Six things to look for when choosing new betting offers

Many people will not admit it, but the bonuses (also called offers) are among the big reasons why some online gambling operators are so successful. Unlike the regular casinos and sports betting shops on which they are based, online companies often provide many different propositions. This does not mean that all of them are good because the reality is that most aren’t, but there are always exceptions.

Most of the big gambling brands have at least a couple of different propositions that people love using. However, these operators need to stay relevant and live up to their customers’ expectations, so they also often add new types of deals. Not all of the new rewards are good, so here is what to pay attention to when choosing a new betting offer. 

  1. The duration of the specific reward

One of the first things you must look for when checking a new promotion is the time to use it. Many leading casinos and bookmakers have attractive perks, but once you check their duration, you realize that they are only here for a couple of days or hours.

Every type of betting bonus is different, meaning you may avail yourself of a particular promotion even if you saw it too late. With that said, most deals will only be worth getting if you obtain them as soon as they are available. This is one of the reasons why many gamblers visit reputable websites to check the latest deals, or they sign up for the operator’s newsletter. 

Something to remember is that the promo’s duration is usually “hidden” inside the T&Cs. Despite some of the new rules imposed by a lot of gambling commissions, many operators continue to do this, which means means you have to read all of the rules before obtaining it.  

  1. The products you can use it for

Modern gambling websites know that players want platforms that offer multiple betting categories and options. As a result, the majority of operators you will come across will have a casino, sportsbook, poker section, and much more.

The fact that there are so many options to choose from means that the site also provides different types of rewards for each section. In other words, some of the new betting proposals that you may come across will only be available if you use a particular section, such as a casino, sportsbook, or something else. This means you won’t be able to obtain the reward and use it on something else.

Many people make the mistake of not learning more about a particular proposition before obtaining it. Consequently, they get an offer that they have to use on something different from what they were interested in.

  1. Player limitations

Whether we like it or not, all gambling offers have specific limitations that bettors must comply with when using them. Even some of the best iGaming brands will impose certain restrictions because they need to be sure that people are using the bonuses correctly.

Users may come across many different limitations when analyzing a betting promotion. For example, many operators and their new betting offers will prohibit certain types of players from using a specific reward. There are many instances where bonuses are reserved for new users, but people can also come across rewards that are only for VIP customers.

  1. Deposit and Bet limits

Other popular limitations that gamblers have to keep a close eye on are related to the amounts of money they have to spend. The first one is the minimum deposit needed to “unlock” the specific propositions. Most sites have percentage-based deals, which means that users who deposit more money will get a better reward.

The second limitation regarding the amount users must spend is related to the minimum and maximum bet requirements. Many bookmaker and casino websites will add specific bet values that users must adhere to if they want to place bets. Those who wager over the maximum rule, for example, will not contribute to the wagering requirements.

  1. The wagering requirements

It comes as no surprise that the rollover conditions are among the most important factors bettors must check before deciding which type of propositions they want to use. This is the rule that everyone must adhere to if they want to withdraw the bonus, so the lower it is, the better.

Sadly, not all operators have low rollover rules. In fact, most of them do not, which means bettors must have a good plan if they want to succeed. Besides knowing the options they must bet on, they must also have enough time to meet these rules. Sadly, many clients forget about this.

Our experience shows that sports betting operators usually have better rollover rules, meaning people can complete them faster. They, however, have additional rules, such as specific requirements for the types of bets clients have to make and the odds they must wager on.

Online casinos, on the other hand, have way higher rollover rules, but completing them is straightforward. All users have to do is play with the bonus they have until they meet the condition.

Remember that higher rollover requirements increase the chances of losing the reward because you need to risk that amount more times. 

  1. Ensure you don’t need to use an account on another platform to get the offer

Most gambling websites are very active when it comes down to promoting their social media. As a result, some of then have unique perks that are only available to users who follow the brand’s specific platform. Many gambling companies have started providing new betting bonuses to their users on Telegram, Twitter, and other places.

If you notice that this is one of the conditions, you have to decide if you want to adhere to the rules and get the perk or pass on it. Some people do not feel comfortable following a given operator’s social media, so they prefer to skip this reward and wait for something else. 


Although all new betting offers will seem interesting, it is very important to learn everything about them carefully before choosing each one. Many punters make the mistake of not doing it and often spend more money than they get. You do not want to be one of them.

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