Why Do Bookies Suspend Betting?

Who do bookies suspend betting is a question we often get asked. Betting can be suspended in sports such as horse racing, football, and golf for a variety of reasons. The suspension of betting can also take place in all types of markets, whether they are ante-post, on-the-day, or in-play markets.

Why Do Bookies Suspend Betting In Horse Racing?

Bookmakers offer betting on horse racing at various stages, including ante-post on many big races. But sometimes an ante-post horse racing market will be suspended. This is mainly when there is contrasting news about the possible participation of a horse that is prominent in the market.

One such horse in recent seasons has been Altior, who has often been installed as an odds-on favourite in ante-post markets for races such as the Tingle Creek Chase and Champion Chase. Rumours of Altior’s participation or potential non-participation in such races have caused the markets to be suspended.

This is because bookmakers don’t want to risk laying other horses in the market at much bigger prices than they would have to if Altior is declared a non-runner. There’s nothing underhand or illegal about a bookmaker suspending betting on a race, it’s just a way of protecting themselves.

When on-the-day horse racing markets are suspended, it is normally because a horse that has been prominent in the market is declared a non-runner.

The suspension is normally a temporary measure used while bookmakers form a new market that reflects the chances of the remaining runners. Of course, bookmakers will apply a rule-4 deduction on all bets placed before the non-runner was declared. This is something that bookmakers can’t do in an ante-post betting market.

Some bookmakers also offer in-play betting on horse racing. Odds are prone to massive fluctuations in running but some markets can be suspended before the race has finished. This is sometimes because a favourite may fluff the start on the flat or fall early in a jumps race. Some bookmakers will quickly recalculate the odds and continue to offer in-play betting. Others may simply suspend in-play betting on that race.

Why Do Bookies Suspend Betting In Football?

Ante-post betting is also available on a variety of football markets, with popular ones including Premier League winners, top goalscorer, handicap betting, etc. But any of these markets can be suspended due to news that may potentially cause bookmakers to want to change their odds.

This could be the potential sacking of a manager to make way for the appointment of an even better manager. It could also be the rumour that a player is being transferred, whether it’s to a club or from it. These markets may be suspended for a short period of time or until the rumour has been confirmed as true or false.

On-the-day football markets may be suspended early if a match is postponed as, obviously, the match is no longer taking part on that day. In-play football betting is normally suspended for short periods of the game after a major event has occurred such as a goal or a player is sent off. These suspensions are normally only for a few seconds while the odds are reformulated.

Why Do Bookies Suspend Betting In Golf?

Ante-post outright markets are sometimes suspended following the withdrawal of a key player. This will normally be a player that occupies a large percentage of the market, typically Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, or Brooks Koepka.

For instance, if Rory McIlroy was 9/1 for the Open Championship, he’s taking 10% of the market. If he withdraws, the bookies will suspend betting while they recalculate the odds of the other players at approximately 10% less.

In-play golf betting is also often suspended if something major happens out on the course. This may be a player hitting a ball out of bounds and incurring a two-shot penalty or it may be a player holing out from the middle of the fairway on a par-4 for an eagle to, unexpectedly, go two more shots under par. Again, these suspensions are normally short and last just long enough for the odds compilers to recalculate the odds for players to win after the unexpected event.

We hope that’s answered your question about why do bookies suspend betting?

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