A Guide to the Asian Poker Tour

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is a prominent fixture in the world of competitive poker, renowned for providing players from across the globe with an opportunity to participate in high-calibre tournaments set against the vibrant backdrops of Asia’s most dynamic cities. From its inception in 2008, the APT has grown exponentially, hosting over 80 major events to date. Each year, the tour weaves through various countries, frequently making stops in gambling hotspots such as the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Throughout its history, the tour has garnered acclaim for the scale and organisation of its events. Notably, the APT Taipei 2024 stop boasts a comprehensive and extensive tournament schedule, making it the longest and largest in the tour’s history. This level of growth and sustained success speaks to the APT’s commitment to providing competitive platforms for both seasoned professionals and ardent amateurs. The APT not only offers substantial prize pools but also serves as a proving ground for poker talents from around the world.

Travel and logistical considerations are part and parcel of the APT experience. With the knowledge that players will travel from various international locations, the Asian Poker Tour has established partnerships with travel agencies and offers essential services like pre-booked airport pickups. Accommodations and side entertainment are thoughtfully curated, providing a complete experience beyond the poker tables. Additionally, the tour’s media coverage keeps enthusiasts and participants informed with live reporting, updates, and news, making it highly accessible for those interested in following the action closely.

Key Takeaways

  • The APT is a prestigious poker series with a history of high-quality tournaments in Asia.
  • APT Taipei 2024 marks a significant expansion of the tour’s event schedule.
  • Players have access to comprehensive travel and accommodation services, ensuring a seamless poker tour experience.

History and Evolution of the Asian Poker Tour

Players gather around a poker table, chips and cards in hand. A banner with "Asian Poker Tour" hangs in the background, while a timeline of poker's evolution adorns the walls

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) began its journey in 2008, quickly establishing itself as a significant circuit in the realm of international poker. Organisers have strategically expanded the APT’s reach, orchestrating in excess of 113 major events across the Asia-Pacific region.

Initially rooted within localised territories such as the Philippines and Macau, the Tour broadened its horizon with each passing year. Expansions saw it lay foundations in other nations including South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India, to name a few, thereby amplifying its popularity.

  • Growth:

    • Initial focus: Philippines and Macau
    • Expansion: South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, China, Australia, London, New Caledonia, Mauritius
    • Prize money: Surpassed US$50 Million
  • Popularity:

    • Players: Drawn from around the globe
    • Events: Diverse formats catering to various skill levels

The tour’s accolades include setting up theatres of play in locations as eclectic as Australia, London, New Caledonia, and Mauritius. This geographical diversity signifies the APT’s aim to cast a wide net, drawing in enthusiasts from every corner of the poker-playing world.

The evolution of the APT also reflects in its record-setting tournaments. The 2024 APT Taipei became the benchmark for the Tour’s largest and longest tournament schedule. It showcased the growing stature of the event with 1,989 players from 42 countries battling for substantial prize money, thereby heightening the Tour’s stature on a global pedestal.

The APT’s trajectory of growth and its unwavering commitment to staging competitive and high-calibre poker events continue to solidify its popularity and esteemed position in the international poker community.

The Asian Poker Tour Schedule

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) has an impressive calendar in 2024, with events spanning across Asia and beyond. Each stop promises a full schedule of tournaments to cater to a wide range of players and budgets.

APT Philippines

The APT schedule traditionally includes the Philippines, one of its staple locations, with events packed with a variety of buy-ins and formats. Details of the APT Philippines 2024 schedule will likely feature numerous opportunities for players to compete for prestigious titles.

APT Korea

APT Korea is a highly anticipated event each year. Running from 26 Apr to 5 May, the APT Jeju, South Korea 2024 promises a competitive series at the luxurious Jeju Shinhwa Resort.

APT Taipei 2024

APT Taipei will kick off the tour with a bang, marking the first festival of 2024. Look for a comprehensive schedule teeming with events that aim to make APT Taipei the longest and most extensive tournament schedule in the tour’s history.

APT Vietnam

Vietnam is a vibrant hotspot on the APT circuit. The tour’s stop in Vietnam showcases a series of events that blend high-stakes action with cultural experiences unique to the country.

