Can You Bet On Love Island?

We often get asked can you bet on Love Island, and the answer is – YES! Lots of bookmakers offer odds on the popular reality TV show, and you can bet on a variety of Love Island markets such as ‘winning couple’ and ‘who will get dumped’.

Betting On Love Island

Betting on Love Island has been available since the first series aired in 2005 and, though the show was cancelled after its first two series, it made a revival in 2015 amidst the ever-growing culture of reality TV.

The show is narrated by the brilliant Iain Stirling, while Laura Whitmore now presents the show. But the show has been surrounded by its fair share of controversy, with contestants Sophie Gordon, Mike Thalassitis, and former presenter Caroline Flack all committing suicide. Many people have called for Love Island to be cancelled, but its popularity means that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

How To Bet On Love Island

If you’re thinking of betting on the next Love Island Series, the markets you might want to consider betting in are:

Top Female: The female who is part of the winning couple
Top Male: The male who is part of the winning couple
Winning Couple: The female and male that are the last couple standing
Who Gets Dumped: This is normally a weekly market, with at least one contestant getting dumped each week.

How Betting On Love Island Works

When you bet on Love Island, you’re really backing how good a judge of people you are. However, while you might be an excellent judge of the contestants, you also need to try and factor in the opinions of all the watching public who can vote contestants off.

Once the Love Island contestants are hidden away in their secret Villa, they must couple up with another contestant. First impressions can count for a lot at this stage but coupling-up doesn’t have to be about love, it can also be for friendship or money.

Any contestant that stays single is eliminated and dumped under the rules of the show, while the public can also vote contestants off. After this has happened, the contestants may re-couple as they see fit. Of course, a variety of relationships have started to form by this point, be it for money, friendship, and the occasional chance of love being in the air.

Sometimes, the public can also vote to eliminate a couple, which can also throw a spanner in the works of your Love Island Betting. The show also gives the contestants a series of challenges and games to test their mental and physical abilities, and these put a strain on the fledgling and often fickle relationships.

Where Can I Bet On Love Island?

Many bookmakers offer betting on Love Island, whether you want to place your bets in high street betting shops or online. You can go into high street bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, Corals, William Hill, and Betfred to place a bet. These bookmakers will also let you bet on Britain’s Got Talent online or over the phone.

Other popular online bookmakers where you can place your Love Island bets include Sky Bet, Bet365, Paddy Power, Betvictor, Betway, and Unibet.

If you’re looking for the best odds for Love Island, it’s worth checking a popular odds comparison site such as Oddschecker. Not only will they list all the best odds from the bookmakers we’ve already mentioned, but you’ll also be able to check odds with lesser-known bookmakers such as 888, and VBet, 10Bet.

If you’ve not already opened accounts with all or any of these bookmakers, you should be able to sign up and claim a variety of bonuses and free bets. Some leading bookmakers even offer concessions for Love Island.

Betting exchanges, such as Betfair, Betdaq, Smarkets, and Matchbook are other places to consider when placing your Love Island Bets.

Love Island Betting Strategy

Since Love Island returned to our screens in 2015, there have been easy-to-pick winners and a few shocks. If you’ve watched all or some of these series, then you’ll have a good idea of which contestants you might have bet on.

Max Horley and Jessica won the 2015 series, while the 2016 series went to Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey.

2017 was probably one of the worst results for the bookmakers that bet on Love Island, as Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies were big favourites with the public throughout the series. However, 2018 was even worse, as Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer always looked likely to win from the moment the coupled up on the very first episode.

It looked likely to be another bad year for the bookmakers in 2019, with Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae stealing the hearts of the public from the beginning. However, the bookies avoided their biggest liability when the couple failed to withstand the late surge of Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill. Amber stole the show towards the end of the series and the bookies will be eternally grateful.

ITV spiced the show up in 2020 with a winter Love Island, with the contestants heading to South Africa. But it was another bad year for the bookies, with second-week couple Finley and Paige always looking nailed on to take the spoils.

Should I Bet On Love Island?

Now that you know you can bet on Love Island, should you?

If you like to bet for fun and Love Island is one of your favourite TV shows, don’t let us stop you. However, don’t go mad, as remember the contestants are there to win £50,000, while the public are even more fickle than the contestants. This sometimes makes picking the winners difficult. So, what we’re trying to say is, don’t be too hard on yourself if you lose.

Here at Betting Gods, we prefer to take a much more pragmatic approach to gambling. We’d rather bet on sports where you can study the form and make logical assumptions about what the results of horse races or other sporting events will be.

However, as we’re always open to exploring new ways to make money, get in touch if you think you’ve got what it takes to make money for you and other Betting Gods members by providing tips for Love Island and/or other reality TV Shows.

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