How To Find The Best Betting Odds For Euro 2024

Gambling is, by its very nature, a pretty risky way to make money, but this can make sports even more exciting when done responsibly. Nevertheless, the fun will only keep going if you can maximize your chances of winning a bet. So how do you get around bookmaker advertising tricks and put yourself in a prime position to win Euro 2024 bets? You have to know how to find the best betting odds

Shop Around For Different Euro 2024 Bookmakers

There’s always quite a bit of chat about brand loyalty, so it’s not surprising that companies go to the extreme to keep you betting with them – such is the fiercely competitive nature of the industry. 

But it doesn’t matter what kind of loyalty benefits a company has or what other promotions they may dole out. At the end of the day, the goal of winning is the same, so never let yourself be discouraged from shopping around for the best non-GamStop football platforms from

On each betting site, you can see which offers are available before signing up. For example, predicting the first goalscorer is a rather popular betting type, so you will find no shortage of bookies with opinions on the matter. 

For any given match, it should be easy to determine which offer works best for your needs, but don’t underestimate the work involved in that research. 

Know The Teams Inside & Out

Performance should be judged not only by how a team has played on both offense and defense in recent games, but also how well they’ve done in the past. Take England, for example, which stands poised as a favorite to win Euro 2024. However, for all the great possession control they may have, luck may not be on their side in the end; France is just as favored to stand a chance against them. 

You will also want to consider the following details about each team: 

  • Performance in the qualifiers – How a team performs in the qualifiers is a clear indicator of what kind of show they’ll bring to the table. 
  • Strengths and weaknesses – Knowing detailed information about each team and who is ahead of whom will also help you make an informed decision.
  • Injuries and suspensions – On a dime, a favored team could fall behind after a star player’s injury or suspension. 
  • Head-to-head records – Again, looking at a team’s history beyond the past few games gives you an idea of what you might expect. Going back to the earlier example, England has come out ahead of France 17 times compared to the latter’s 10. 

Being Favored Isn’t An Automatic Win

It seems obvious, but it still bears repeating – being favored to win is by no means a guarantee that it will actually happen. 

For an example that really highlights this concept, consider the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Cameroon was making their second-ever appearance in the World Cup and had very little chance to defend against the champions, and still managed to overcome Argentina with a 1-0 opening match victory. 

Likewise, it turns out that teams that are slightly behind perform better than those slightly ahead.

At the end of the day, anything can happen – injuries, suspensions, roster upsets, motivation to catch up, and just plain old luck all play factors. 

Fewer Selections Are Better

Interestingly, punters sometimes forget that fewer selections are better in the long run. 

Consider machinery: The more complex the system, the more variables involved that can go wrong and cause the entire arrangement to fail. The same is true for betting. 

As a general rule of thumb, avoid exceeding two selections per bet to stand the best chance of winning. There’s no question that most online betting sites lose the most on single-bet wins, especially when it’s so tempting to activate a 15-fold (or even greater!) accumulator – any one of which can lead to a loss. 

Word of advice: Don’t make any wild adjustments whether you’re betting hot or cold. For best results, taking a flat-betting approach keeps you sticking to a budget and saving you from going bankrupt.

Pick The Right Moment

Considering how many factors could change odds until the event itself, it’s best not to place your bets until just before Euro 2024 begins. Unlike horse racing, it’s impossible to “guarantee” the outcome. 

Of course, when you will actually want to wager is a matter of personal preference, but the day of a match gives you the most possible information. You’ll know how each team is performing, whether any critical players have been injured and will sit out, and any other surprise details that will let you make smarter betting decisions. That’s why as Euro 2024 approaches, it’s important to keep well-informed about the latest soccer happenings and events.

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