Which Bookie Is Best for Request a Bet?

In the dynamic world of online betting, the ability to customise wagers has become a highly sought-after feature among punters. ‘Request a bet’ services empower bettors to tailor their bets according to their preferences, combining various predictions into a single bet to potentially enhance returns. The top bookmakers in the UK are recognising this trend, offering innovative platforms that allow for a personalised betting experience.

Selecting the best bookie for this feature requires a consideration of several factors such as user interface, odds offered, variety of markets available, and speed of bet settlement. Bookmakers like Betway garner attention for their prominent social media interaction, particularly with their #BetYourWay service, which simplifies the process of requesting bespoke bets through Twitter. Similarly, Bet365’s Bet Builder and other leading sites provide intuitive systems for combining multiple betting selections within a single event.

As the market continues to evolve, the competitiveness among bookies has ensured that features like ‘request a bet’ are continually enhanced to meet the growing demands of bettors. The emphasis is on giving customers more control over their betting slips and enriching the overall betting experience with greater flexibility and creativity. This service is well worth considering by those looking to take their betting to a more strategic and personalised level.

Understanding Request a Bet Services

A customer browsing through different bookmakers' websites, comparing their request a bet services and features

Request a Bet services have revolutionised the way punters interact with bookmakers. This service enables bettors to customise their wager by combining different selections within one market or across several, resulting in a unique bet tailored to their predictions.

Typically, a punter can access the Request a Bet or Bet Builder function via a bookmaker’s website or app. They may select various outcomes, such as which player will score first or the number of corners taken in a football match. The bookmaker then assesses these selections and provides odds for this personalised wager.

Utilising a Bet Builder feature, customers have the flexibility to create their bets with multiple selections from a single event. Conversely, the Request-a-Bet feature often extends to multi-match selections, providing even greater scope for personalisation.

It is essential for bettors to understand that the odds for these bespoke bets are calculated based on the combined likelihood of all selected events occurring. Consequently, while the potential returns could be sizeable, so too is the risk.

Here is a simple breakdown of the Request a Bet service steps:

  1. Identify the desired selections for your bet.
  2. Use the bookmaker’s Bet Builder or submit your selections through the Request-a-Bet feature.
  3. The bookmaker provides odds for the requested bet.
  4. Place your stake on the bet if you are satisfied with the odds offered.

It’s a service that caters to the bettor’s desire for control and innovation in their betting experience, making it a vital feature for modern online bookmakers to offer.

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Top Bookmakers for Request A Bet

The ‘Request A Bet’ feature has become a critical offering at top bookmakers, allowing punters to tailor their own bets. Here’s an overview of the industry leaders providing this service.


Bet365 is renowned for its comprehensive sportsbook and allows for a wide array of custom bets across numerous sports. Their platform is user-friendly, making the request-a-bet process straightforward.

William Hill

William Hill offers the “YourOdds” feature, inviting customers to submit their bet ideas. This bookie is well-known for accommodating a range of bespoke betting options.


Ladbrokes integrates a feature called “GetAPrice” for its customers, covering various sports with competitive odds for custom bet requests.


With Coral’s “#YourCall”, bettors can craft their own bets on football, boxing, and other major sports through their betting app or via Twitter.


Betfred boasts the “PickYourPunt” builder, permitting bettors to customise their own bets on chosen events and engage via social media to request odds.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power consistently remains a favourite for personalised bets, offering the “WhatOddsPaddy” service where punters can request bespoke odds on any sporting event.


Popular for its “#PriceItUp” feature, BetVictor provides punters with the opportunity to request unique bets and promptly receive odds.


Betway utilises the “#BetYourWay” to underscore their commitment to custom-tailored bets, actively engaging with their customer base on social media platforms.


Customers of Unibet can use the “Bet Builder” to compile various betting markets into a single bet, giving punters control to create unique wagers.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet’s “RequestABet” is a well-integrated feature that supports a vast range of sports, allowing for a seamless custom bet crafting experience.


Betfair is notable for their “Bet Builder” as well as the exchange that provides punters with flexibility to request odds and bet against other bettors.


Boylesports provides their “BetBuilder” facility, empowering users to combine several bet selections into one tailor-made bet.


As a newer entrant, Bzeebet is quickly making its mark with competitive odds and a responsive system for bettors looking to customise their wagering options.


Grosvenor sportsbook may not be the largest platform but it offers a solid “Bet Builder” tool for people looking to personalize their betting slips.


Although a smaller name, Heyspin demonstrates its commitment to bet customisation, enabling punters to craft personal bet selections on various events.

