A Guide To Esports In Malaysia

Welcome to the thrilling world of Esports in Malaysia! As a rapidly growing global phenomenon, competitive gaming has taken this Southeast Asian country by storm – captivating fans and players alike.

This comprehensive guide will delve deep into Malaysia’s exciting Esports scene, spotlighting popular games, prominent teams and players, as well as examining developmental initiatives and economic impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Esports in Malaysia is a rapidly growing industry that is supported by the government, with plans to establish an esports academy and regulate the industry through a dedicated Ministry of Sports and Youth Management.
  • Popular games in Malaysian esports include Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty, and FIFA series.
  • Malaysian players and teams have achieved international success in various games such as Fire Dragoon Esports (LoL & Dota 2), Ahmad Fuad Razali (Mobile Legends), Muhammad “Xenon” Hazim (Arena of Valor), Rumpel (Free Fire) and Resurgence.
  • The esports industry has significant entertainment value for Malaysians with tournaments drawing large crowds at events like Kuala Lumpur Major Dota 2 tournament. It is also contributing significantly to the Malaysian economy with revenue reaching MYR 67 million in 2020 alone while providing job opportunities within the digital economy sector.

Esports In Malaysia: An Overview

Competitive gaming is a booming industry in Malaysia, with esports tournaments and events drawing thousands of fans from all over the country. Malaysian gamers have also made their mark on the global stage, with notable players and teams achieving success in various games.

The government has recognised the potential of esports as an economic driver and has implemented strategic plans to develop the industry further. In this guide to esports in Malaysia, we will delve deeper into its current state and what opportunities it holds for aspiring gamers. Keep reading to explore everything you need to know about esports in Malaysia!

Key Takeaways

  • Esports in Malaysia is a rapidly growing industry that is supported by the government, with plans to establish an esports academy and regulate the industry through a dedicated Ministry of Sports and Youth Management.
  • Popular games in Malaysian esports include Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty, and FIFA series.
  • Malaysian players and teams have achieved international success in various games such as Fire Dragoon Esports (LoL & Dota 2), Ahmad Fuad Razali (Mobile Legends), Muhammad “Xenon” Hazim (Arena of Valor), Rumpel (Free Fire) and Resurgence.
  • The esports industry has significant entertainment value for Malaysians with tournaments drawing large crowds at events like Kuala Lumpur Major Dota 2 tournament. It is also contributing significantly to the Malaysian economy with revenue reaching MYR 67 million in 2020 alone while providing job opportunities within digital economy sector.

Popular Esports Games In Malaysia

The Malaysian esports scene is thriving with a wide variety of popular games that attract both players and spectators alike. Here’s a list of some of the most played esports titles in the country:

Dota 2: An immensely famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, offering intense gameplay and a vibrant competitive scene.

League of Legends: Another hugely popular MOBA game, drawing millions of worldwide fans and featuring many international tournaments.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: A classic first-person shooter game that has maintained its popularity in Malaysia for years, with numerous local teams participating in both regional and global competitions.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a widely enjoyed battle royale game that has found immense success among Malaysian gamers, leading to the establishment of various national-level tournaments.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: As an easily accessible mobile MOBA game, Mobile Legends has become a major hit in Malaysia, with many gamers engaging in fierce competition.

Call of Duty: A well-known first-person shooter franchise, particularly famous for its various online multiplayer modes and exciting gameplay.

FIFA series: Football is immensely popular in Malaysia, so it’s no surprise that the FIFA video games have gained a strong following among sports enthusiasts who enjoy competing against one another or watching others play at high-level events.

These games represent just a small fraction of the diverse range available to Malaysian esports fans, paving the way for more growth and excitement within this rapidly evolving industry.

Notable Malaysian Esports Players And Teams

Malaysia has a thriving esports scene with numerous talented players and teams showcasing their skills in various competitions. Here are some notable Malaysian esports players and teams:

Ahmad Fuad Razali aka “Gosu”

Gosu is a professional Mobile Legends player who currently plays for Onic Esports. He is known for his exceptional skills with heroes like Fanny and Selena.

