Common Questions from Both Members and Tipsters, Answered

Members FAQs

Common Questions Asked By Members of Betting Gods

Am I Tied In To Any Contracts?

Of course not, you can cancel easily any time by contacting us here.

How Do I Receive Today's Tips?

You will have been sent a welcome email, if it’s not in your inbox please check junk/spam. This will explain how to access today’s tips.

Do I Need Accounts With Any Specific Bookies?

Our tipsters strive to ensure their advised bets are available with as many bookmakers as possible.

I'm Restricted With Bookies Can I Still Follow Tipster?

A lot of the bets are available on betting exchanges so you can indeed still follow and profit from the tipster services.

What Countries Does Betting Gods Accept?

We have members from 231 different countries in the world so as long as you’re actually able to access the site without restrictions you’re very welcome here at Betting Gods.

Why Doesn't My Credit/Debit Card Work For Payments?

If your debit or credit card isn’t processing during checkout please disable your VPN and try again.
If that doesn’t work please contact us.

Does Betting Gods Have A Facebook Page?

You’ll find the Betting Gods Facebook page here.

Where Can I Find Free Betting Tips?

The Betting Gods Free Betting Tips are available here.

Who Is The Best Tipster?

That all depends on what you consider to be the best; highest win rate, highest return on investment, most profit per month.

You can view all the Betting Gods tipsters here, or if you want to find the best tipster this month, click here.

Can I Interact With Other Betting Gods Members?

Using the Betting Gods app or by logging into the site you can comment and interact with other members.

How Do I Contact A Betting Gods Tipster?

You can reply to any Betting Gods email or add a comment in the Betting Gods app or members area.

Will I Receive Tips From My Tipster Every Day?

Professional betting is about knowing when to bet and when not to bet. You will certainly hear from your tipster every day but they will only advise bets when they feel suitable betting opportunities are available.

How Do I Receive Or Access Betting Gods Tips?

All tips are provided by email but can be accessed slightly quicker via the Betting Gods app. You can also access the tips by logging into the members area.

Do Betting Gods Give Refunds?

We certainly do. If you’re unhappy with any subscription, we will happily refund any payments made within the last 30 days.

How Do I Register For An Account With Betting Gods?

It’s simple, find the best tipster for you here and you’ll instantly be sent login and access details after payment.

Does Betting Gods Have A Twitter Account?

You can find the Betting Gods Twitter account here.

Is Betting Gods On Instagram?

The Betting Gods Instagram profile is here.

Tipsters FAQs

Common Questions Asked By Tipsters on Betting Gods

How Do I Become A Tipster?

Visit the application page, complete the form and then begin the vetting process. That’s all there is to it.

How Much Can I Earn As A Tipster?

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer. It will depend on your performance, how many members you receive, how many remain members and the price of your service.

In addition to your 40% payment, all tipsters are automatically entered into our monthly tipster competition for some great cash prizes.

Do I Need To Proof My Tips?

You certainly do. We require roughly 6 months of proofing. This is so we can be confident in your performance and can therefore happily sell it to Betting Gods members.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Tipster?

It’s free to become a tipster at Betting Gods. In fact we pay you AND pay out cash prizes in our monthly tipster competition.

How Much Money Will I Receive From Tipster Sales & Subscriptions?

We pay an industry-high rate of 40%. You receive 40% of each sale as and when the sale is made, in realtime. We pay for all expenses, advertising, web hosting, management and more!

Do I Need My Own Website?

Not at all. One of the reasons tipsters join Betting Gods is because they don’t need a website.

What Happens If I Have A Losing Month?

Even the best tipsters hit a poor run of form. We know it happens. A losing month here and there is expected so nothing will happen if you hit a poor month.

How Do I Claim My Tipster Competition Prize?

Upon launch as a Betting Gods tipster, we’ll request your bank details. Any prizes from the previous month will be automatically paid out in the first week of the month.