What Can I Bet On Today?

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What Can I Bet On Today?

Honestly you can pretty much bet on anything you want today but you should never bet just for the sake of it. Gambling in any form should always be done responsibly and only with an amount you can afford to lose anyway.

Most gamblers regularly ask themselves, what can I bet on today? With most bookmakers offering betting on over 30 sports and thousands of different markets every day – the answer is you can bet on lots of things. It doesn’t even have to be sport; there’s even betting markets for politics and weather nowadays!

But when presented with so much choice, it can be difficult to be a good gambler. Most professional gamblers specialize in one sport but, if you like to bet on a variety of sports and have a few bets each day, there’s nothing wrong with spreading your net wider.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is a popular sport for people to bet on, as horse racing takes place on most days of the year, and there are normally several different meetings to bet on. But gambling on horse racing can be a quick route to the poor house, unless you know what you’re doing.

Most horse racing tipsters will recommend just a few bets each day, and they only bet on horses they think have an excellent chance of winning that can be backed at value odds.

Many horse racing tipsters concentrate their efforts on horse racing in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but others have shown they can make a profit betting on horse racing in other countries such as the United States.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing may not be as popular as horse racing, but it is another sport that you can bet on most days. It also has a few less things to factor into the equation than horse racing, as races have typically less runners and there are no jockeys to worry about. This means that people that regularly bet on greyhound racing have a better chance of reading regular patterns, and greyhound tipsters have proved that you can make a decent profit from betting on greyhound racing.


Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the world and that’s because it’s played in the majority of countries. Most of these countries have professional football leagues, and fans love to bet on their own teams and their country’s international teams.

But one of the great things about football betting is that it has become a global affair, and bookmakers in many countries now offer betting in football in other countries. That means there are even more football betting markets to exploit, and many professional football tipsters now specialize in finding value bets in obscure markets in which many of us don’t even have the time to luck.


Playing golf is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, but you don’t need to play golf to bet on golf. Few sports offer the chance to bet on players at the type of odds you can get in golf and, with many tournaments featuring over 150 players, 100/1+ winners are common. Professional golf bettors thrive on finding this kind of value and, while golf betting can be a bit hit and miss, the rewards can be massive when you hit.


Tennis betting is also popular around the world, with many countries having players that play on the ATP and WTA tours. Tennis also produces its fair share of big-priced winners and the art is to try and spot the young players coming through that are going to be the next champions.

But while you can have outright tennis tournament bets, individual tennis matches also offer you the option of having tennis bets most days. Professional tennis tipsters tend to recommend a mix of outright bets and match bets.


Cricket is another sport that attracts a global audience and, with the seasons varying in different parts of the world, cricket is a sport you can bet on all year round. Whether you like one-day matches or five-day test matches, there is always cricket betting. If you don’t fancy an outright winner bet, you can have innings bets on, for example, top bowler or top batsman. Successful cricket tipsters tend to explore a wide variety of markets in search of value.


While basketball is most associated with the USA, there are professional basketball leagues all over the world. With many bookmakers keen to offer betting on all these leagues, shrewd basketball tipsters are often able to exploit the markets where the bookies have made an error with their odds. Basketball is also a great sport to bet on today, as matches take place daily.

Ice Hockey

Unless you were lucky enough to play ice hockey as a child, ice hockey isn’t the first sport that you think of having a bet on. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet on ice hockey, if anything it’s just the opposite. Ice hockey is played in many countries around the world, meaning there are lots of value bets to be found.

Can You Bet On Anything?

Certainly, here’s the revised answer using “bet” instead of “wager”:

In theory, you can place a bet on almost anything, as long as there are two or more possible outcomes and someone willing to take the opposite side of your bet. However, in practice, there are legal, ethical, and practical limitations to what one can bet on.

Legal Limitations: Most countries have regulations governing gambling and betting. These regulations often define what can and cannot be bet upon. For instance, many jurisdictions prohibit betting on events that have a known outcome, events that can be easily manipulated, or events that involve minors.

Ethical Limitations: There are certain subjects that are considered taboo or in poor taste to bet on. For example, betting on specific personal tragedies, natural disasters, or sensitive political outcomes might be seen as unethical or distasteful.

Practical Limitations: For a bet to be placed, there needs to be someone willing to take the opposite side. In many cases, especially for very niche or obscure events, it might be challenging to find someone willing to take that bet.

Betting Platforms: Established betting platforms, like bookmakers and casinos, offer bets on events they can verify, set odds for, and monitor. This typically includes sports events, horse races, casino games, and sometimes non-sporting events like political elections or entertainment awards. Some online platforms also offer novelty bets on various current events or pop culture phenomena.

Betting Exchanges: These are platforms where users can propose bets on anything and see if another user will take the opposite side. This has expanded the range of potential bets but is still subject to the platform’s terms and conditions.

Personal Bets: Outside of formal platforms, individuals can make personal bets amongst themselves on virtually anything, from the outcome of a game to whether it will rain tomorrow. However, these are informal and rely on mutual trust to honour the bet.

In conclusion, while the concept of betting allows for bets on a vast array of outcomes, practical, legal, and ethical considerations often limit the scope of what one can bet on, especially on formal platforms.

What Should I Bet On Today?

With so much exciting sports action to bet on every day, it’s sometimes hard to know what to bet on. If you love the thrills of horse racing, then try and be selective in your approach and only bet on the horses you think will win that you can get value odds about. That comment also applies to greyhound racing.

Football can be a bit trickier, as betting on your favourite team isn’t always the best way to make a profit from gambling. You may need to spread your net wider to find value football bets.

Golf betting is a great sport if you dream of landing big-odds winners, while tennis offers a good mix of outright bets and match bets. Cricket also offers a good variety of bets.

Don’t be afraid to bet on a sport you might not have bet on before, such as basketball and ice hockey, as professional tipsters that specialize in betting on these sports have made excellent profits since the bookies started betting on matches around the world.

If you’re still struggling to know what to bet on today, it’s easy to follow the advice of one or more tipsters. You can bet on the selections of tipsters in newspapers or on websites. Some professional tipsters even offer daily free tips that cover a wide range of sports. We hope that’s answered your question, what can I bet on today? Whatever you decide to bet on – happy punting!

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