How Does Draw No Bet Work?

How does draw no bet work or what does no draw bet mean? – both are questions we often get asked.

The Quick Answer

What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

Draw no bet is a popular bet that is normally associated with football matches. Whereas outright betting on football matches generally involves three markets, home win, away win, and the draw, you can only bet on either team to win in a draw no bet market, with all punters getting their money back if the match is a draw.

Draw no bet markets are especially popular with punters that think one team can’t possibly win the match. They’ll then bet on the other team in the draw no bet market, meaning they will win their bet if their team wins but lose nothing if the match is a draw. In a typical English Premier League season around 25% of all matches are drawn, so betting in the draw-no-bet market reduces the risk of losing significantly.

The Three Possible Outcomes Of A Draw No Bet

There are three possible outcomes in a draw no bet market, which we’ll highlight in a hypothetical London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham in which we back Arsenal to win.

If Arsenal win, we win our draw no bet. If the match is drawn, we get our stake back, and if Tottenham win we lose.

Typical Odds Of A Draw No Bet Market

You take a look at the outright market for the match between Arsenal and Tottenham and see that the bookies are struggling to separate the chances of the two teams, with the best odds available being Arsenal 15/8 (2.875), the draw 2/1 (3.00), and Tottenham 15/8 (2.875).

But you don’t agree with the assessment of the bookies, believing that the absence of Tottenham’s main striker means Arsenal should be shorter. But you also know that Tottenham are defensively strong, and they may still be good enough to get a draw.

In this instance, you could back both an Arsenal win and the draw, but you think Arsenal will win and just want a safety net of getting your stake back if the match is a draw. This is the perfect scenario for betting in the draw no bet market, so you look at the odds that are available.

The bookies are betting Arsenal 10/11 (1.91) and Tottenham 10/11 (1.91) so, as you really fancy Arsenal to win, this is now a value bet with a draw also getting you your money back.

Alternatives To Draw No Bet

An alternative to taking draw no bet odds offered by one bookmaker is to shop around for the best prices offered by different bookmakers to see if you can make more of a profit from backing Arsenal to win in the outright market and saving on the draw.

For example, let’s say you’re thinking of having £55 on Arsenal at 10/11 (1.91) which would return £105, winning you £50.

You look at the best prices at the bookies for a draw and see that it is 2/1 (3.00). You can stake £16.67on the draw at 2/1 (3.00) and this will return £50.02. This leaves you with £38.33 of your intended £55 stake that you can bet on Arsenal at 15/8 (2.875). This bet would return £110.19, meaning you would make £5.19 more profit than you would have taking the draw no bet odds with one bookmaker.

To see if you can make a bigger profit by shopping around at different bookmakers for better prices, always start by working out how much you need to place on the draw to break even, then work out how much you have left and how much more profit you could make by placing this stake on the team you fancy at the best odds.

What Matches Should I Use No Draw Bet On?

The key to being a successful football punter is to always find the value, whether that is in the draw no bet market, other markets, or by calculating whether you should place different bets with different bookmakers to maximise your profits and return on investment.

Studying football statistics and the latest injury news can give you an edge but you’ll still need to analyse all this information in a way that will give you an angle into matches that will produce a value bet. Professional football punters make it their life’s work to beat the bookies and you’ll need to put in just as much effort if you want to make the sort of long-term profits from football betting that they do.

But here at Betting Gods, we’d like to offer you an easy route to football betting success. We have a variety of professional football tipsters that scour the football leagues from around the world to find the best value football bets, whether that’s in the draw no bet markets or the massive amount of other football markets that they aim to exploit.

The good news for you is you don’t have to work as hard as them, as you have the option to pay an affordable monthly subscription to receive all their football tips. All our monthly subscriptions are also covered by the Betting Gods money-back guarantee.

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