APT Macau

Macau, often referred to as the gaming capital of Asia, hosts the APT with a glamorous array of tournaments. The city’s unmatched flair for hospitality and gaming expertise is always on full display during APT events.

APT India

APT India is a testament to the growing popularity of poker in the region. Each year, the schedule includes a variety of events that attract both local and international players looking to make their mark on the felt.

APT Cambodia

The APT’s journey to Cambodia brings the thrill of poker to another corner of Asia. With a focus on creating an inclusive atmosphere, the APT Cambodia schedule is tailored to welcome players of all levels.

APT Australia

Australia’s APT events are known for combining competitive poker with the laid-back Aussie lifestyle. The country’s love for sports and gaming guarantees a lively schedule filled with a range of tournaments.

APT London

Expanding its reach, the APT also visits London, offering a chance for European enthusiasts to partake in the tour. The London stop provides a schedule that aligns with the city’s distinguished reputation in the poker community.

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Tournament Structure and Buy-In Information

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) offers a variety of tournaments with different structures and buy-in amounts to cater to a range of players. Highlighting the staple events, this section will provide essential details regarding the Main Event, High Roller Events, and other tournament variants within the APT framework.

Main Event

The APT Main Event is a focal point of the tour, often boasting a buy-in of TWD 10,000 (~USD 324) but can vary depending on the location and specific tour stop. Players can expect a structured progression in this event, with the opportunity for significant prize pools and competition against both seasoned and upcoming poker enthusiasts.

High Roller Events

High Roller events within the APT are designed for players seeking higher stakes and more intense competition. These events typically command higher buy-ins, such as KRW 2,500,000 for the APT Jeju High Roller event. Such tournaments attract players who are comfortable with severe risks and are capable of strategic deep-stack play.

Other Tournament Variants

The APT also provides an assortment of other tournament variants to suit diverse poker preferences. These include:

  • Mystery Bounty Hunter: Players have the chance to win mystery prizes alongside the standard prize pool.
  • Zodiac Classic: A unique tournament aligned with the lunar calendar.
  • APT National Cup: A staple event with a more accessible buy-in, catering to a wider audience.
  • Superstar Challenge: A high-stakes tournament where poker celebrities may often participate.
  • Super High Roller: Exclusively for the highest level of competitors, with buy-ins that can exceed the standard high roller events.

Additionally, the tournament scene is supplemented by online satellites and qualifiers, offering players the opportunity to secure a seat at major APT events. These online platforms often host a range of smaller tournaments and provide a path to the live events for players worldwide.

Prize Money and Guarantees

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is renowned for its significant prize money and prize pool guarantees, attracting players across the region. The APT has established itself as a premier poker series, offering substantial financial incentives for participants.

For the APT Jeju 2024, the Main Event promises an exceptional prize pool guarantee of around KRW 2 billion (approximately USD 1.5 million). This Main Event is a highlight, guaranteeing one of the tour’s largest prize pools. Consistently, APT tournaments ensure that the stakes are high, and the potential for winnings is considerable.

In addition to the Main Event, the APT Jeju 2024 series is set to offer a total guarantee exceeding KRW 5 billion (about USD 3.76 million). The 10-day festival will feature a comprehensive schedule with over 85 Trophy Events, each providing a slice of the substantial guaranteed prize money.

APT Jeju 2024 HighlightsGuaranteed Prize Pool
Main Event~USD 1.5 million
Total Event Guarantees~USD 3.76 million
Number of Trophy Events85

The tour’s dedication to providing impressive guarantees has been a cornerstone of its success, ensuring that the APT continues to be a magnet for competitive players seeking high-stakes and high-reward tournaments in prestigious Asian destinations.

Locations and Venues

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) selects premium venues across Asia, ensuring each location provides a vibrant atmosphere for high-quality Poker tournaments. These venues are strategically chosen for their ease of access, regional influence, and first-class facilities, catering to a global audience of Poker enthusiasts.

APT Taipei

Venue: CTP Asia Poker Arena
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Proximity to Airport: Approximately 40 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport

The CTP Asia Poker Arena in Taipei stands out as a premier venue for APT events. It’s conveniently situated a short ride away from Taoyuan International Airport, offering players easy access upon arrival in Taiwan.

