What are the Best Sports Bars in Cardiff?

Cardiff boasts an array of sports bars that cater to every kind of fan, whether they’re there to catch a football match, a rugby game, or any other televised sports event. With venues dotted around the city, each offers a unique viewing experience from cosy pubs with sporting vibes to modern bars with state-of-the-art screens. Notably, amongst these is Elevens Bar & Grill, backed by none other than Welsh footballer Gareth Bale, which provides an immersive viewing experience with numerous screens streaming in 4K and surround sound.

For fans who enjoy a pint with the game, the city’s atmosphere is vibrant, particularly on match days. Bars like The Eli Jenkins blend trendy interiors with the excitement of live sports, offering both indoor and outdoor screens, while Tiger Tiger and Shooters Bar feature large HD TVs for an unmissable viewing experience. These venues are more than just a place to watch sports; they offer a social hub where fans can gather, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and revel in the camaraderie that live sports bring.

Key Takeaways

  • Cardiff’s sports bars offer diverse viewing experiences, from immersive 4K screens to casual sporting atmospheres.
  • Many bars provide special facilities and offers catering specifically to sports fans.
  • The city’s sports bars serve both as places to watch live games and as social venues where fans can enjoy the sporting community.

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Overview of Sports Bars in Cardiff

Cardiff, known for its vibrant sports culture, boasts a diverse range of sports bars catering to enthusiasts who relish watching live games in a communal atmosphere. These establishments offer an ideal setting for patrons to gather and experience the thrill of live sport, from rugby to football and cricket.

The Eli Jenkins stands out in Cardiff Bay, recognised for its stylish interiors that combine bare brick walls with neon lights, creating a contemporary yet warm setting. It’s not only the design that pulls in the crowds but the delectable food and drink offerings, accompanied by extensive screening options both indoors and outdoors.

Patrons often praise O’Neill’s, a quintessential Irish bar, for its vibrant atmosphere and reasonable prices for food and drink. With multiple screens showcasing a variety of sports, this bar maintains an energetic buzz throughout the week.

Another notable mention is The Philharmonic Cardiff, lauded as the top sports bar in Wales and notable for its multiscreen setup. Spanning three floors, it includes both large and outdoor screens, ensuring a superior viewing experience for every sports fan.

Here’s a quick reference for some of the best sports bars in Cardiff:

Sports BarsKnown For
The Eli JenkinsTrendy interiors, outdoor screenings
O’Neill’sIrish charm, vibrant atmosphere
The PhilharmonicMultiscreen viewing, large outdoor screen

These establishments are famed for their friendly service, cementing them as premier locations for watching sports in Cardiff. Whether locals or visitors, they come together to enjoy the camaraderie that such venues foster, with each bar striving to be known as the best sports bar in the city.

Top Picks for Rugby Fans

A crowded sports bar in Cardiff with rugby memorabilia on the walls, multiple TV screens showing live matches, and fans cheering and wearing team colors

Cardiff, the vibrant capital of Wales, is renowned for its passionate rugby culture and an array of sports bars catering to fervent rugby enthusiasts. These top picks ensure a lively atmosphere with big screens to catch every tackle and try during the rugby season, especially during the Six Nations championship.

O’Neill’s St Mary Street

O’Neill’s on St Mary Street provides an Irish flair to the Welsh capital’s sports bar scene. With ample screens showcasing live sport, rugby fans can immerse themselves in an electric atmosphere. The venue is praised for its combination of delicious pub grub and a broad selection of beers, making it a favourite for viewing rugby matches.

The Philharmonic on St Mary Street

The Philharmonic, also located on bustling St Mary Street, is another favoured destination for rugby lovers. This historic establishment has been refurbished to offer a modern experience with the charm of a classic Welsh pub. Visitors can enjoy rugby on large screens amidst a blend of traditional and contemporary settings.

Old Arcade

Old Arcade is Cardiff’s quintessential rugby pub, steeped in Welsh rugby history. This is the place where fans rub shoulders while surrounded by memorabilia that celebrates the nation’s rugby heritage. Its intimate and authentic vibe, coupled with clear views of live matches, solidifies Old Arcade’s status as a rugby haven.

Beverley Hotel

The Beverley Hotel stands out with its comfortable lodging and welcoming pub, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a cosy place to watch the game. The hospitality is warm, and the screens are aplenty, ensuring guests enjoy the rugby action in a more relaxed and homely atmosphere.

