Evolution of Sports Betting and Online Casinos

It is unthinkable for many people that live in this dispensation to imagine a life without the Internet. This is not a surprise; after all, many people were born into this age where the Internet was and is the main facilitator of everything that makes life fun. This has made many highly dependent on the Internet for everything they do, from the menial daily tasks and chores, whether at home or work, to the fun activities they engage in. Activities such as communication with other people, shopping, and gaming have been altered thanks to the Internet.

Asides from personal lives, the Internet has also tremendously affected many industries. One such industry is the gambling and betting industry. Where people traditionally had to go to a location to get bet slips, it has become common for people to whip out their mobile devices wherever they are and place a bet on just about anything from anywhere in the world.

As the interest grows, the market for it also increases in size and coverage. Anyone can easily place bets on football games, become a pro tipster with experience and play casinos, as long as they are connected to the Internet. This article gives a peek into the evolution of casino games and sports betting. Read on to learn more.

An Evolution of Online Casinos

Online casinos were the first form of internet gambling that affected the world all over. The terms of the 1994 Free Trade and Processing Act granted licenses to businesses looking to provide internet gambling services.

In the same years, a company named Microgaming was also formed. There is a consensus that this company is the first to offer fully functional casino services, complete with the full money package. The casino was named the Gaming Club. Gaming Club’s claim is questionable because, due to the timing and lack of records, we might never know who started the service. But one thing we know for sure is that after this time, online gambling began to expand into countries.

InterCasino is one of the first online casinos which is still in operation. that star. InterCasino and Microgaming remain two companies that played two big roles in how online casinos are run; firstly, in the game itself and secondly, in developing the financial systems that make customer transactions possible.

Competition in the online casino field became high, and they began to utilize a sure strategy of getting ahead – by giving new customers incentives and loyalty bonuses for repeat customers. One thing that also helped was that online casino features were constantly changed to keep the clients.

As the years went by, the constantly-changing features became largely effective, helping casinos keep their customers and attract newer ones. However, people still feared that the games were rigged to ensure the casinos never got their balance books in the red.

Nowadays, casino games are fairly common and are part of everyday life, a strange phenomenon just thirty years ago. There are live casino games where you can watch games in real time and find the best casino bonus. Undoubtedly, they will continue to keep us all on our toes in years to come.

Evolution of Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting started just after online casinos came to the limelight. The first made for sports betting was Everygame in 1996, which sparked the arrival of others. Wager placing for online sporting events also picked up among gamblers worldwide, which helped the industry on its way to expansion. Companies are quickly formed to make early profits, and bookmakers decide to move their operations to the web to increase profits.

As with online casinos, the online betting industry has become competitive also. The same strategy was thus applied, and promotions were also used. Tactics like free bets, free betting tips, cash-back offers, and enhanced odds were used, and the range of wagers was also increased.

A new online betting site called Betfair entered the fray in 2000. While others only collected bets from customers, Betfair introduced the feature of customers betting between themselves. This brought about the mass adoption of this feature named exchange or peer-to-peer betting, which has become a fixed offering in a market dominated by Betfair to date.

Live betting came to the fore in 2002. It allowed bettors to place wagers on a live sporting event. This success marked a turning point in the online betting arena, as it has become a fixture among betting sites, new or old. Mobile betting makes this more acceptable to numerous audiences, as bettors can place wagers from any device.


Online wager placing in sports betting and casinos is much easier and more convenient and offers many benefits over traditional forms. Of course, these traditional forms have not been abandoned and will likely never leave existence. But, if there is anything we know, online sports betting is here to stay.

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