APT Hanoi

Venue: Yet to be confirmed
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

In Hanoi, the venue for the APT has yet to be officially announced. Past tournaments have set a precedent for utilising luxurious locales that reflect the city’s rich culture blended with its evolving modernity.

CTP Asia Poker Arena

Venue Features:

  • New establishment
  • Located in the heart of Taipei

The CTP Asia Poker Arena is not only a hub for the APT Taipei but is also a symbol of the tour’s commitment to exceptional tournament experiences. Its central location in Taipei makes it a focal point for poker aficionados in the region.

Participation and Qualification

Participating in the Asian Poker Tour requires players to secure a seat through one of the several qualifying routes. These include booking a seat in advance, qualifying via online satellites, or through on-site qualifiers at the event.

Seat Booking

Players may book their seats for various tournaments directly through the DK Poker Tour bookings system or the official Asian Poker Tour website. This direct booking can be done for several events in the tour, ensuring a guaranteed place at the tournament of choice.

Online Satellites

For many players, online satellites are a preferred method of qualification. These are organised by affiliated online poker platforms where winners can earn a seat to an APT event. It is advisable to check the schedules and regulations of the specific online poker venue hosting the satellite.

On-site Qualifiers

Some players may choose to enter on-site qualifiers, which are held at the venue of the APT events. These qualifiers provide the last-minute opportunity to secure a place in a tournament and are scheduled prior to the main events..LEADING_COLUMN

Side Events and Entertainment

At the Asian Poker Tour, side events are crafted to give participants a flavourful mix of poker diversions alongside the major tournaments. They attract a diverse audience, from seasoned pros looking to sharpen their skills to amateurs eager for less daunting competition.

Notable Side Events:

  • Chinese Mahjong League: A cultural classic that brings a twist to traditional poker festivities.
  • Speed Poker Tournaments: For the thrill-seekers, these games demand quick thinking and rapid play.
  • Bounty Hunter Games: Players can earn extra rewards for eliminating competitors.

The entertainment aspect is carefully integrated, ensuring a rich experience that goes beyond the felt. Players can enjoy various leisure activities, keeping the atmosphere energetic and engaging.

Entertainment Highlights:

  • Live music performances that set a vibrant mood during breaks.
  • Local cultural shows that offer a glimpse into the region’s art and heritage.

The side events are designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that whether one is a novice or a veteran, there’s an event suitable for their skill level. The APT thrives on providing an exhilarating poker experience while acknowledging the value of amusement and social interaction amidst the intensity of competitive play.

Media Coverage and Updates

The Asian Poker Tour ensures fans and players are well-informed and engaged through current and comprehensive media coverage. The APT’s active YouTube channel and social media presence allow followers to access updates, live events, and highlights from tournaments across Asia.

APT YouTube Channel

The APT YouTube Channel serves as a hub for video content, featuring tournament recaps, player interviews, and strategy discussions. The channel provides fans a front-row seat to the action, including coverage of events like the APT Jeju 2024.

Social Media Presence

On social media, the Asian Poker Tour maintains an active presence to share news, results, and engaging content. They use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates and announcements, ensuring that the poker community stays connected to the latest happenings in the tour. Quick alerts to followers about forthcoming events and tournament outcomes make social media a vital component of APT’s media strategy.

APT Sponsorships and Partnerships

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) consistently collaborates with a variety of sponsors to enhance its tournament offerings and overall player experience. These partnerships play a pivotal role in sustaining APT’s position as a premiere poker series in Asia.

Key Sponsors

The Tour has secured sponsorship from entities that are intrinsically linked to the poker community, and one of the most notable among them is Natural8. As a leading online poker platform in Asia, Natural8 often hosts satellite tournaments offering players pathways to APT events.

  • Natural8: Online Satellite Hosts – Regularly sponsors entry seats and packages for APT main events

Partnership Impact

Sponsorships are instrumental in expanding the APT’s reach, enabling it to host tournaments in various destinations across the region. They bring value to the events by providing for larger prize pools, more extensive coverage, and improved player services. One such partnership is with the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Club (CTP) to host events in Taipei.

  • Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Club (CTP): Event Partner – Contributes to hosting APT tournaments in Taipei

Partnerships also spur the development of local talent and provide a platform where poker enthusiasts from different backgrounds can come together. In doing so, they create a multicultural poker environment that is synonymous with the APT brand.

