Alternatives To Oddschecker

Oddschecker is a popular odds comparison platform launched in 1999 in the United Kingdom. The site is one of the oldest and currently leading players in the market, which is considered a one-stop shop for comparison of odds and expert analysis across all major sports.

Oddschecker operates in partnership with some of the most renowned sportsbooks in the industry, including BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel, and checks all the right boxes when it comes to exposure and profitability for the punters.

The best thing about OddsChecker is that it is free to use and has enabled its users to win more on every bet they place after comparing odds via OddsChecker. It helps users compare odds being offered by different bookmakers from around the world.

Moreover, it not only helps bettors find the best odds on a wager but also offers expert top betting tips for major sports events and access to the large betting promotions available in the market. Another great aspect is that Oddschecker features a variety of sports, including football, basketball, horse racing, ice hockey, table tennis, and rowing.

The Oddschecker site is easy to use and navigate as it is organised neatly in various categories which can easily be recognised. You can use its app to access the platform from your mobile device. Since Oddschecker is directly linked to major sportsbooks worldwide, so you never run out of options.

However, new users may find Oddschecker too overwhelming due to a large amount of information available. If you are a beginner and want to stick to a platform that offers less variety but caters to the sport you want to wager on, Oddschecker may not be the best option. Alternatively, if Oddschecker is unavailable in your area, you may need alternative odd comparing sites.

If that is the case, or you are looking for an alternative to Oddschecker, you are in the right place. Continue reading as we provide a brief account of some of the alternatives for Oddschecker. 


OddsPortal is a renowned odds comparison site from an offshore company based in Malta. The site was founded in 2008, and presently, it has around 80 listed bookmakers and offers odds information and expert advice for 23 different sports. Some of the sports featured on OddsPortal include soccer, American football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and tennis, among others.

OddsPortal comes with efficient tools, including dropping and blocked odds, to facilitate individuals in following current market trends and also provides in-play odds for placing bets. 

Here are some pros and cons of OddsPortal.

Pros Of OddsPortal

  • When you register on OddsPortal, you can tailor your bookmakers according to your preferred sports, the betting markets type you want, the sports you want to bet on, and the time zone according to your location. The increased customisation helps narrow your field of search and makes navigation easier.
  • The website is efficient and user-friendly.
  • OddsPortal provides updated odds after every 15 minutes or so, so you can make the most lucrative betting choices in real-time.

Cons of OddsPortal

  • Like Oddschecker, OddsPortal may also not be the most suitable for beginners as the site contains too many portals, and if you are a first-time bettor, you may find a large amount of information and details overwhelming, and it may take a while to get used to it.
  • Does not offer tutorials, which makes it even harder for beginners


Oddspedia, an international iGaming associate, was founded in 2014. The platform primarily provides sports betting data, sports results, and live scores and also offers betting tools and betting odds comparison.

Oddspedia recently upgraded to 2.0 and is now a one-in-all portal that caters to sports enthusiasts and betting fans alike. The company also focuses on developing numerous other sites specializing in online casinos and sports betting. The platform offers value to its users by offering reliable and comprehensive odds comparisons for various sports. It offers wide coverage for sports and different contests from all over the world. There are 30 sports featured on Oddspedia, including soccer, American football, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, handball, and tennis, among others. Presently, it provides odds from 80 bookmakers.

Oddspedia is an efficient platform that helps bettors increase their winning prospects as it provides detailed odds and guarantees the quality of bookmakers featured on the Oddspedia site.

Here are some pros and cons of Oddspedia.

Pros Of Oddspedia

  • Features a wide range of betting markets
  • Oddspedia provides updated betting odds every twenty seconds, so you are provided with the latest updates at all times.
  • In addition to odds comparison, it offers other features such as live scores and even live games, which result in high site usage and establishes its credibility.
  • Oddspedia offers a dropping odds tool, which is helpful in finding the most lucrative betting opportunities.

Cons Of Oddspedia

  • Oddspedia offers only limited direct links to most bookmakers


EasyOdds is a leading UK-based odds comparison platform that has been around for over two decades now. The platform was founded in 2000. It currently features an array of bookmakers and provides insightful reviews and sign-up information to put beginners at ease and help them make informed betting choices. 

In addition to odds comparison across various bookmakers, EasyOdds offers additional information like betting tips and perks like free bets, promotions, and bonus offers. The platform also features dropping odds that can help punters identify events where the betting markets are moving at a fast pace. It features a wide array of sports, including soccer, cricket, horse racing, rugby, and many more.

