Can You Bet On The Paralympics?

Can you bet on the Paralympics is a question we sometimes get asked, and the answer is – YES! But despite the first summer Paralympics being hosted in 1960 in Rome, the event did not really catch the eye of the betting public until the London Paralympics of 2012, which was followed by the Rio Paralympics in 2016. There is also a Winter Paralympics that began in 1976 and is held two years after the Summer Paralympics.

William Hill reported that their turnover at the Paralympics of 2016 was about 7.5% of their turnover at the Olympics of the same year. So, although you will find betting opportunities at the Paralympics, you are unlikely to find as many betting markets as you might for the Olympic Games. However, with the media coverage and popularity of the Paralympics being on the increase, this may well change at the next Paralympics.

Understanding Betting At The Paralympics

Any betting markets that the bookmakers offer at the Paralympics will be very similar to those offered at the Olympics. You’ll be able to bet win-only or each-way on a variety of different sports. You can place some bets before the heats begin or you can wait for the finals of some events before returning to pick the winner. Other events don’t have heats, so you will have to place your Paralympics bets before these events start.

You may also find that some bookmakers offer bets such as whether an athlete will break a Paralympic record or a world record in some sports or disciplines.

What Events Are There At The Paralympics?

There are 22 sports in the Summer Paralympics and six in the Winter Paralympics.

The Summer Paralympics sports are Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boccia, Canoe, Cycling, Equestrian, Football 5-a-side, goalball, judo, rowing, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, table tennis, Taekwondo, triathlon, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair tennis.

The Winter Paralympic sports are alpine skiing, biathlon, cross country skiing, para ice hockey, and wheelchair curling.

But many of these sports are sub-divided into various categories, such as in alpine skiing in which there are different events such as slalom, downhill, giant slalom, super combined, and super-G.

Some events are subdivided into categories so that Paralympians with similar disabilities may compete against similar athletes. These categories include impaired passive range of movement, intellectual impairment, impaired muscle power, vision impairment, leg length difference, athetosis, limb deficiency, ataxia, hypertonia, and short stature.

Betting on all these events at the Paralympics may not be available, with demand and supply often dictating what markets the bookmakers offer betting on.

Has There Been Cheating At The Paralympics?

One of the reasons why not all bookmakers bet on the Paralympics is that there have been cases of cheating. But this is a poor excuse from the bookmakers, as cheats have been outed in most sports at one level or another.

Famous cases of cheating came at the 2000 Paralympics, when several members of the Spanish basketball team were deemed to not be disabled enough to have competed. Steroid users were also outed at both the 2000 and 2008 Paralympics, with weightlifters and skiers being the main offenders. Boosting blood pressure and gene doping have been the source of other scandals.

Having tested the Russian Winter Paralympics squad in 2014, the International Paralympic Committee saw fit to ban Russian Paralympians from the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

Should You Bet On The Paralympics?

Lots of great people have put in a lot of hard work to raise the profile of the Paralympics over the last few years. So, if there is the prospect that betting on the Paralympics could increase its coverage further, then there is the chance that bookmakers may offer more betting opportunities on the Paralympics. That means it’s entirely up to you whether you take these opportunities or not.

If you want to show your support of your favourite Paralympians by having a few quid on them to win their specialist event, why not, but betting on the Paralympics is probably not the easiest way to make a profit from gambling.

The bookmakers certainly offer more markets for the Olympics, but even trying to make regular profits on those events is hard when they are only held every four years.

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