How To Delete A Unibet Account

If you’re considering deleting your account with Unibet, you may choose to close your Unibet account permanently or opt for a period of self-exclusion that will close your account for a period of your choice.

The Quick Answer

How To Delete A Unibet Account

If you want to delete your Unibet account permanently for any reason, login to your Unibet account, go to the Unibet help centre, and follow the support instructions where you can access a link to close your account.

How Do I Self-Exclude At Unibet?

If you want to close your Unibet account temporarily, The Unibet self-exclusion steps are a perfect way to stop gambling for a period that suit your needs. You’ll be able to self-exclude for either 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Once you confirm how long you want to self-exclude from betting at Unibet, you will no longer be able to log in to your account or bet with Unibet for this period.

Unibet also advises you to install software on your devices that will block betting sites during this period. Unibet advises you to use Gamban software, which blocks gambling apps and betting sites on any mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Installing this software should ensure you are not hassled by betting companies during your break from gambling.

How Do I Keep Gambling Fun At Unibet?

If you’d want to keep betting at Unibet rather than delete your account, Unibet provides several responsible gambling tips aimed at keeping gambling fun.

The first step is to test your player profile. This process includes answering nine questions that will allow Unibet to assess whether you need some help to keep your gambling fun. All questions and answers are confidential.

Unibet also recommends you switch on ‘reality checks’, so you can get pop-up reminders every 30, 60, or 90 minutes. These checks are ideal if you think you’re spending too much time gambling, and it is affecting work, family commitments, or relationships.

How Do I Limit My Gambling At Unibet?

Limiting your gambling at Unibet is a less severe step than deleting your Unibet account. Deposits, losses, and products are all things you can limit to make your gambling safer at Unibet.

Set deposit limits at Unibet to make sure you never gamble money you can’t afford to lose. Set how much money you can afford to gamble in a day, week, or month and make sure you’re in control of your money.

An alternative way to limit the amount of money you gamble at Unibet is to set a loss limit. Once you reach this loss limit in day, week, or month, you will not be able to place any more bets.

Once this period is up, your loss limit will reset. Limits can be set as your total bets or on individual products. For example, you may set your weekly sportsbook losses limit at £100 a month and your casino losses limit at £50 a month.

Setting these limits will stop you chasing losses, which should stop you losing money you can’t afford to.

If you find you are better at one form of gambling than another, you may wish to block one or more of Unibet’s products. For example, if you find you enjoy betting on horse racing but lose money betting on casino games, you can block the Unibet casino but still bet on horse racing.

Product blocking removes any temptation to bet on products that may be available when you’re preferred betting platform is not available.

Can I Get Help & Support At Unibet?

If you need any further advice about deleting your Unibet account, the Unibet customer service team is available to provide help and support. The Unibet Help Centre is an excellent way to browse many popular topics, questions, and answers.

If you’d like to contact the Unibet service team, you can use the following contact details.

Phone: (+44) (0)330 808 8289

Should I Delete My Unibet Account?

Only you know if gambling has become a problem, but the information we’ve provided in this article should help you make an informed decision about what steps to take to help you gamble responsibly.

If you know that gambling has become a problem that you can’t deal with, deleting your Unibet account and other betting accounts is a permanent step you may wish to take. If you do choose this step, installing software that blocks betting sites from your devices is also recommended.

If you’d like to continue to gamble, but do so more responsibly, there are several steps you can take at Unibet. You may wish to start by setting reality checks, limiting your deposits or losses, or block some products. You can also take a temporary break from gambling by self-excluding from a day to six months.

We hope we’ve answered your question, how do I delete my Unibet account.

*Please note, some details contained in this article may be changed by Unibet without notice.

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