Muhammad “Xenon” Hazim

Xenon is a competitive player of Arena of Valor, popularly known as AoV. He has won several tournaments, including the SEA Games 2019, where he represented Malaysia.

Fire Dragoon Esports

Fire Dragoon Esports is one of the top esports teams in Malaysia that competes in games like League of Legends and Dota 2. They have won numerous local and international tournaments.


Rumpel is a professional Malaysian Free Fire player who plays for Garena Free Fire team EVOS Esports MY.


Resurgence is a Southeast Asian esports organisation that competes in multiple games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and Valorant. They have recently expanded their presence to Malaysia.

These are just a few examples of the many talented Malaysian esports players and teams making waves in the industry. With dedicated training facilities and support from the government, it’s no surprise that Malaysia continues to produce exceptional talent in competitive gaming.

Entertainment Value Of Esports In Malaysia

Esports in Malaysia has gained immense popularity over the past few years and its entertainment value cannot be ignored. Malaysians are passionate about competitive gaming and events such as the Kuala Lumpur Major Dota 2 tournament, which drew a record-breaking crowd of 5,000 fans in 2018, are a testament to this.

Moreover, online streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have made it easier for fans to watch their favourite games live or catch up on highlights later. This has also created opportunities for local content creators to showcase their talent and build a following among esports enthusiasts.

Developing Esports In Malaysia

The strategic plan for developing esports in Malaysia includes the establishment of an esports academy and the appointment of a Ministry of Sports and Youth Management to regulate and promote the industry.

Strategic Plan For Esports Development

Malaysia has demonstrated its commitment to the development of esports with a strategic plan aimed at boosting the industry.

Under this plan, key objectives include the establishment of state-of-the-art esports facilities across the country, fostering collaboration between academia and the gaming industry through collaboration with universities offering gaming courses.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports is taking an active role in driving this agenda forward by providing support through financing programs targeted at upcoming talents. Much work still needs to be done to achieve these goals; however, it is clear that Malaysia sees great potential in growing its own unique brand of competitive gaming.

Malaysia’s First Esports Academy

Malaysia’s first esports academy, the Academy of Esports by IOI Properties Group, was launched in 2019 to meet the growing demand for professionals in the esports industry.

The academy offers holistic esports education and training programs that cover various aspects, from gaming skills development to team management and event organisation.

The Academy of Esports aims to provide a platform for Malaysians to pursue their passion for competitive gaming while equipping them with practical skills that can lead them towards successful careers in the esports industry.

It also serves as a hub for gamers to connect with each other and build communities where they can share knowledge and experiences.

Ministry Of Sports And Youth Management Of Esports

The Ministry of Sports and Youth Management in Malaysia has recognised the potential and importance of esports development in the country. The ministry has taken multiple initiatives to promote youth involvement and participation in esports, including hosting esports tournaments and opening up opportunities for young people pursuing careers in gaming.

The establishment of a dedicated Esports Division within the ministry is a positive step towards regulating the industry, providing support for local esports organisations, and encouraging healthy competition among players.

This division is responsible for managing national-level events such as the National Esports League (NEL) which provides opportunities for upcoming talents to showcase their skills on a bigger stage.

Importance Of Esports In The Malaysian Economy

The esports industry has become a significant contributor to the Malaysian economy in recent years. From 2017 to 2020, Malaysia’s esports market grew by over 50%, with revenues reaching MYR 67 million in 2020 alone.

Esports tournaments have seen an increase in attendance and viewership, attracting both local and international audiences. The Kuala Lumpur Major Dota2 tournament held in November 2018 drew more than 5000 attendees and had a prize pool of USD $1 million.

Moreover, Esports-related job opportunities are on the rise in Malaysia’s digital economy sector. With the launch of Malaysia’s first Esports Academy located at KDU University College (Utropolis Glenmarie Campus), students can now undertake holistic curriculum-based education programs that encompass various aspects of competitive gaming such as game design, marketing & promotion strategies etc., ensuring they’re fully equipped with skills necessary to join the growing esports industry workforce upon graduation.