To find the most lucrative value for your bet, EasyOdds offers you the book with the highest odds compared to other sites. However, unlike the sites mentioned above, including Oddspedia and OddsPortal, EasyOdds also offers daily betting previews for major upcoming events for sports, including football or horse races.

Here are some of the pros and cons of EasyOdds. 

Pros Of EasyOdds

  • EasyOdds offer more sporting insights besides odds
  • The platform highlights the best odds to assist bettors and lists down the best bonus or free bets
  • It allows punters to link directly to various bookmakers
  • Features a tab for dropping 

Cons Of EasyOdds

  • EasyOdds does not display match statistics
  • Many sports like tennis, ice hockey, and basketball do not get coverage on EasyOdds.
  • The website is a little challenging to navigate, particularly for new users due to being quite heavily focused on affiliate offers and banners.


What Is The Best Odds Comparison Site?

Apologies for missing that detail. Let me incorporate these specific keywords into the answer:

When discussing odds comparison websites, it’s important to highlight the distinct features of each leading platform to ascertain which could be considered the best odds checker for different types of bettors.

OddsPortal stands out as a prominent odds comparison website, particularly for those who are interested in a comprehensive international sports coverage. It’s a reliable best odds checker for global events, offering real-time updates and historical odds data for thorough analysis.

OddsChecker, as its name suggests, excels in being one of the best know odds comparison sites, especially for UK-centric sports. This odds comparison website goes beyond merely comparing odds; it provides a wealth of additional resources like betting tips, insights, and promotional offers, making it a comprehensive platform for bettors.

OddsJet UK distinguishes itself in the UK market as an efficient odds comparison website. Its unique Premium Bet Finder tool positions it as a best odds checker for those seeking significant profit opportunities in their betting endeavors. It’s tailored for bettors who prioritize speed and efficiency in comparing odds.

Oddspedia is another strong contender in the realm of odds comparison websites. Known for securing an edge for bettors by offering the best possible odds from various sportsbooks, Oddspedia is a go-to best odds checker for regular and diverse betting needs. It’s likened to continuously seeking the most competitive flight prices on Skyscanner, providing bettors with a dependable resource for finding the best odds time and again.

In conclusion, while each of these platforms serves as an effective odds comparison website, the title of the best odds checker depends on the specific needs and preferences of the bettor, whether it’s for international sports coverage, comprehensive UK-focused betting, quick comparison for the UK market, or regular checks for competitive odds across a range of sports.

Which site is best for football odds comparison?

When it comes to football odds comparison, selecting the best site from the plethora of betting comparison sites available can depend on various factors including the depth of coverage, user experience, and additional features offered. For football enthusiasts engaged in sports betting comparison, certain platforms stand out.

OddsChecker is often a top choice among football odds comparison sites. It provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, making it an excellent option for those who are focused on football betting. As a sports betting comparison tool, OddsChecker covers a wide range of football matches and tournaments, both in the UK and internationally. Its additional features, like betting tips and promotional offers, add significant value for football bettors.

OddsPortal also excels in football odds comparison. It is particularly renowned for its global coverage, including a wide range of football leagues and tournaments. For bettors interested in international football events, OddsPortal can be an invaluable resource. As a betting comparison site, it offers real-time updates on odds from various bookmakers, along with historical odds data, which is essential for informed betting decisions.

Oddspedia is another strong contender in the realm of sports betting comparison, especially for football. It provides bettors with real-time, comprehensive football odds comparison from numerous sportsbooks. This makes it an excellent tool for those seeking to secure the best possible odds for their football bets. Oddspedia’s user-friendly interface and breadth of coverage make it a go-to for regular football bettors.

In summary, while there are several competent betting comparison sites for football odds comparison, the best choice depends on the bettor’s specific needs. OddsChecker is ideal for a comprehensive, UK-centric football betting experience with additional betting resources. OddsPortal offers extensive international football coverage with real-time and historical data, making it great for global football betting. Meanwhile, Oddspedia provides a broad, real-time overview of football odds, appealing to those who regularly compare odds across various sportsbooks. Each platform offers unique features, catering to the diverse preferences of football bettors engaged in sports betting comparison.

Does Oddschecker have in-play odds comparison?

As of 2024, Oddschecker itself does not provide in-play or live betting odds comparison directly on its platform. However, for those interested in in-play odds comparison, there are alternative websites available that fulfill this function.

OddsPortal, for example, offers a comprehensive list of in-play (live) matches from top bookmakers, along with the current average/highest odds across all bookmakers. This service allows users to view a comparison of live betting odds by clicking on the respective match, offering a detailed and up-to-date overview of available odds for live events across various bookmakers.

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