Common Questions About Horse Racing

We’re always getting asked a variety of horse racing questions, so we thought we’d answer the most popular ones in one place. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked.

Who Is the Best Horse Racing Tipster?

It’s impossible to say who is the best horse racing tipster. It’s a bit like saying who is the best-looking woman or man in the world, it’s a matter of preference.

What you do want to think about before following tips is what you want from a tipster. You may think it’s simply about following the tipster that makes the most profit, but that’s not always the case for many punters.

You should consider the type of tips on offer. If you’re a punter that prefers to bet big on short-priced favourites that seem to have everything in their favour, you won’t want to follow a tipster that recommends backing value long-shots – and vice versa.

Another consideration is the number of tips that your tipster recommends. If you want to have five bets a day, following just one tipster that averagely recommends five bets a week will leave you wanting more action and you could slip into old bad habits.

Your daily schedule may also affect your choice of tipster, as it’s no point subscribing to a tipster that sends out his tips at 9a.m. if you’re stuck at work at that time and can’t get on at the recommended prices. You’ll need a tipster that sends out tips the night before.

Other things you might want to consider is how much return on investment a tipster makes, his strike rate, and the amount of betting bank you need to get started. Luckily, you can compare a variety of tipster services before you choose one or more to follow.

What is a Nap of the Day?

Some horse racing tipsters offer a variety of horse racing tips on any day and their best bet of the day is normally called their “NAP” of the day. If you read the horse racing section of a daily newspaper, the word NAP will normally appear in brackets by the side of the tipsters best bet of the day.

The terms nap of the day has also flowed over into tipping in other sports, so you may also hear the phrase used by football tipsters or tennis tipsters, etc.

What Does NB Mean in Betting?

If you see NB next to a horse in a newspaper, this means it is the tipster’s second-best bet of the day after his/her nap. NB simply means next best.

Where Can I Find Free Racing Tips?

You can find free betting tips in a variety of areas. You can still follow horse racing tipsters in some daily newspapers, but it’s a good idea to check how these tipsters have performed recently as not all of them show a profit in the long-term.

You’ll also find a variety of websites that offer free horse racing tips such as Sporting Life and Attheraces. The problem with sites like these is they are often affiliated to major bookmakers and or TV companies and are mainly trying to attract traffic to sell other products.

Many professional tipsters also offer their services in the form of monthly subscription-based services. These often cost less or similar to buying a newspaper every day, but what you get is tips from a professional horse racing tipster that knows he won’t be making a living unless he can produce a regular supply of winners to keep his subscribers happy.

Make sure you choose a reputable tipster site that offers a trial period and a no-quibbles money back guarantee offer. Betting Gods is a tipster platform that offers these and promotes a variety of horse racing tipsters. You can also take a trial of many services for very little outlay. You can even sample free horse racing tips from many tipsters.

What Percentage of Favourites Win?

About 30% – 35% of favourites win horse races, but that doesn’t really give you an insight into what sort of favourites win. Some of those favourites could have been long odds-on, whilst others could have been the 10/1 favourite for a big handicap. That figure also doesn’t consider distances, courses, class, and going.

Rather than just be a blind favourite backer, it’s much better to follow the advice of someone that can pinpoint value selections in horse races, whether they’re the favourite or not.

What is Value in Horse Racing?

Value in horse racing is basically when you can back a horse at a bigger price than its true odds of winning the race. For example, if all four horses in a four horse have an equal chance of winning then they should all be priced up at 3/1. However, if heavy rain turns the going in favour of the only one of the four horses that likes soft ground, it’s easy to see why a tipster may think this horse offers terrific value at 3/1.

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