How to Use Request a Bet Features

When a punter has a specific betting scenario in mind, they can use the Request a Bet feature offered by various bookmakers. This option puts them in control, allowing for a customisable wagering experience. Here is how one typically uses this feature:

  1. Open a Twitter Account: To use the Request a Bet feature, one usually needs to have a Twitter account as many bookmakers use hashtags to manage bet requests.

  2. Follow the Bookmaker: Locate and follow the relevant bookmaker’s Twitter account to stay updated on their offerings and services.

  3. Use the Hashtag: Initiate a Request a Bet by tweeting at the bookmaker with the appropriate hashtag—commonly provided by the betting company.

  4. Describe the Bet: Clearly outline the gamble — specifying the markets, potential odds, and your stake.

  5. Wait for a Response: The bookmaker will review the request. If they can provide odds, they will reply with the information, usually including a link to add the wager to your bet slip.

  6. Place Your Bet: Follow the provided link, confirm the odds and potential payout, enter your stake, and then add the wager to your bet slip.

  7. Cash Out Option: Depending on the bookmaker’s features, there might be an option to cash out your bet if circumstances change before the event concludes.

By requesting a bet, one gains a degree of control over their gambling experience, not limited to predefined markets. However, it’s important to remember that bookmakers have the discretion to decide which requests they will fulfil and at what odds.

Evaluating the Value in Request a Bet

When discussing the value of a Request a Bet feature, punters should first understand how it enhances their betting experience. Different bookies offer varying odds, which can significantly impact the potential payout from a successful bet. Punters should look for enhanced odds opportunities, ensuring that they’re getting the most value out of their selection.

Insurance on bets can be a deciding factor for cautious bettors. Some bookmakers offer bet insurance, which might return the stake as free bets if the bet doesn’t win under certain conditions. Bettors should read the terms of such offers carefully, as these can add substantial value.

Another aspect is the cash out option, which allows punters to settle a bet before the event has concluded. This feature can greatly increase the flexibility and control over a wager, enabling bettors to lock in profits or minimise losses as the event unfolds.

To determine the true value of a Request a Bet, consider the following:

  • Odds: Are they competitive? Compare the same bet across different bookies.
  • Stake vs Payout: Does the potential win reflect the risk involved?
  • Bet Insurance: Is there an option to recoup the stake if the bet narrowly misses?
  • Flexibility: Are there facilities like cash out to take control of the bet?
  • Promotions: Do free bets or enhanced odds bolster the value of the wager?

By measuring these criteria, bettors can evaluate which bookies offer the best value for their personalised bets. It’s vital to conduct due diligence, shop around, and stay informed to make the most out of Request a Bet services.

Popular Markets and Selections for Request a Bet

When it comes to Request a Bet, various sports offer different markets and selections that cater to the preferences of punters. In football, popular request-a-bet markets include but are not limited to:

  • Goals: Punters often wager on the number of goals scored, whether it’s total goals, first goal scorer, or both teams to score.
  • Corners: Betting on the total number of corners is another favoured choice.
  • Cards: Wagers on the number of yellow/red cards issued during a match are common.

In horse racing, Request a Bet options might involve predicting the winner of a race, betting on the placement of horses, or even combining results of multiple races.

Basketball selections often focus on points scored by players or teams, total rebounds, assists, and other performance-related statistics.

Tennis bettors typically engage in betting on match winners, set scores, total number of games, and specific player performances.

In the realm of cricket, options extend to runs scored, wickets taken, or predicting outcomes of particular overs.

For American football (including the NFL), common bets involve total points scored, touchdowns, yards gained, and player-specific actions.

Interestingly, outside of traditional sports, some bookies also offer markets related to elections, where bettors can predict outcomes of political events.

Request a Bet services are comprehensive and cater to a wide range of interests, allowing punters to truly customise their wagering experience to their unique insights and predictions.

Innovative Betting Options Across Sports

Sportsbooks are constantly evolving to offer more dynamic betting options to their users. Among these developments are bet builders and #betyourway features, allowing punters to craft their own unique bets within a football match or across various sporting events.

The bet builder tool is a powerful feature that enables bettors to combine multiple markets from a single football match into one accumulator bet. This can include selections like the number of goals scored, corners, or yellow cards issued. The flexibility provided by bet builders has revolutionised football markets, giving users control to predict specific match outcomes.

The same game multi, comparable to bet builders, offers punters the chance to combine bets from the same event. This functionality is particularly popular for football matches where fans can analyse the game’s progression in real-time and place informed bets on different aspects of the match.

For those looking at a broader spectrum, accumulators or multiples extend across multiple games or sports markets, increasing potential returns. This form of betting requires outcomes for all selections to be correct, thereby introducing a higher risk but with the possibility of greater rewards.