The symbiotic relationships between APT and its sponsors and partners are foundational to the success and growth of the tour, ensuring its ability to offer competitive and thrilling poker experiences throughout Asia.

Understanding Poker Tournament Series

Poker tournament series are a collection of poker events that take place over a set period, at a single venue or across various locations. Major series like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the Asian Poker Tour (APT) feature multiple tournaments, each with specific buy-in amounts, poker variants, and prize structures. The most widely played variant in these series is Texas Hold’em, which is known for its complex strategy and popularity.

Participants in a poker tournament series compete for prize pools, which are often substantial. The buy-ins contribute to the overall prize, with a portion typically deducted for the house or to cover organisational costs. The remaining fund is distributed among the top finishers according to a predetermined payout structure.

Tournament poker has grown significantly, attracting players from various skill levels, from amateur enthusiasts to professional poker players. The competitive atmosphere of a series is fueled by the ranked tournament structure, where players aim to accumulate points or advance through events to a grand final.

Key EventDescription
Main EventThe premier event, usually with the largest prize pool.
Side EventsAdditional tournaments with various buy-ins and formats.
Satellite TournamentsQualifiers that offer a chance to enter bigger events.
High RollerEvents with significantly higher buy-ins for serious players.

Players in these series often enjoy additional perks, such as player rankings, awards, and the opportunity to gain recognition in the international poker community. Success in these series can lead to sponsorships and entries into larger, more prestigious tournaments.

Tips for Players

When participating in the Asian Poker Tour, players looking to excel in Texas Hold’em tournaments can increase their odds of success by following strategic advice. As every hand counts, being vigilant and adaptable to the table dynamics is crucial.

Preparation and Mindset

  • Study: Before entering, players should familiarise themselves with the rules and various strategies associated with Texas Hold’em.
  • Focus: Mental clarity and the ability to stay concentrated for long periods are essential. Players should get adequate rest and stay hydrated.

At the Table

  • Position Playing: Recognise the strength of playing from the late position and utilise it to exercise more control over the pot size.
  • Starting Hands: Be selective with starting hands. Patience is key; playing too many hands can be detrimental.
Starting PositionSuggested Strategy
Early PositionPlay tight; only strong hands
Middle PositionSlight expansion of hand range
Late PositionCapitalise on information; increase aggression

Betting Strategy

  • Size Matters: Use bet sizing to one’s advantage, making sure not to give away too much information while simultaneously putting pressure on opponents.
  • Know When to Fold: If the odds are against them, players shouldn’t hesitate to fold. Protecting one’s stack is sometimes a better strategy than calling a suboptimal hand.


  • Learn to read opponents and adapt strategies accordingly. Recognising patterns and tendencies can provide an edge.

Emotional Control

  • One should maintain a neutral disposition regardless of the game’s ups and downs. This emotional steadiness can prevent costly decisions made in the heat of the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, attendees will find answers to some of the most common queries regarding the Asian Poker Tour, providing a solid foundation for those looking to participate.

What are the entry requirements for participating in the Asian Poker Tour?

Individuals must be of legal gambling age in the respective host country to enter APT tournaments. Registration typically requires a valid ID, and in some cases, satellite event wins or direct buy-ins are necessary for participation.

How can one qualify for the Asian Poker Festival tournaments?

Players can qualify for the Asian Poker Festival by winning satellite tournaments, which are frequently held at local casinos and online poker platforms. These satellites offer a pathway to larger events for a fraction of the cost.

What are the typical buy-in fees for major poker tournaments in Asia?

Buy-in fees for major Asian Poker Tour events vary but generally range from a few hundred to several thousand US dollars, depending on the prestige and expected prize pool of the tournament.

Could you list the key locations for poker tournaments in Asia this season?

This season’s key locations for APT events include the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan, with additional stops potentially added throughout the tour.

How many players generally compete in the primary events of the Asian Poker Tour?

The primary events of the Asian Poker Tour typically draw hundreds to over a thousand participants, with numbers varying based on the location and scale of the individual event.

What are some strategies for increasing the chances of success in Asian Poker Tour events?

Players seeking to succeed in APT events should focus on building a strong understanding of poker strategy, bankroll management, and psychological aspects of the game, such as reading opponents and maintaining composure under pressure.

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