Common Questions About Tipsters

Betting on sports can be a fun and potentially lucrative pastime but picking a regular supply of profitable winners isn’t easy.

That’s why many punters follow tipsters with proven track records of making a profit from betting. Following the tips of a professional tipster can also save you hours when it comes to studying the formbook and working out a staking plan.

What you need to remember is making a profit from betting on sports is a long-term investment. You won’t win every day, week, or month, but following proven tipsters will normally make you a reasonable return on your investment over a long period.

To guide you in your quest to make a profit from betting on sports, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about tipsters below.

How Many Tipsters Should I Follow?

The first question to ask yourself is why do you want to follow a tipster? If the answer is to simply make a profit from betting on sports, you will want to follow the most profitable tipsters. If the answer is to have lots of fun watching and betting on the sports you love, such as horse racing, football, and golf, you may want to be more selective and choose the right tipster for you for each sport.

Whatever your preferences, how many tipsters you follow to begin with may depend on how much money you have got to set aside for gambling. That’s because it’s important to have a separate betting bank for each tipster you follow, as this allows for the typical ups and downs that all tipster services experience.

For example, let’s say you set aside £1,000 for a betting bank, which is the equivalent of 100x the advised £10 per point stake. If that’s all the money you want to tie-up for betting, then start by following one tipster.

After a reasonable period, you will hopefully experience a decent bank growth. When your betting bank grows to £2,000, you may then wish to set aside the £1,000 profit you’ve made to create a second £1,000 betting bank and start following a second tipster. You can repeat this process as often as you want, and this is how you build up your portfolio of tipsters.

If you want to follow several tipsters from the start, but only have a £1,000, you can reduce your per point stake below the recommended £10 per point. For example, you may wish to follow a horse racing tipster, football tipster, and golf tipster. If that’s the case, you could set up betting banks of £400, £300, and £300, and simply set your per point stakes at £4, £3, and £3 when following those tipsters.

The advantage of following a portfolio of tipsters rather than one tipster is as the saying goes, “it’s riskier to have all your eggs in one basket”. Of course, the more betting banks you set up and the more tipsters you follow also gives you the chance of maximizing your fun and profits.

Are Betting Tipsters Good?

Not all betting tipsters are good, but many tipsters have proven they are good or even excellent by recording a profit over many years. You should also remember that all tipster services need to start somewhere, which is why tipster platforms try and nurture talented fledgeling tipsters that want to share their tipping talents with the world.

You will find a variety of tipsters out there, and you may wish to start your tipster portfolio by following a tipster that has proven his talents over several years. But you shouldn’t dismiss tipsters that have only just launched out of hand, as responsible tipster platforms will have vetted these services for several months before agreeing to let them offer a tipster service on their platform.

Another consideration is the cost of the monthly subscription to each tipster. As you’d expect, a subscription to a tipster that has proven profitable over many years is normally more expensive than one that has only proven themselves over a few months.

But you could get yourself a real bargain by subscribing to a new tipster in the early stages of their tipping career. With each passing milestone of profitability, a tipster service will normally become more expensive to new customers but, by signing up close to the launch, you will lock-in your subscription at the cheaper price, for life.

If a tipster service asks for a big payment upfront with no refund if you’re unsatisfied, these are normally tipsters to avoid. Respectable tipsters charge monthly subscriptions and allow you to cancel your subscription at any time and offer a refund policy. They do all of this because they want to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with subscribers just like yourself. This process also makes sure tipsters stay sharp, as they know that making you a profit directly affects their potential earnings – and this is how professional tipsters subsidize their own profits from betting on sports.

Who is the Best Tipster?

Who is the best tipster is the £million question? But the answer is probably in the eye of the beholder. There are several factors to consider when choosing a tipster. The obvious one is which tipster makes the most profit. But that answer is only for those punters that are only following a tipster to make money.

Many punters also follow tipsters to increase their enjoyment of betting on sports. If that’s you, you’ll want to consider the volume of tips, timing, types of tips, return on investment, strike rate, etc.

It’s a good idea to follow a tipster that recommends a volume of tips that suits your preferences. If you like having several bets a day, you’ll want a tipster that recommends several bets a day. But if you prefer a selective approach and aren’t bothered about having a bet every day, follow a more selective tipster. Selective tipsters are also excellent additions to tipster portfolios for punters looking to have even more bets a day.

The timing of when a tipster releases his tips can also be important. Some send out tips the night before an event, whilst some send them out on the morning of the event. You need to pick a service that fits into your busy lifestyle, as being available when the tips are released gives you the best chance of getting the best odds about the tips.

Tipsters also offer tips in very different price brackets. Some are short-priced favourite backers, whilst some go for value long-shots. Others offer tips at all sorts of prices. This can greatly affect the strike rate, so you need to choose a type of service that suits your preferences. Luckily, you can compare a variety of tipster services before you subscribe to them.

How Do You Become a Tipster?

Tipsters come in many shapes and sizes, but the common denominator is you need to have tipping talent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardened horse racing punter who makes s regular profit, a football fan with a keen eye to what gives teams advantages over other teams, or a golfer who understands what skillsets are required to win at the different types of golf courses that professionals play.

It could be that you’ve recently found out how to exploit certain markets in certain sports, or you can offer a different type of service from the tipsters who are already out there. Whichever it is, it could be time to approach a tipster platform that can help you showcase your talents to the world.

But you’ll need to prove your talents first by proofing your service for a minimum of six months. If you prove yourself over that extended period, you’ll be invited to launch your very own tipping service. How much money you make from your services will then depend on your continued performance and profits, as well as how much punters enjoy your service, write-ups, etc.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a top tipster – click here to apply to be a tipster today.

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