of competitive odds for many sports and markets. Unibet also offers concessions that can help you make more profits from gambling, such as daily boosts and refer-a-friend bonuses. Unibet also provides a first past the post concession that means you could win even when your horse loses.

We hope that’s answered your question, do Unibet pay first past the post. Happy punting!

*Please note, the promotions and terms and conditions mentioned in this article may be subject to change without notice.

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