What Are the Best Sports Bars in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, a city celebrated for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also a hub for sports enthusiasts. As the capital of Scotland, it boasts an array of sports bars that cater to fans looking to catch live sporting events in a convivial atmosphere. From the historic charm of Old Town to the modern vibe of New Town, Edinburgh has a sports bar to suit every preference, complete with savory food offerings, a selection of drinks, and often, live entertainment to enhance the viewing experience.

While traditional Scottish pubs with their warm ambience feature prominently in the city’s sports bar scene, contemporary establishments equipped with HD screens and boasting extensive coverage of various sports events also draw significant crowds. Whether it’s for a football match, a rugby game, or an international sports tournament, these bars provide a setting where camaraderie and shared passion for sports come alive. Special offers, outdoor spaces for those sunny days, and social media campaigns add to the appeal, making sports bars popular venues not just for watching games, but for socialising and enjoying Edinburgh’s lively pub culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Edinburgh offers a diverse range of sports bars, blending historic character with modern amenities.
  • These bars provide an array of food, drinks, and live entertainment options to complement the sports viewing experience.
  • The sports bars create a sense of community for fans, enhanced by special offers and interactive social media presence.

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Top Sports Bars Overview

Edinburgh boasts an impressive array of sports bars catering to fans of live sporting events. Among the renowned venues, The Three Sisters stands out as a lively destination in the Cowgate area, perfect for large groups seeking a vibrant atmosphere. Screens are aplenty in these establishments, with Grosvenor Casino offering a multitude of HD screens for an immersive viewing experience of rugby, football, golf, and boxing matches.

For a more relaxed environment, Hanover Tap on Hanover Street presents a wide selection of cask ales paired with its extensive food menu, all while broadcasting Champions League, Premier League, and Europa League football. Similarly, Finnegan’s Wake in Edinburgh caters to sports enthusiasts with its traditional pub vibe and live sports coverage.

Belushi’s is a popular sports bar chain known for its big screens and international sports coverage. For true rugby fans, The Pear Tree provides an official Guinness Six Nations Fanzone experience.

For those in search of a historical pub setting, Doctors and Tron are well-regarded venues that offer a chance to enjoy various live sports amid classic pub décor. It’s crucial for visitors to consider their preferred atmosphere when selecting a sports bar in Edinburgh, as each venue offers a distinct experience, from boisterous crowds to intimate viewings.

VenueAtmosphereNotable for
The Three SistersLivelyLarge groups, heart of Cowgate
Grosvenor CasinoBustling18 HD screens, variety of sports
Hanover TapRelaxedFootball focus, food & ale selection
Finnegan’s WakeTraditional pubLive sports, friendly setting
Belushi’sInternationalBig screens, chain familiarity
The Pear TreeOfficial FanzoneRugby, Six Nations
DoctorsHistoricalClassic pub decor, sports screenings
TronHeritagePub charm, sports viewings

Iconic Sports Bars in Old Town

The Old Town of Edinburgh is home to some of the most vibrant and atmospheric sports bars where fans gather to catch the latest matches. Below are some notable haunts in the heart of the city.

The Three Sisters

Location: Cowgate, Edinburgh

The Three Sisters in Edinburgh’s historic Cowgate area is renowned for its large outdoor courtyard and massive screen, perfect for big games. The bar often draws a significant crowd, all eager to see the action amidst a convivial and spirited environment.

The Pear Tree

Location: West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

Positioned close to the University of Edinburgh, The Pear Tree is a staple for sports enthusiasts who also appreciate a sunny beer garden experience. With outdoor screens and a reputation for a student-friendly vibe, it provides an idyllic setting for watching sports.


Location: Forrest Road, Edinburgh

Doctors has a storied tradition as a go-to place for both locals and visitors seeking a classic pub atmosphere with a sporty edge. The bar’s proximity to major university buildings makes it a popular choice for academic staff and students alike, who enjoy watching live sports over a pint.

Popular Sports Bars in New Town

New Town Edinburgh boasts some of the most vibrant sports bars where fans can catch live games whilst enjoying a pint and pub food. In the heart of the city, these sports bars offer a memorable experience for sports enthusiasts.


Located in the Old Town area near New Town, Belushi’s is renowned for its energetic atmosphere and international sports coverage. It’s a spot where one can enjoy a diverse menu and a selection of drinks, making it a go-to for fans to watch their favourite games.

