Is Turf7 A Good Site?

If you are fond of betting on horse racing or greyhound racing, you may have come across Turf7. It is a well-known sports betting platform, mostly known within punter communities that are based on horse or greyhound racing. 

The Quick Answer

Is Turf7 A Good Site?

Turf7 is a reliable, easy-to-use and efficient platform. Since it is mainly dedicated to betting on horse and greyhound racing, if you are interested in other sports, it is not for you. Being associated with betting brokerages in Asia and other markets makes numerous markets accessible for punters, making it a lucrative site for avid horse or greyhound racing punters.

It is a well-known fact that punters interested in animal sports betting mostly focus on events for these particular sports only and do not pay much heed to sporting events for football, basketball, ice hockey and other such sports. For these racing enthusiasts, platforms like Turf7 and Citibet are good options as they make navigation and site usage easy, providing only relevant information and betting options.

If we have your interest piqued, here is a brief insight into Turf7, what it is, how it works and whether it is safe to use.

What Is Turf7?

Traditional sportsbooks have dominated the online sports betting industry for decades. However, with the advent of sports betting exchanges, there has been a prominent shift in punters’ betting behaviour and preferences. is a sports betting exchange where you can trade sports betting, quite similar stock trading. In traditional sportsbooks, bettors wage on different games and usually match the given odds. However, with Turf7, bettors are presented with a mix of trading and sports betting. The concept is intriguing yet more lucrative, as you have the option to find the best possible odds.

 Since the platform is primarily dedicated to horse and greyhound racing, it offers a wide range of information for the featured events. It provides punters with useful insights which help them make informed betting choices. Bettors also can follow the races streamed live to experience the thrill and excitement of a live race and closely follow how their bets turn out. Live betting is the main feature of Turf7 currently.

Bettors can also see what other punters are betting on and can gain useful insights about the race. They also learn what other bettors are betting on for the different races. For now, Turf7 offers betting for horse and greyhound races held in three regions, including UK, Australia and Ireland. The site may add racing from other regions in the future and may also increase the time span for pre-match betting; as of now, live betting is mostly featured. 

Turf7 Features

Turf7 is accessible via its site, and an application is not available. The site is available in English, Chinese and Korean language, and as mentioned earlier, it mainly focuses on animal racing. Besides racing, the platform features some online games and lotteries.

The overall site is quite easy-to-use, and navigation is easy. You can access the site from any device from anywhere in the world. However, since an application is unavailable, mobile device users may find it to be a shortcoming as most individuals prefer using applications rather than accessing the platform’s mobile version. However, the site is efficient and easy to use, whether you access it via a desktop or mobile device.

Users have the option to change the manner in which odds are displayed according to their convenience and choose a language of their choice. The user preferences can be set from the general options, which are a part of the main account. Over time, Turf7 has tweaked its site to make it more user-friendly and efficient by incorporating user feedback and adapting to market trends. 

When you enter the Turf7 site, you do not need to make much of an effort to get to the race you are interested in betting. Since the platform is dedicated to animal racing and that too for the main racing regions, the narrowed-down choices are appealing for most bettors.

How to use Turf7

If you want to use Turf7, you cannot proceed or even enter the site without registering and making your account. For that purpose, you need to engage the services of a sports betting brokerage platform.

You first need to open an account with such a platform to get access to the betting exchange. Turf7 is registered with various brokers, including BetinAsia, Premium Trading and Top Bet Broker. 

The broker can help you fill out the registration form for Turf7 and open your account. Once your account is made with Turf7, you are all set to bet on your race of choice. While some may consider using a broker to open an account with Turf7 a hassle, it is actually beneficial for the bettors.

It is because betting brokers feature some of the biggest bookmaker accounts, and you have the option to compare odds across the board to find the best option. Moreover, the site’s association with a reliable and renowned betting brokerage establishes the betting exchange or site’s credibility. 

Once you are registered with Turf7, you can access the site and choose from the featured events and betting types to wager according to your liking. Turf7 charges a low commission of 2% and is known to feature the best odds, while the payment methods are reliable and hassle-free, with efficient customer support readily available at all times.

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