What Bookies Accept Google Pay?

The answer is not many bookmakers currently offer Google Pay as a payment method. But bet365 now offers Google Pay as a deposit option to many of its customers, and this innovative bookmaker is probably establishing a trend that many other bookmakers will surely copy.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is basically the Android version of Apple Pay. It is an e-wallet that allows users to register a credit card and then use their Android smartphones to buy services and goods. It can also be used to make other types of online payments such as depositing funds into an online betting account.

A similar service named Android Pay was made available from 2015, whilst there was also an alternative payment method called Google Wallet. In 2018 these two companies merged and rebranded the joint venture as Google Pay.

Google Pay goes hand-in-hand with the continuous evolution of smartphones and the number of Google Pay users increases daily around the globe. The service is available in many countries around the world and more and more outlets are accepting Google Pay as a payment method.

Why Aren’t More Bookmakers Accepting Google Pay?

It is only recently that Google has relaxed its policy on punters being able to use Google Pay to make payments to gambling sites. That’s why many bookmakers have yet to offer this service.

But like many payment method providers, Google Pay has probably realised it is missing out on millions of fees that bookmakers pay to payment method providers for allowing punters to make online betting transactions.

How to Fund Your Betting Account With Google Pay

If you want to fund a betting account with Google Pay, you must first register your credit card details on the Android smartphone or another Android mobile device you intend to use. You should find that Google Pay accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

When you fund your betting account using Google Pay, you will be asked to confirm that you wish the transaction to be processed. This will require you to either enter a passcode, use your fingerprint recognition scanner, or you can even use facial recognition to confirm your payment.

Once you’ve set up Google Pay, your betting deposits should take just a few seconds to process. All transactions are also secure and the betting site you’re depositing at will have no details of the credit cards you registered with Google Pay.

Countries That Accept Google Pay Payments

Google Pay gambling payments may not yet be available at all online bookmakers but Google Pay is accepted in many countries around the world.

Bookmakers in the following countries (and more) may one day allow you to fund your betting accounts with Google Pay: United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Czech Republic, Japan, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, and Sweden.

An Example of What Bookmakers Say About Google Pay

Bookmakers describe Google Pay as a secure and fast payment method that can be used to fund your betting account using the Google Pay App, without the need to reveal any details about your credit cards.

Deposits using Google Pay are made instantly and no charges apply, but payments need to be confirmed with a passcode or fingerprint scan.

Your smartphone or other smart mobile device will need to be operating Android 4.4 or above to use Google Pay, whilst you will also need to have installed the 11.4 version of the Google Play Services (this info is subject to change and may be superseded by the latest requirements).

It is not currently possible to withdraw funds from online betting sites using Google Pay, and you will have to withdraw funds using bank wire.

Advantages of Using Google Pay

• Make instant and fee-free payments to your betting account
• Make payments directly from your Android smartphone or other Android smart mobile device
• There’s no need to reveal any credit card details to your bookmaker
• Confirm payments using a passcode or fingerprint scanner

Disadvantages of Using Google Pay

• Not many bookmakers currently accept Google Pay payments
• You can’t withdraw your winnings from online betting sites using Google Pay

The Future of Google Pay and Gambling

Along with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Google Pay is likely to become an increasingly popular payment method with tech savvy punters who like to be able to deposit betting funds bet quickly and easily on the go. Punters that prefer to keep their credit card details from online betting sites will find it an especially useful tool.

Google Pay may have to include the option to withdraw funds from online bookmakers before it rivals many other popular payment methods that bookmakers currently offer. But if the innovative Bet365 are willing to offer the Google Pay service to millions of punters, many other bookmakers will surely soon follow in their footsteps.