Hanover Tap

Hanover Tap is another favourite in New Town, offering an extensive range of cask ales and a variety of meals to go along with the live sport action. They provide a relaxed environment ideal for groups looking to cheer on their teams together.

Black Ivy

Black Ivy in Bruntsfield, close to New Town, stands out with its stylish interior and outdoor space. It’s a premium venue that pairs the thrill of sports with the comfort of modern pub amenities, including lush greenery and a cosy atmosphere for spectators.

Bars with the Best Food Offerings

Edinburgh’s sports bars not only provide thrilling live sports action but also boast impressive culinary delights. Patrons can savour gourmet burgers, enjoy a range of classic pub bites, and indulge in speciality wings, each served with a unique twist.

Gourmet Burgers at Frankenstein’s

Frankenstein’s presents a twist on the classic burger with its Gourmet Burgers selection. Their burgers, known for their hearty and flavourful patties, are served on perfectly toasted buns accompanied by a variety of fresh toppings and sauces, creating a memorable meal for any sports fan.

Pub Bites at Teuchters

Teuchters emerges as a haven for pub classic enthusiasts. They offer a range of Pub Bites that include favourites like nachos layered with cheese and crispy haddock nuggets. The food menu at Teuchters satisfies cravings for both traditional and innovative pub fare.

Wings Special at Finnegan’s Wake

At Finnegan’s Wake, patrons can feast on an array of wings. Their Wings Special is an attraction in itself, offering several different sauces ranging from tangy to fiery that coat succulent chicken wings, a staple for any game day.

Bars with Outdoor Spaces

Edinburgh boasts a range of sports bars offering al fresco areas where patrons can enjoy live sporting events. Key among these are establishments with well-set beer gardens and outdoor viewing spaces, perfect for those looking to combine their sports viewing with the pleasure of open-air seating.

Beer Garden at The Pear Tree

The Pear Tree stands out with its expansive beer garden, a rarity in the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre. This garden provides a communal atmosphere for watching sports on large outdoor screens, surrounded by historically rich architecture.

Murrayfield’s Outdoor Viewing

Near the iconic Murrayfield Stadium, some bars offer dedicated outdoor viewing areas, capturing the match-day spirit right in the shadow of the stadium. On a game day, these spots can offer an unparalleled experience, with the roar of the nearby crowds adding to the ambience.

Sports Events Coverage

Edinburgh’s sports bars provide comprehensive coverage of various live sports events, catering to the needs of diverse sports enthusiasts. These establishments prioritize the screening of prominent matches including rugby and football, creating an inclusive atmosphere.

  • The Six Nations Rugby: Fans of rugby gather in bars like The Pear Tree to experience the thrill of the Six Nations matches. This bar is known for hosting the official Guinness Six Nations Fanzone, showcasing Scotland’s games on large screens.

  • Football Matches: Bars such as The Hanover Tap immerse patrons in the excitement of football. They regularly show Champions League, Premier League, and Europa League games, ensuring supporters don’t miss any live action.

  • NFL Showings: For fans of American football, many sports bars provide live coverage of NFL games. A popular example is Tron, located near the Royal Mile, where fans can enjoy these American matches on big screens.

  • Live Sport in Edinburgh: Numerous bars across Edinburgh offer a variety of live sport broadcasts. Establishments cater to match days, with multiple screens and often provide a lively atmosphere during local and international sporting events.

  • Proximity to Murrayfield Stadium: A few establishments situated near Murrayfield Stadium, the home of Scottish rugby, offer guests the opportunity to enjoy pre-match or post-match drinks along with live sport telecasts.

  • International Coverage: Sports bars also cater to an international audience, frequently broadcasting significant sporting events from around the globe, including Italy’s Serie A matches.

Patrons looking for the quintessential Scottish experience can visit these bars during a live Scotland match, immersing themselves in the country’s rich sporting culture and passionately supporting their favourite teams.

Drinks Selection

Edinburgh’s sports bars offer a diverse range of beverages to suit every palate, ranging from draught lagers and ciders to bottled ales and stouts. Each establishment has its specialities, ensuring that patrons can enjoy their favourite drinks at competitive prices.

Draughts at The Hanover Tap

The Hanover Tap is renowned for its extensive selection of draught beers. Patrons can expect a rotating lineup of lagers, ciders, and craft beers served at the perfect temperature. Prices are reasonable, with a pint typically costing between £3.50 to £5.00.

