A Guide to Star Vegas International Resort and Casino

Nestled in the bustling Poipet special economic zone of Cambodia, near the Thailand border, the Star Vegas International Resort and Casino stands as a beacon of entertainment and luxury. Offering a seamless blend of hospitality and gaming excellence, this expansive resort attracts visitors from across the globe. With its strategic location, requiring no visa for entry and conducting transactions in Thai baht, Star Vegas provides a convenient and accessible getaway for regional tourists and gaming enthusiasts.

The casino at Star Vegas International Resort is a gambler’s paradise, operating around the clock and boasting an extensive array of gaming machines and table games. The resort also caters to those seeking a well-rounded experience, with a range of services and amenities including comfortable accommodation, a fitness centre, and a spa. Diners can indulge in an array of culinary delights at the on-site restaurants, ensuring that every visit is not just a gaming escapade but a holistic travel experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Star Vegas Resort provides accessible luxury and entertainment on the Cambodia-Thailand border.
  • The casino offers a 24-hour gaming experience with a vast selection of games and machines.
  • Comprehensive amenities, including dining, fitness, and spa services, enhance the visitors’ stay.

Resort Overview

Star Vegas International Resort & Casino represents an ideal fusion of comfort and entertainment, offering a comprehensive experience for guests that extends beyond the thrill of gaming.

Star Vegas Resort Profile

Star Vegas Resort is a prominent feature of Poipet, strategically situated within a special economic zone on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. This accessibility means visitors can enter the zone without a visa, and transactions are primarily conducted in Thai baht, ensuring a seamless experience. Guests will find the Thai influence palpable in both service and design, which imbues the Resort with a sense of familiarity and exotic allure.

Emphasising leisure and luxury, the resort encompasses 385 rooms and suites, a range of dining options, a spa, and a fitness center, among other amenities. With around-the-clock operations, the casino floor is abuzz with activity, presenting a diverse selection of games to suit all preferences.

Accommodation Details

Accommodation at Star Vegas Resort exemplifies comfort, offering a tranquil reprieve after a day filled with excitement. Each of the 385 rooms is thoughtfully designed, featuring air conditioning and modern amenities that cater to both leisure and business travellers.

Room Type Amenities
Standard Room Air conditioning, en-suite bathroom, minibar, television
Suite Spacious living area, luxury bath, minibar, flat-screen TV

Guests can indulge in holistic wellness at the spa or maintain their fitness regimes at the fitness center, fully equipped with modern facilities. Moreover, a swimming pool further adds to the resort’s comprehensive offering, allowing guests a refreshing escape amidst their stay.

Casino and Gaming Facilities

The Star Vegas International Resort and Casino offers an extensive range of gaming options, catering to avid gamblers with a broad array of table games, slot machines, and a dedicated poker room. Its 24-hour operation ensures that gaming activities are available around the clock for guest convenience.

Gaming Floor Insight

The casino’s gaming floor spans 31,000 square feet, providing ample space for a variety of gaming experiences. Visitors will find the facility well-designed, offering both lively ambiance and the exclusivity needed for focused gameplay. It is equipped to handle a large influx of guests, averaging around 5,000 daily.

Table Games and Slots

The casino boasts a significant number of gaming options:

  • Table Games: With 109 gaming tables available, the casino offers popular games like:
    • Roulette: Both American and European versions are available for enthusiasts of this classic game of chance.
    • Baccarat: Known for attracting high rollers, baccarat is a staple at the resort.
    • Blackjack: Players can enjoy this widely-played card game, which is known for its blend of skill and luck.
    • Tai Sai (Sic Bo): This dice-based game of chance is a favourite among those who enjoy fast-paced gaming experiences.
  • Slot Machines: The facility is home to 1,284 electronic gaming machines, including:
    • A myriad of themed slots for various interests and playing styles.
    • Progressive jackpots offering potentially large payouts.

Poker Room Atmosphere

The poker room at Star Vegas International Resort and Casino presents a focused environment for both amateur and experienced players. With a range of poker variants on offer, including ultimate Texas Hold’em and Mississippi Stud, the atmosphere is competitive yet welcoming. The room caters to players of all levels, ensuring a comprehensive poker experience.

Dining and Entertainment

Visitors to the Star Vegas International Resort and Casino can indulge in a variety of culinary delights and immerse themselves in vibrant nightlife, including karaoke and distinctive bars. The resort ensures that guests have access to a range of dining options and entertainment venues.

Culinary Delights

The Star Vegas International Resort and Casino offers a plethora of dining experiences, ranging from informal snacks to gourmet meals. Guests can explore the various dining establishments on-site that cater to diverse palates and preferences. Traditional Asian cuisine, international dishes, and light bites are readily available throughout the resort.

  • Restaurants: A mix of Asian and international cuisine provides guests with a diverse menu selection.
  • Snacks: For those seeking quick and casual eating options, there are outlets that serve snacks and smaller bites.

Evening and Nightlife

As night falls, the Star Vegas International Resort and Casino comes alive with its array of evening activities. From relaxed lounges to a lively nightclub atmosphere, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

  • Karaoke: Enthusiasts can enjoy a modern karaoke experience in a dedicated karaoke piano lounge.
  • Bars & Lounges: The resort boasts a selection of bars where guests can unwind with signature cocktails or select from an extensive list of spirits.
  • Shopping: While not a direct part of the nightlife, upscale shops within the resort offer a unique shopping experience for guests who enjoy evening retail therapy.

