6 Considerations When Choosing Your Perfect Tipster

With more and more punters joining Betting Gods every day, the question we get asked most often is – how do you pick your perfect tipster? So here are 6 things you might want to consider before choosing yours.

Perfect Tipster

Return On Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) is simply the amount you’d expect to get back on your original investment. Therefore, if you invest £1,000 with an average yield of 5%, you’d expect to get back £1,050. And, with bank interest rates at less than 1% in many cases, following a tipster is an alternative source of investment that can pay a much better long-term dividend. Indeed, with the Betting Gods Tipsters producing ROI’s of between 5% and 30% – you may want to check out the ROI each of the Betting Gods Tipsters is producing.

Strike Rate

Another important consideration is the strike-rate that a tipster produces, with this being the percentage of selections that produce winning bets, including winners and each-way bets that produce returns from placed selections. However, what strikes rates can’t tell you is what the average odds those selections were, so you may want to take a few minutes to check through the individual archives of the tipsters to see check out the types of bets they recommend, and the odds of those selections.

Bets Per Month

An important consideration when choosing a tipster is how many selections they averagely make per month, and it’s important to know what type of punter you are. If you like to have several bets a day – then choose a tipster who offers that kind of service. However, if you prefer a more selective approach, then you may want to subscribe to a service who only recommend an average of 1 bet a day.


For many punters, profit is the be all and end all – and the Average Monthly Profit of all the betting Gods tipsters is displayed on the website. However, profit isn’t everything, and it’s important that you consider Return On Investment, Strike Rate and Bets Per Month as explained above. All Betting Gods profits are worked out at £10 Per Point staked, though many of our punters bet more per point on tipsters with higher strike rates, and some bet less per point on those who offer more selections but have a lower strike rate or return on investment.

Information Provided

Some tipsters simply provide you with their selections and where and when they’re running, and for many punters this is enough information. However, some tipsters also provide a detailed analysis of why they’re recommending a selection. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just another consideration.


The Betting Gods Tipsters charge between £29.99 and £59.99 a month, and this price often reflects how well-established a tipster is and, of course, the results he has produced over a long-term period. Depending on your budget, you may well want to consider cost in respect to profit, ROI and strike-rate, though don’t forget you can trial any of the Betting Gods Tipsters for just £1 for your first month.