Is At The Races a good site?

Are you a horse racing enthusiast searching for the right platform to indulge your passion? Welcome to At The Races, a dedicated media rights company specialising in the sport. In this article, we’ll explore whether At The Races is indeed a good site for race-goers, focusing on key features such as user experience and customer satisfaction.

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Key Takeaways

  • At The Races offers a user – friendly website and app, providing comprehensive racecards and form information for horse racing enthusiasts.
  • The streaming service provided by At The Races is of high quality, allowing users to watch live races and replays with clear video quality.
  • Customer service at At The Races is excellent, with a dedicated support team ready to assist users with any queries or issues they may have.

At The Races Reviews and Ratings

At The Races has received both positive and negative reviews and ratings from horse racing fans.

Positive reviews and ratings

Many users have good things to say about At The Races. They love the racecards service. People say it is the best on the web for UK and Ireland races. The app gets high marks too. Users enjoy its free live videos and cool betting feature.

A lot of horse racing fans turn to At The Races for news, tips, odds and more. It all helps them make smart bets on the races they love.

Negative reviews and ratings

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with At The Races. They have complained about the quality of the streaming service and experienced issues with customer service. Some users also found the odds accuracy to be unreliable, which affected their betting experience.

Despite these negative reviews, it’s important to note that there are positive aspects to At The Races as well, such as their comprehensive racecards service and horse racing news coverage.

It’s recommended for new users to explore the website and app themselves to form their own opinion on its value for them as a horse racing fan.

Features and Benefits of At The Races

At The Races offers a comprehensive racing website and app, with quality streaming services and a dedicated customer service team.

Racing website and app

At The Races is not only a horse racing media rights company but also operates the Sky Sports Racing TV channel and a user-friendly website. This website offers an extensive racecards service, providing detailed information about all races in the UK and Ireland.

In addition to this, At The Races has developed an Android app that combines comprehensive racecards and form with free live and archived video footage of races. The app also includes a feature for dynamic in-app betting, making it convenient for horse racing fans to access everything they need in one place.

Whether you’re looking for horse racing news, video replays, racecards, results, form, tips or odds comparison – At The Races has got you covered.

Quality of the streaming service

At The Races provides a high-quality streaming service for horse racing fans. You can watch live races and replays on their website and app, ensuring you don’t miss any exciting moments.

Their streaming service is reliable and offers clear video quality, allowing you to enjoy the races as if you were there in person. Whether you’re using the website or the app, At The Races delivers a seamless streaming experience that enhances your horse racing enjoyment.

Customer service

At The Races takes pride in providing excellent customer service to horse racing fans. Their dedicated support team is always ready to assist users with any queries or issues they may have.

Whether you need help navigating the website or app, accessing racecards and results, or understanding the betting features, their customer service team is available to provide timely and helpful assistance.

With their commitment to ensuring a positive user experience, At The Races strives to address any concerns promptly so that fans can enjoy all the fantastic features and benefits of their platform without any hassle.

User Experience and Satisfaction

Users find At The Races easy to navigate and appreciate the accuracy of the tips and odds, as well as the additional features and content provided.

Ease of use and navigation

At The Races website and app are designed to be easy to use and navigate, making it simple for horse racing fans to find the information they need. Whether you’re a new user or a frequent visitor, you’ll have no trouble finding racecards, results, form, tips, features, and odds comparison.

Everything is organized in a clear and concise manner so that you can quickly access the information you want. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, At The Races ensures that horse racing enthusiasts can easily navigate the site without any hassle or confusion.

Tips and odds accuracy

At The Races provides accurate tips and odds for horse racing enthusiasts. They have a dedicated team of experts who analyze races, form, and statistics to provide reliable tips that can help you make informed betting decisions.

Whether you’re a new user or an experienced bettor, At The Races ensures the accuracy of their tips and odds to enhance your chances of success. So, if you’re looking for trustworthy advice when it comes to horse racing bets, At The Races is a good site to turn to.

Additional features and content

At The Races offers a range of additional features and content for horse racing fans. Along with comprehensive racecards, results, and form guides, the website provides horse racing news to keep you updated on the latest events and developments in the industry.

You can also find video replays of races, allowing you to watch exciting moments again or catch up on races you may have missed. Furthermore, At The Races offers tips and analysis from experts to help inform your betting decisions.

With its extensive coverage of horse racing and various additional features, At The Races is a valuable resource for fans looking to stay informed and engaged with their favorite sport.


In conclusion, At The Races is a great site for horse racing fans. With its comprehensive racecards service, live and archive video replays, and accurate tips, it provides everything you need to stay informed and make informed betting decisions.

The website is easy to navigate and their customer service is top-notch. If you’re a horse racing enthusiast, At The Races is definitely worth checking out.


What is At The Races?

At The Races is a popular website that provides horse and greyhound racing enthusiasts with a wealth of information on the latest racing news, racecards, odds, and results. The website is well-known for its live video coverage of prominent racing venues across the country, as well as its expert analysis of live racing events.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive coverage of the racing world, At The Races has become a go-to destination for fans of the sport looking to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the racing world.

Can I find good horse racing tips at At The Races?

Yes, At The Races offers horse racing tips and analysis from professional tipsters. The website provides free form print-outs, today’s runners, and tomorrow’s racing information, as well as racecards, odds, and results. At The Races also has a team of experts who fully research every race to give users the best tips, stats, and trends for every race. Whether you’re a seasoned horse racing fan or just starting out, At The Races can be a valuable resource for finding good tips and insights to help you make informed betting decisions.

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