To accommodate these advances, sportsbooks might promote their services with branded options like #betyourway, indicating their bespoke betting services. Sports betting enthusiasts can thus benefit from enhanced odds on their self-styled bets across sports markets.

In conclusion, the continuous introduction of innovative betting options like bet builders and accumulators is reshaping sports betting. Punters now engage more interactively with sporting events, crafting bets tailored to their predictions and enjoying an enriched betting experience.

Strategies for Creating Winning Request a Bet Wagers

When punters request a bet, it’s imperative to apply a strategic approach for a chance at successful outcomes. Research is the cornerstone of any betting strategy, particularly when creating custom bets, as it provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions.

In-depth Analysis: Punters should employ thorough research, examining recent stats and performance history. This is crucial in sports like football and cricket, where past stats can provide insight into conceivable outcomes.

Selection Criteria: Identifying the right selections involves assessing the form of teams and players. In basketball and the NFL, for example, one should consider player availability, recent injuries, and head-to-head statistics before crafting a bet.

Value Identification: Selecting markets and odds with perceived value is central to request a bet. Punters must ascertain odds that represent a higher probability than what the bookies suggest, ensuring the bet holds positive expected value.

Diverse Markets: Punters should not shy away from exploring diverse markets. While football is popular for accumulative bets, exploring lesser-known markets in cricket or basketball could reveal valuable betting opportunities.

  • Odds Comparison: Before confirming a bet, it is advisable to compare odds across different bookies. This ensures betting experience is maximised in terms of potential returns.

By integrating these strategies, players enhance their betting experience, improve their knowledge of the markets, and refine their approach to crafting bets that are both exciting and potentially rewarding.

Interacting with Bookies on Social Media

The expansion of betting markets has moved in tandem with the rise of social media, offering punters innovative ways to interact with bookmakers. Social media platforms, especially Twitter, have become essential tools for requesting bets and engaging with bookies directly.

Using Hashtags

To facilitate bet requests, bookies have introduced specific hashtags that punters can use. For instance:

  • #YourCall with Coral,
  • #PriceItUp with BetVictor,
  • #YourOdds with William Hill,
  • #GetAPrice with Ladbrokes,
  • #WhatOddsPaddy with Paddy Power,
  • #OddsOnThat with Betfair, and
  • #BetYourWay with Betway.

By including these hashtags in a tweet, users can publicly request odds on specific bet combinations that may not be readily available. Some of these services, like #BetYourWay, are particularly popular and are widely recognised within the betting community.

Engaging with Bookmaker Twitter Accounts

Each bookmaker maintains an active Twitter account, engaging with their customer base and providing a channel for enquiries, including bet requests. They not only respond to hashtags but also direct mentions and messages. Customers seeking personalized odds should:

  • Follow the bookmaker’s official Twitter account.
  • Send a tweet with the relevant hashtag or direct message with their bet request.
  • Ensure they provide clear details of the bet they wish to place.

Interactions on Twitter are visible to the public, which allows for greater transparency and often prompts quick bookmaker responses due to the public nature of the engagement. They generally have a dedicated team to handle these requests and provide customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find answers to common inquiries regarding the process and options available for requesting custom bets with online bookmakers.

How can I request a custom bet with online bookmakers?

Customers can request a custom bet from most online bookmakers by using dedicated features on the bookie’s platform, such as “Request a Bet” or similar services. They may need to use social media or specific sections of the bookmaker’s website or app to submit their bet description.

What are the best bet builder apps available in the UK?

In the UK, top-rated bet builder apps include BetVictor with their #PriceItUp feature, and Bet365’s Bet Builder. These offer users the ability to create and customize their wagers with ease.

How do I use the request a bet feature on Bet365?

To use the Bet Builder feature on Bet365, one must select their desired match and click on the Bet Builder tab. Then, they can add their chosen selections and the bookmaker will calculate the odds for the custom bet.

Can I request a bet with Paddy Power, and if so, how?

Individuals can request a bet with Paddy Power by using the bookmaker’s “#WhatOddsPaddy” feature on social media or their betting platform, where they can ask for prices on bespoke bets.

Which betting platform offers the most competitive odds for custom bets?

The competitiveness of odds for custom bets can vary depending on the market and event. However, Betfair is known for offering competitive odds across a wide range of sports and betting markets.

Is it possible to request a bet on William Hill’s website or app?

Yes, users can request a bet on William Hill’s website or mobile app through their “#YourOdds” feature. Bettors can make their request via social media channels where William Hill provides personalized odds.

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