Getting Involved In Esports In Malaysia

Becoming a part of the esports scene in Malaysia is easier than you think – join local communities, participate in tournaments, and stay updated with the latest news and events.

With opportunities for holistic esports education and career development, there’s no better time to dive into the exciting world of competitive gaming.

Joining Local Esports Communities And Tournaments

If you’re an avid esports fan in Malaysia, here are some ways to get involved in the local scene:

  1. Join Local Esports Communities: Being a part of a community is essential for any new gamer looking to improve their skills. Look for local groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Discord, where you can connect with other gamers, share tips and tricks, and learn from experienced players.
  2. Attend Esports Tournaments: Attending local esports tournaments is an excellent way to meet other players and experience the excitement of competitive gaming. Keep an eye out for upcoming events on social media or event websites like Eventbrite.
  3. Participate in Online Tournaments: Many esports tournaments take place online, making it easier for enthusiasts to participate from anywhere in the world. Check out online platforms like Battlefy or Challonge which host daily and weekly tournaments across various games.
  4. Volunteer at Events: If you want to be more involved and gain experience beyond gaming, consider volunteering at local esports events like LAN parties or game nights. This can help you gain invaluable experience in event management and promotion while building relationships with fellow gamers.
  5. Support Your Favorite Teams: Being a part of the Malaysian esports community also means supporting your favourite teams in local and international competitions. Follow their progress on social media, attend their games if possible, and show them your support by purchasing merchandise or cheering them on during competitions.

By joining local communities and participating in tournaments, you can become more immersed in the exciting world of esports in Malaysia while improving your skills as a player!

Opportunities For Esports Education And Career Development

Esports is a rapidly growing industry that offers exciting opportunities for education and career development. Whether you are interested in becoming a professional gamer, a game developer, or an esports analyst, there are many ways to get involved and build your skills.

Here are some of the opportunities available for esports education and career development in Malaysia:

Esports Academies: Malaysia’s first esports academy has been established to offer holistic esports education and career paths. These academies not only teach technical gaming skills but also provide training in areas such as teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking.

Gaming Courses at Universities: Many universities now offer courses in game design, development, and programming. These courses equip students with the knowledge they need to create their own games or work for top gaming companies.

Esports Tournaments: There are plenty of opportunities to participate in local tournaments – whether online or on-site – which can help sharpen your competitive skills and boost your resume.

Professional Gaming Teams: Joining an esports team as a player or support staff member can help you gain valuable experience and connections within the industry.

Analyst Roles: If you prefer the business side of things, there are also opportunities for analysts who can analyse trends, evaluate strategies, and communicate with stakeholders among other roles.

Content Creation: With the rise of streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, content creators have become essential players behind any successful esports brand.

Overall, pursuing esports education or careers comes with a lot of benefits regardless of the level it is approached from- recreational all through to professional levels. With these amazing opportunities available for budding enthusiasts across Malaysia’s thriving gaming scene, it’s time to start building your skills today!

Following The Latest Esports News And Events In Malaysia

Keeping up with the latest esports news and events is crucial for any avid gamer or fan in Malaysia. There are many ways to stay informed, such as following local gaming communities and social media pages like ESL Asia, Garena Malaysia, and eGG Network.

Esports enthusiasts can also tune in to online streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming to catch live tournaments and matches across various games. These platforms offer opportunities not only to watch their favourite players compete but also to interact with other fans from around the world through chat features.

Keeping tabs on upcoming tournaments happening locally is always a good idea too – some popular ones that take place annually include Garena Carnival and Selangor Cyber Games (SCG).

The Future Of Esports In Malaysia: Opportunities And Challenges

The future of esports in Malaysia is undoubtedly bright, with the industry showing no signs of slowing down. The country has already made significant strides in promoting and developing esports, starting with the establishment of Malaysia’s first-ever Esports Academy.

