Why Casino betting on Betting Exchanges with Brokerstorm is better?

Casino betting has taken a new twist on betting exchange platforms. These platforms not only offer plenty of room for sports betting, but they offer Casino and Live Casino sections as well. Casino fans can enjoy an extensive range of all popular casino games, from blackjacks and roulettes to slots, teenpatti and card games, betting against other players with back and lay bets. With the help of brokers like Brokerstorm, casino bettors can explore the thrill of casino exchange betting on platforms such as Winfair24 and Orbit Exchange. Let’s see how casino betting works on betting exchanges and why it might be the next big thing. 

how exchange betting works

How Exchange Betting Works

On betting exchanges like Orbit Exchange and Winfair24, bettors place bets on the outcome of events such as sports matches, political events, eSports competitions or casino games. On such platforms, players that have opposing views on an event bet against each other agreeing on the odds and stakes. The one is betting for an outcome on a specific event and market and the other is betting against it on the agreed odds and stake. The betting exchange platform is not taking part in this process, it only offers the betting environment for the players to place their bets. In exchange of their services, they charge a commission fee on all winning bets. 

This peer-to=peer betting system works with two types of bets, back and lay bets. Back bets are used for players wishing to support an outcome to happen, for example the ball ending up on a red number on a roulette game, while lay bets are used by players wishing to bet against an outcome, for example the ball not ending up on a red number on a roulette game. When the two opposing views bettors agree on the odds and stake, then their bets form a matched bet. A back bet shows the potential profit of the bettor if the bet wins, and the lay bet shows the liability of the bettor, which is the amount the bettor is willing to risk if the bet does not win. 

Casino betting on betting exchanges

Casino Betting on Betting Exchanges

While betting exchanges are popular for sports betting, many platforms like Orbit Exchange and Winfair24 have expanded their offerings to include casino options. This allows users to enjoy casino games in a more unique setting. Popular casino games available on betting exchanges include blackjack, roulette, poker, and slot machines. 

Playing blackjack on a betting exchange through Brokerstorm, bettors can place a back bet, where they bet for a particular outcome, like getting a blackjack in the next hand. Alternatively they can place a lay bet, betting against someone else getting a blackjack. Using betting exchanges, bettors are not just playing against the house; they are playing against fellow bettors. 

how exchange betting works

Why Try Casino Betting on Betting Exchanges 

Liquidity and Flexibility

Betting exchanges operate on the principle of liquidity, ensuring that players can find matches for their bets quickly. The flexibility to back of lay on various outcomes gives a level of control that is not commonly found in traditional online casinos. 

No House Edge

Traditional online casinos often have a built-in house edge, ensuring a profit for the platform. Betting exchanges, on the other hand, rely on commissions, and users have the opportunity to offer their own bets. 

Arbitrage Opportunities

Experienced bettors can use exchange betting to identify arbitrage opportunities, where they can exploit price differences between backing and laying. This allows them to lock in profits regardless of the outcome. 


Exchange betting is more transparen. The betting exchanges match opposing vies and their role is to facilitate rather than dictate prices, and this creates a more fair playing field for players. 

Broker Guidance with Brokerstorm

Brokerstorm offers access to reputable betting exchanges, manages accounts, processes deposits and withdrawals and offers daily customer support service, allowing bettors  to enjoy their activities with confidence and ease. 

In a Nutshell

The marriage of casino betting and betting exchanges gives a new dimension to online gambling. The players can experience the excitement of traditional casino games within the dynamic framework of exchange betting. Brokerstorm opens the door to this dimension offering access to popular betting exchanges such as Orbit Exchange and Winfair24. 

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