Owain Glyndwr

Lastly, the Owain Glyndwr presents itself as a blend of traditional Welsh culture and sports enthusiasm. Named after a Welsh prince, the pub offers a nationalistic spirit that’s perfect for supporting the Welsh team. Its central location and dedication to showing live rugby sports round up the top venues for experiencing the game in the heart of Cardiff.

Best Options for Football Enthusiasts

Cardiff’s sports bar scene is well-equipped to satisfy the most ardent football fans, offering venues that feature HD screens and live sports events, including matches from the England leagues. The following establishments stand out for their football-focused experience, ensuring supporters won’t miss a kick of the action.

Walkabout Cardiff

Walkabout Cardiff is the quintessential spot for football enthusiasts seeking a lively atmosphere to watch big-screen action. Patrons can expect vibrant commentary and a selection of drinks to enjoy during the matches. The Australian-themed bar makes sure that key sports events are not just seen but experienced with palpable excitement.


Elevens, founded by Welsh football legend Gareth Bale, is synonymous with premier football viewing. This sports bar elevates the match day with numerous HD screens around the venue. Fans can immerse themselves in a 4K viewing experience with surround sound that captures every moment of live sports, particularly football.

Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

At Grosvenor Casino Cardiff, football isn’t just a game, it’s an event. Beyond the thrill of casino games, the dedicated sports area within Grosvenor Casino is perfect for watching football. With Sky Sports broadcasting matches and a comfortable setting, fans can indulge in the excitement of football while considering a punt on the games.

Choice Picks for a Pint and Live Sports

In Cardiff, enthusiasts seeking a vibrant atmosphere to enjoy a pint and live sports can choose from a collection of sports bars, each offering a unique experience with big screens, a wide range of beers, and often accompanied by live music.


Brewhouse stands out with its lively music scene and diverse selection of craft beers. Patrons can expect big screens showcasing various live sporting events. The bar often doubles as a venue for local bands, creating a dynamic backdrop for enjoying a match.

Yates Cardiff

Yates Cardiff, a staple in Cardiff’s city centre, offers a traditional sports bar experience with plentiful large screens perfect for live sport. They boast a welcoming beer garden which is an ideal spot for enjoying a cold pint on warmer days. On big match days, the energy here is palpable.


Popular among students, Gassy’s is known for its friendly staff and an array of craft beers that are sure to please any beer enthusiast. It provides a cosy place to watch live sports, with multiple screens ensuring a good view from all angles.


Set in the midst of the student district, Woodville is a charismatic bar featuring a great selection of beers. Their commitment to sports fans is evident through their numerous big screens dedicated to live sports, offering an inviting atmosphere for both students and locals alike.

The Atmosphere and Experience

When seeking out the best sports bars in Cardiff, the atmosphere and experience are pivotal. Patrons prioritize establishments where the vibe is energetic, the staff are friendly, and the surroundings are comfortable, enhancing the enjoyment of live sports events.

Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger in Cardiff offers an electric atmosphere that is both inviting and lively. The staff are known for their friendly and attentive service, which adds to the already comfortable setting. It’s a place where sports fans can immerse themselves in the game surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd.

Coyote Ugly

At Coyote Ugly, the experience is amplified by live music and a dynamic atmosphere. Patrons can expect a unique blend of entertainment with their sports viewing, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate a more varied and inviting social scene. The staff here go out of their way to ensure a memorable visit.


Hooters in Cardiff is synonymous with a laid-back atmosphere and a beer garden that appeals to those looking to enjoy sports in a more casual setting. The establishment fosters a friendly environment with staff who contribute to the enjoyable experience through good service and a welcoming demeanor.

Bars with Recreational Facilities

For those seeking a sports bar in Cardiff with an added touch of interactive fun, Cardiff offers establishments equipped with recreational facilities to enhance the watching experience. Patrons can enjoy a game of pool or darts while watching their favourite sports.

Mackintosh Hotel Cardiff

The Mackintosh Hotel Cardiff positions itself as a top pick for sports enthusiasts. The venue boasts pool tables for guests to engage in a friendly game, with the added excitement of live sports broadcasting in the background. It is not just a place to watch sports; it’s a hub for active participation.

  • Pool: Available for patrons who fancy a game.
  • Darts: A classic pub game that complements the sporty atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere: Lively, with a fusion of live sports viewing and interactive games.

Customers at the Mackintosh benefit from the quintessential sports bar environment, underlined by the rousing sounds of cheers and the clash of pool balls. It stands out for its dedication to providing a communal and exhilarating experience.