However, while there are many opportunities for growth in this sector in Malaysia, challenges still remain. One major issue is regulations around online gaming and betting- something which the government needs to address promptly.

Another challenge facing the Malaysian esports industry is finding ways to monetise it further beyond sponsorships or advertising deals from brands looking to access a millennial audience demographic.


To sum it up, Malaysia’s esports industry is rapidly growing and has a lot of potential for development. From the strategic plan set by the government to the establishment of an esports academy, there are various opportunities available for those who want to pursue a career in competitive gaming.

Esports not only provides entertainment value but also contributes significantly to the Malaysian economy. Joining local esports communities and tournaments can help you get involved in this thriving industry that spans multiple games and platforms.

While there may be challenges ahead such as developing regulations and managing competitions effectively, Malaysia’s youth and sports ministry is committed to overcoming these obstacles while promoting holistic esports education.


What is the state of esports in Malaysia?

Esports is a rapidly growing industry in Malaysia, with increasing numbers of gamers and fans alike. The government has recognised its potential, with plans to create an official national governing body for esports.

What games are popular in the Malaysian esports scene?

Games that are currently trending in Malaysian esports include League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and PUBG Mobile.

Are there any professional teams or leagues based in Malaysia?

Yes, there are several professional teams and leagues based in Malaysia which participate on both domestic and international levels. These include Team Flash (Mobile Legends), Kuala Lumpur Hunters (League of Legends) and Orange Esports (Dota 2).

How can I get involved in the Malaysian esports community?

There are many ways to engage with the local esports community such as attending events hosted by major organisers like One Up Esports or joining online gaming communities on social media platforms like Facebook groups or Discord servers dedicated to specific games/popular titles within Malaysian gaming culture for opportunities to compete against others!

How big is esports in Malaysia?

Esports is a growing industry in Malaysia, with projected revenue reaching approximately US$5.31 million in 2023. The annual growth rate for esports revenue in Malaysia from 2023 to 2027 is expected to be 12.37%, which would result in a projected market volume of US$8.47 million by 2027. The largest market within the esports industry in Malaysia is Media Rights, with a projected market volume of US$1.38 million in 2023. It’s also projected that the number of users in the esports market in Malaysia will amount to 6.48 million users by 2027. The user penetration rate is expected to be 15.4% in 2023, increasing to 18.5% by 2027.

Who is the highest earning esport player in Malaysia?

The highest earning esports player in Malaysia as of 2023 is Yap Jianwei, also known as xNova. He is a professional Dota 2 player who has earned a total prize money of $1,916,751 from 113 tournaments. He started his professional career in 2013 and has played for various teams from Southeast Asia, including Mineski-X, Warriors Gaming Unity, and LGD Gaming.

The second highest earning esports player in Malaysia is Zheng “MidOne” Yeik Nai, who also plays Dota 2. MidOne has earned a total prize money of $1,804,677 from 107 tournaments. He became the first Dota 2 player from Southeast Asia to score 9,000 points in the ranking for single players.

The third highest earning esports player in Malaysia is Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang, another Dota 2 player, who has earned a total prize money of $1,189,551 from 68 tournaments. He began his career in 2018 and has played for teams such as BLACKJACK, WarriorsGaming.Unity, and PSG.LGD.

What is the most popular esports team in Malaysia?

The most popular esports team in Malaysia as of 2023 is Fnatic.

Is there an esports hotel in Malaysia?

Yes, the SEM9 Hotel in Senia is a popular esports hotel in Malaysia, situated close to the Johor Premium Outlets and a short walk from Senai International Airport.

The hotel boasts high-speed gaming PCs and PS5 consoles, with CPUs equipped with RTX 3090 GPUs, and high-speed internet for a seamless gaming experience. SEM9 offers luxurious rooms featuring the latest tech facilities and caters to different gamers with various room designs and stay durations. The establishment aims to grow Johor’s economy, providing opportunities for young locals to start businesses and presents a fresh concept compared to local cyber cafes.

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