Popular Draughts:

  • Lager: Brand A, Brand B, Brand C
  • Cider: Brand D, Brand E
  • Craft Beer: Brand F, Brand G

Bottled Ales at The Tron

The Tron boasts a carefully curated collection of bottled ales. These range from rich, amber ales to dark, complex stouts. Ale enthusiasts can savour the robust flavours, with each bottle priced between £4.00 to £6.00.

Featured Bottled Ales:

  • Amber Ale: Brand H, Brand I
  • Stout: Brand J, Brand K

Pints of Guinness at Finnegan’s Wake

Finnegan’s Wake is a prime spot for those who prefer the rich, creamy taste of Guinness. The pub ensures each pint is poured to perfection, offering that classic taste Ireland’s famous for. Expect to pay around £4.50 for a pint of Guinness.

Guinness Serving:

  • Pint of Guinness: £4.50
  • Half Pint of Guinness: £2.50

Live Entertainment

In Edinburgh, the scene for live sports is vibrant, with select bars offering entertainment that extends beyond the match. Live music and themed nights add to the allure for sports enthusiasts seeking a buzzing atmosphere.

Live Music at Frankenstein

Frankenstein, a hauntingly themed bar, is renowned not just for its décor but for its live music scene which complements the sports viewing experience. They regularly feature bands that ignite the atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for patrons who appreciate a melodic backdrop to their sports.

NFL Nights at Belushi’s

Belushi’s stands out with its dedicated NFL nights, offering American football fans a slice of their home sports culture in Edinburgh. The bar screens live NFL games and creates an authentic experience with themed nights, making it a go-to venue for both expats and locals.

Special Offers and Social Media

Sports bars in Edinburgh often entice patrons with special offers such as discounted drinks and happy hours. One renowned establishment, Amber Rose, is known for 25% off beer towers, a deal that resonates with groups seeking value while watching the latest matches. Patrons should check individual bar websites or social media channels for the most up-to-date offers.

Happy hours are another draw for sports enthusiasts, where bars may offer reduced prices on beverages for a limited time. Establishments generally promote these deals on their Facebook pages or through other social networks.

Table of Special Offers in Edinburgh Sports Bars:

Bar NameSpecial OfferHappy HourFacebook Page
Amber Rose25% off beer towersN/AAvailable on request

Sports bars also hold events, aligning with major games or tournaments, which are well-communicated through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These events can affect both the atmosphere and the prices, as bars may offer deals specific to an event, such as a championship match.

Sports fans should follow their favourite sports bars on social media to stay informed about upcoming events, promotions, and any exclusive offers. Being updated via these channels ensures avid sports viewers don’t miss out on any enticing opportunities to enjoy their favourite games with added benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Edinburgh boasts a plethora of sports bars that cater to various preferences, offering live sports coverage and lively atmospheres for every type of fan. Here, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the best spots for sports enthusiasts in the city.

Where can one find the finest establishments for watching live sports in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh hosts a range of bars where live sports take centre-stage. Amber Rose in the city centre is noted for its HD screens and comprehensive sports coverage, featuring both BT and Sky Sports.

Which bars in Edinburgh city centre are known for their vibrant sports viewing experience?

The city centre’s sports bars offer fantastic atmospheres for game day. As reviewed, Amber Rose stands out with special deals such as 25% off Beer Towers, making it a go-to location for a high-energy sports viewing experience.

Can you recommend a sports bar in Edinburgh that offers the best atmosphere for rugby fans?

For rugby enthusiasts, there are numerous bars that transform into hubs for rugby matches. Finnegan’s Wake, for example, is an energetic Irish bar in Old Town where one can immerse themselves in the live sports atmosphere, especially during rugby season.

Where in Edinburgh’s Old Town are the top sports bars located?

Old Town, an area steeped in history, is not short of modern sports bars. Finnegan’s Wake is a highlight here, pairing the latest sports screenings with live music.

What locations on Rose Street offer the best experience for American sports enthusiasts?

Rose Street is home to several establishments where fans can catch American sports. Specific bars tailor their screen schedules for various international sports, including American favourites like NFL, NBA, and MLB, providing a home away from home for Stateside sports fans.

In which bars near Waverley can I catch live Formula 1 racing events?

Bars near Waverley Station often show a variety of sports, including Formula 1 racing. Patrons can enjoy the high-octane action at bars like Oz Bar and Beer & Skittles, which, although known for their reasonable pricing and cocktail offerings, also display a range of live sporting events.

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