Is Norsk Rikstoto A Good Site?

If you are wondering whether it is safe to place your bets on Norsk Rikstoto, you have come to the right place. Continue reading as we address all the answers you are looking for. But first, let’s learn a little about Norsk Rikstoto.

History Of Norsk Rikstoto

The Norsk Rikstoto also called the Norwegian National Tote horse racing foundation, is a concern dedicated to administering pari-mutuel betting on animal racing in the country. The Norwegian Trotting Association and the Jockey Club established it in September 1982 to operate a totalizator game called the V6. The foundation’s head office is based in Bjerke, Oslo. 

Horse racing is a popular sport in Norway, particularly harness racing, with eleven tracks reserved for harness races and one for gallop races. The state has a claim in the form of fees over 3.7% of the gross annual profit of Norsk Rikstoto.

Until 1993, Norsk Tipping managed all kinds of games, including totalizator games. However, Norsk Rikstoto took over all the games’ relevant aspects, including administrative and financial affairs, in 1996. Norsk Rikstoto also runs the television channel Rikstoto Direkte, which shows Norwegian horse racing. Presently, Norsk Rikstoto is one of the two betting sites in Norway, the other one being Norsk Tipping. 

Norsk Rikstoto Features

Gambling is heavily regulated in Norway, and Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping are the only two state-owned companies with gambling licenses. Norsk Rikstoto handles all the betting activities for horse racing in the country, and the profits from the site are used to finance the equestrian markets. It now has a monopoly on horse race betting in the country.

Because the site is a state-endorsed operator, any doubts over Norsk Rikstoto’s legitimacy may be ruled out. That said, here are a few service features of Norsk Rikstoto.

Norsk Risktoto Betting Options

Norsk Rikstoto offers plenty of gambling products for bettors to pick from according to their playing expertise and betting budget. These include exotic bets for harness races, for instance.

V75: An exotic bet where bettors try to select winning horses in seven races. If they choose six or five winning horses, they win a consolation prize. It is held on Saturdays.

V86: Bettors pick winners for eight predetermined races. The V86 is the main product for Wednesdays. Bettors with 8, 7, and 6 correct winners are awarded the prize. 

V65: Bettors pick winners for six predetermined races. A prize is awarded for picking 6 or 5 straight winners.

V65: Bettors pick winners for six predetermined races. The prize is awarded for picking 6, 5, and 4 straight winners.

Other betting forms offered at Norsk Rikstoto include V5, V4, Trippel (picking the first three horses to finish the race), Duo (picking the first two horses in the race in the correct order), Tvilling (picking the first two horses to finish the race regardless of the order) and Plass (picking one out of three horses reaching the finish line the earliest). Players also have the option to play for the jackpot and win huge prizes.

Considering the wide range of betting products featured at Norsk Rikstoto, it is safe to assume that the site offers a good variety.

Norsk Rikstoto Customer Service

Norsk Rikstoto uses email and SMS to connect to customers. You can contact their customer service via telephone. You can also chat with a company representative from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 2am and from 7am to 10pm on Sundays. 

Norsk Rikstoto Payment Methods

If you opt to play with a commission agent, you can pay via cash, your bank, or your gaming account. Rikstoto offers a safe payment mechanism to customers, and you can inform your commission agent which method you want. If you play online, you can pay from your payer account, bank account, or Vipps.

Who Can Play At Norsk Rikstoto?

Whether you want to play online or with a commission agent, you must register at Norsk Risktoto first. For registration purposes, you must be 18 years or older and have a social security number and a bank account. 

How To Register With Norsk Rikstoto

Registration can be done online through Bank ID. When you register, your national ID number will be the username, while the password will be your own. You can also register with a commission agent with your Bank ID card through the Rikstoto bank terminal. Here again, your bank ID is the username, and you can choose the password to your liking. 

Norsk Rikstoto Summary

Since Norsk Rikstoto has a state-endorsed monopoly on horse race betting in the country, Norwegians have limited options in terms of horse race betting. If you are in Norway and want to place bets on horse races, Norsk Rikstoto is a safe and reliable option. The site offers various gambling products, reliable payment methods, and efficient customer services.


What makes Norsk Rikstoto unique in the Norwegian betting landscape?

Norsk Rikstoto is distinctive in the Norwegian betting landscape due to its exclusive state authorization for horse race betting. This monopolistic position ensures a regulated and secure betting environment, directly benefits the equestrian sports sector in Norway by reinvesting profits, and upholds responsible gambling practices.

Its unique model emphasises both the development of horse racing and the welfare of the animals, distinguishing it from other betting organisations and making it a pivotal player in Norway’s gambling and sporting sectors.

How does Norsk Rikstoto contribute to the equestrian sports sector in Norway?

Norsk Rikstoto plays a pivotal role in the equestrian sports sector in Norway by directly contributing to the development and welfare of horse racing and equestrian activities. It achieves this through the allocation of its profits, which are used to support various aspects of the industry, including breeding programs, training, and infrastructure improvements. This ensures not only the sustainability of the sport but also promotes responsible animal welfare practices, reinforcing Norsk Rikstoto’s commitment to the ethical growth and nurturing of equestrian sports within Norway.

Can international bettors use Norsk Rikstoto’s services?

International bettors’ ability to use Norsk Rikstoto’s services is subject to Norway’s gambling regulations and the platform’s specific policies. Typically, gambling platforms like Norsk Rikstoto have geographic restrictions in place due to licensing and legal considerations. It’s advisable for international users to check the official Norsk Rikstoto website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding eligibility and service availability.

How does Norsk Rikstoto ensure responsible gambling practices?

Norsk Rikstoto ensures responsible gambling practices through various measures, including providing information on responsible gambling, tools for self-assessment, setting personal betting limits, and the option for self-exclusion. They focus on promoting a safe and responsible gambling environment, emphasizing the importance of gambling within one’s means and offering support to those who may need assistance with gambling issues.

What are the latest betting trends and predictions on Norsk Rikstoto?

The latest betting trends and predictions on Norsk Rikstoto highlight the organisation’s continued monopoly on horse racing betting in Norway, which has been extended for another 10 years by the Norwegian government. This extension underscores the government’s trust in Norsk Rikstoto to responsibly manage horse racing betting and its contribution to the sector. By maintaining this monopoly, Norway aims to ensure public control over gambling, particularly focusing on reducing gambling-related problems and addiction. The decision to extend Norsk Rikstoto’s monopoly also reflects the government’s strategy to keep the betting ecosystem within controlled boundaries, highlighting the importance of responsible gambling and the prevention of negative impacts associated with gambling.

Norsk Rikstoto’s monopoly is seen as a way to guarantee that profits from horse racing betting continue to support equestrian sports, horse keeping, and horse breeding in Norway. This model is positioned as beneficial not just for maintaining a responsible gambling environment but also for fostering the growth and sustainability of the Norwegian equestrian sector. The extension of the monopoly indicates confidence in Norsk Rikstoto’s ability to balance profitability with social responsibility, emphasising the organisation’s role in promoting a healthy gambling culture and supporting the equestrian industry in Norway.

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