What Is A Treble Bet?

The Quick Answer

What Is A Treble Bet?

A treble bet is a type of bet comprising of three selections. You can place win trebles, each-way trebles, and equally divided trebles. You can also place trebles on a wide variety of sports such as horse racing, football, basketball, or tennis. Most bookies will even let you combine three selections from different sports into a treble.

What Is A Win Treble Bet?

A win treble is when you place a bet on three selections, and all three must win for you to win your bet.

For example, you could have a £10 win treble on selection “A” at 2/1 (3.0) and selection “B” at 3/1 (4.0) and selection “C” at 4/1 (5.0).

If selection “A” wins you’ll have £20 winnings + your £10 stake = £30 going onto selection “B” at 3/1.

If selection “B” wins, you’ll win £90 + your £30 stake back = £120 going on to selection “C”.

If selection “C” wins, you’ll get back a total of £600 – equivalent to a 59/1 treble.

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What Is An Each-Way Treble Bet?

An each-way treble is when you place a bet on three selections to win and place. If all three selections win, the win part is worked out just like a win treble. But, if all three selections place or one or two selections win and one or two selections place, you will only win the place part of your each-way treble.

For example, if all three selections place at 10/1, and the each-way terms are a 1/5 the odds a place, you will have three 2/1 placed selections. If you had placed a £10 each-way treble on this, you would Get £30 back off selection “A”. That £30 would then go on the place bet of selection “B” at 2/1, meaning you’d get back £90. This £90 would then go on the place bet of selection “C”, meaning you’d have £90 at 2/1 and a return of £270 or a 26/1 place treble – not bad for a £20 outlay.

What Is An Equally Divided Treble Bet?

An equally divided treble differs from a win treble and an each-way treble in that the each-way bet on the first selection is settled whether it wins or loses, then whatever you have won is split into an each-way bet on the second selection. Whatever this bet returns is then split into an each-way bet on the third selection.

If you place a £10 equally divided treble on three selections at odds of 10/1 (1/5 the odds a place) if the first one wins you will have £10 each-way on a 10/1 shot. That means you’ll have £110 from the win bet and £30 from the place bet = £140. This is then divided into a £70 each-way bet on your second selection. If selection “B” then wins at 10/1 you will get back £980. This will then be split into a £490 each-way bet on your third selection. If this then wins, you’d get back a total of £6,860.

If you place a £10 equally divided treble on three selections both at odds of 10/1 (1/5 the odds a place), if the first one places you will win the £10 place bet at 2/1 = £30. This is then divided into a £15 each-way bet on your second selection. If selection “B” then wins at 10/1 you will get back £210. If it places, you will get back £45. This means you’d either have £105 each-way going onto your last selection or £22.50 each-way. It’s also possible to have two winners and one place on an equally divided treble or just three places.

An equally divided treble is a better bet if either one selection wins and two place or two selections win and one places. But you’ll get much less back than you would from a win treble if all three selections win or much less back from an each-way treble if all three selections win or all three selections place.

How To PlaceAa Horse Racing Treble Bet

Let’s say you fancy Pinatubo to win the 2,000 Guineas at 6/4, Enable to win the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe at 2/1, and Altior to win the King George at 3/1. You don’t consider any of them worth an investment as single bets, but you like the sound of a win treble at 29/1.

If you’re placing your bet online, simply click on all three selections and then go to your bet slip. You should then have an option to place a treble. If not, there will normally be somewhere you can click to see more options. All you need to then is enter your stake where it tells you to and place your bet. If you want an each-way treble, remember to click the each-way option.

If you’re placing your bet in a bookmaker’s shop, simply write “treble” on the top of your betting slip, enter your three selections below, fill in your stake, and take it to the counter. Alternatively, write each-way treble or equally divided treble at the top of your betting slip if you want to place either of these bets.

Types Of Football Betting Trebles

Most football markets are win markets and you can combine all sorts of selections into trebles.

A typical example would be Chelsea to win at 4/5, Manchester United to win at 5/4, and Liverpool to win at 4/6, but you could also combine two teams to win and one to draw etc.

You might also want to explore different markets and bet on Chelsea to win and both teams to score, bet on the Manchester United match to have more than 2.5 goals, and Liverpool’s match to have more than 10 corners in it.

There aren’t many each-way betting opportunities in football, but you can back teams each-way to win their respective divisions. For example, you could have an each-way treble on Liverpool to win the Premier League, West Brom to win the Championship, and Ipswich to win League One.

Types Of Golf Betting Trebles

Golf is a fun sport to place trebles on, as there are often PGA Tour, European Tour, and Ladies Golf Tournaments held in the same week. As many golfers are on offer at big prices, that means you can combine golfers in trebles to win potentially huge sums of money for small stakes. Just make sure you check out the maximum you can win from a golf treble with your bookie.

Each-way golf trebles are especially popular, because even the place part of an each-way golf treble can return massive odds.

Types Of Tennis Betting Trebles

Tennis betting trebles are like football trebles in that most bets revolve around head-to-head matches. But you can place tennis trebles on three different players to win different matches in different tournaments. You can also go for bigger odds by placing trebles on different markets such as set betting.

There is often more than one tennis tournament going on at any one time around the world, so it’s possible to have outright tennis trebles or each-way trebles, but each-way terms at tennis normally only go to two places.


Hopefully you know understand what a treble bet is, and you’re ready to take on the bookies with some treble bets of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet combines three selections into one bet, requiring all three to win for the bet to pay out. This type of bet can amplify potential returns significantly compared to single bets because the odds are multiplied together.

How to Place an Each Way Treble Bet

An each way treble bet splits the bet into two parts: one for all selections to win and the other for all selections to place. This bet type is especially popular in horse racing, offering a form of insurance if one or more selections place but don’t win.

Examples of Treble Bets in Football and Horse Racing

For football, you might bet on three teams to win their respective matches. In horse racing, selecting three horses to win in their races would constitute a horse racing treble bet. These examples illustrate how treble bets work and the potential for higher payouts from successful selections.

Calculating Payouts for Treble Bets

The total odds for a treble bet are calculated by multiplying the odds of all three selections. This compound effect can result in significant payouts from relatively modest stakes, showcasing the appeal of treble bets for those seeking higher returns.

Strategies for Successful Treble Betting

Strategies can vary, from selecting low-odds favourites to increase the chance of winning to choosing higher-odds bets for potentially larger payouts. The key is understanding the sports and events you’re betting on and using that knowledge to make informed selections.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Treble Betting

Treble bets offer the chance for significant returns from small stakes but come with the increased risk of losing the entire stake if just one selection fails. It’s a balance between potential reward and risk, suitable for bettors looking for more than single bets offer but less risk than larger accumulators.

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