Casual Pubs with Sporting Vibes

Cardiff’s casual sports pubs are the ideal spots for a relaxed viewing experience of your favourite games. They are best known for their welcoming atmosphere, offering a blend of traditional pub culture with a clear focus on sporting events.

Canton’s Old Market Tavern

The Old Market Tavern, located in the bustling area of Canton, is a traditional pub with a strong affinity for sports. They offer a wide selection of beers and pub food, ensuring a hearty experience as you enjoy the live sports broadcasts. The establishment prides itself on being a fixture in the local community, inviting sports enthusiasts to gather in a friendly and informal setting.

Pontcanna’s Brewhouse

Pontcanna’s Brewhouse stands out with its unique approach to serving sports fans. Not only does it provide an array of drinks and craft beers, but the food menu caters to a variety of tastes, making it a versatile spot in the neighbourhood. As a sports bar, the Brewhouse commits to a vibrant but casual watch-party atmosphere, complemented by their selection of games and activities.

The Busy Greyfriars Road Pubs

Known for its liveliness, Greyfriars Road is dotted with pubs that double as sports bars, offering an energetic yet casual spot for friends to meet and watch the latest sports fixtures. These pubs emphasise a friendly vibe where cheering for your team is welcomed and partaking in the collective enthusiasm is part of the experience. From classic pub food to a wide range of beers, the offerings contribute to a memorable sports viewing.

Specialist Bars and Offers

Cardiff’s selection of sports bars offers unique experiences, catering to fans looking for specialist venues and attractive deals. The Eli Jenkins is a notable establishment located in Cardiff Bay, distinguished by its contemporary interiors, featuring bare-brick walls and vibrant neon lighting. Enthusiasts can watch live sports on both indoor and outdoor HD screens whilst enjoying a range of food and drinks.

O’Neill’s stands out as a well-loved Irish sports bar in the city, known for lively vibes and competitive prices on sustenance. With high-definition screens scattered around, this bar showcases a variety of live sports, from rugby to football and cricket.

For those seeking a sporty atmosphere with an American flavour, Coyote Ugly Saloon in Cardiff channels the renowned international chain’s spirit. It combines the viewing of major sporting events with a dynamic bar experience, featuring hearty meals and a diverse beverage menu.

Here’s a glance at what some of the sports bars offer:

Bar NameLive Sports ShownSpecial OffersHD ScreensUnique Selling Point
The Eli JenkinsVariedSeasonal dealsYesOutdoor viewing area
O’Neill’sRugby, Football, CricketHappy hour pricesYesIrish-themed atmosphere
Coyote Ugly SaloonMajor eventsMenu specialsYesAmerican bar experience

While offers may vary, guests can often find happy hour rates and menu specials tied to big game nights or specific events. These bars enhance the sports viewing experience by providing an array of offers and dedicated facilities that cater to every enthusiast’s preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cardiff’s sports bar scene is as vibrant as the city itself, catering to all preferences, whether one is after immersive viewing experiences or just a cosy spot to catch the game with friends.

Where can I find a lively atmosphere to watch live sports in Cardiff?

Old Market Tavern is well-known for its energetic vibe and an array of screens throughout the venue. Patrons can enjoy affordable food and drinks, making it a go-to place for a pulsating atmosphere during live sports events.

Which sports bars in the city centre of Cardiff are recommended for a good experience?

Elevens Bar & Grill stands out as a city centre favourite, offering 4K screens and surround sound. It offers an upmarket experience, thanks to its association with Welsh footballer Gareth Bale.

Are there any new sports bars in Cardiff known for their ambience and viewing facilities?

While recent openings are subject to change, establishments like Elevens Bar & Grill continuously update their facilities to enhance the sports viewing experience with modern ambience and state-of-the-art screens.

What options are available for watching live football in comfortable settings in Cardiff?

The Bunker Cardiff is known for its comfortable setting and is a great place to watch live football. Multiple screens ensure an unobstructed view from any seat, and the atmosphere typically is charged with excitement on match days.

How is the sports viewing experience at the Brewhouse in Cardiff?

The Brewhouse is celebrated for its range of craft beers and lively entertainment schedule. Sports fans are catered for with a series of large screens and a sound system that brings the live-viewing experience to life.

Can you suggest sports bars in Cardiff Bay that are suitable for group gatherings?

Cardiff Bay offers a variety of venues suitable for groups, such as the sports-centric bars within entertainment complexes, where multiple games are shown simultaneously on large screens, providing an inviting space for groups to gather and enjoy a range of sporting events.

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