Star Vegas Services and Amenities

Star Vegas International Resort and Casino caters to guests seeking relaxation and retail therapy with its state-of-the-art spa and wellness facilities as well as a variety of duty-free shops.

Spa and Wellness

Guests at Star Vegas can rejuvenate with a range of spa services such as massages and beauty treatments. The resort’s spa offers a tranquil retreat for those looking to unwind. For further indulgence, the salon provides hair and beauty services designed to pamper and revitalise. Additionally, the fitness centre is equipped with modern exercise equipment for guests who seek to maintain their fitness routine while on holiday.

Shopping and Leisure

Shopping aficionados will find a selection of shops within the resort, including duty-free options, where one can purchase a diverse array of items from designer goods to souvenirs. The shopping experience at Star Vegas is designed to provide leisure and convenience for guests who wish to take a piece of their stay back home with them.

Practical Information

In this section, you’ll find essential information about the Star Vegas International Resort & Casino, ensuring your visit is seamless and complies with the local regulations.

Opening Times

Star Vegas International Resort and Casino operates around the clock, welcoming guests at any time of the day or night.

Guest Services

Upon arrival, visitors can expect a range of services designed to enhance their stay:

  • Accommodation: The resort boasts 385 rooms and suites, providing comfort and convenience.
  • Dining: A variety of dining options are available on-site, including bars and restaurants.
  • Entertainment: Weekly events offer a diverse entertainment schedule.
  • Customer Support: A dedicated 24/7 customer service team is available to assist with any inquiries. For direct assistance, guests can make use of the provided telephone services at the resort.

Legal and Regulatory

Guests should be aware of the following:

  • Visa Requirements: Entrance to the Poipet special economic zone does not require a visa for most travellers, simplifying access to the casino.
  • Currency: Transactions within the resort are primarily conducted in Thai baht.
  • Gaming Regulations: A full spectrum of gaming options is offered, adhering to the legal framework of the special economic zone where the casino is located.

Directions and Contact

For visitors planning a trip to Star Vegas International Resort and Casino, navigating to the resort and knowing the relevant contact information can enhance the travel experience. The Resort, situated near the key Aranyaprathet-Poipet border, offers a dynamic environment for both gaming and leisure.

Travel Access

Star Vegas International Resort and Casino is strategically located on 292 Mao Ze Tung Road in the vicinity of the bustling Aranyaprathet-Poipet border. For individuals journeying from Thailand, crossing at Aranyaprathet-Poipet typically involves a straightforward process, leading directly to the vibrant township of Poipet in Northern Cambodia. Travellers have various transport options, including bus services, private vehicles, and for some, a short walking distance from the border entry point.

Contact Information

For inquiries and further assistance, the Resort has dedicated contact numbers. Interested parties can reach Star Vegas International Resort and Casino via the following telephone lines:

  • General Enquiries: +855 18 487 797
  • Support: +855 18 487 800

When contacting the Resort, visitors can enquire about table availability, accommodation, and other services like the fitness centre, karaoke lounge, or spa facilities. It’s advisable to call ahead to book services or clarify details specific to your visit.

Responsible Gaming

Star Vegas International Resort and Casino is committed to providing a responsible gaming environment for all patrons. They offer various gambling opportunities, ensuring that every wager is conducted in a transparent and fair manner, consistent with the established terms of use and privacy policy.

  • Setting Limits: Patrons are encouraged to set limits on their gambling to ensure it remains a form of entertainment. This includes:
    • Deposit limits
    • Time limits
    • Loss limits
  • Age Verification: Strict age verification processes are in place to prevent underage gambling, in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Privacy Policy: The casino’s privacy policy clearly outlines how customer data are protected and not shared with third-party entities without consent.
  • Terms of Use: All patrons must agree to the terms of use before placing any particular wager, acknowledging the rules and procedures of each game.
  • Self-Exclusion: Players have the option to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling activities for a specified period should they feel the need to take a break.
  • Support and Assistance:
    • Brochures and online resources about responsible gambling practices
    • Trained staff available for assistance
    • Direct links to professional help services

Star Vegas International Resort and Casino strongly advocates responsible play and provides resources and tools to support this ethos, thereby ensuring a positive and safe gaming experience for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Star Vegas International Resort and Casino offers a comprehensive array of services catering to both gaming and non-gaming guests. Below are several common inquiries visitors have about the resort.

What accommodation options are available at Star Vegas International Resort and Casino?

The resort boasts 385 well-appointed rooms and suites, each featuring air-conditioning and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests.

Which dining experiences can guests expect at the resort?

Visitors can indulge in a variety of dining options at the resort, ranging from casual to fine dining venues that serve a wide array of local and international cuisine.

What gaming facilities does Star Vegas International Resort offer to its visitors?

The casino floor at Star Vegas International Resort is equipped with a range of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, and areas dedicated to both seasoned gamblers and new players.

Can you outline the entertainment services provided by Star Vegas International Resort?

The resort provides a diverse entertainment programme that includes live shows, cultural performances, and other recreational activities designed to complement the gaming experience.

How does Star Vegas International Resort accommodate non-gaming guests?

Non-gaming guests are catered for with alternative amenities such as a fitness center and spa, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay for those not interested in the casino.

What are the transport and access options for reaching Star Vegas International Resort?

Located in the Poipet special economic zone near the Thai border, the resort is accessible without a visa for many visitors, and the area operates using Thai baht, simplifying financial transactions for tourists.

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