How Long Do Withdrawals Take At 96M?

Despite being a new entrant in the betting industry, 96M offers a comprehensive payment mechanism to its users, particularly for depositing funds. The site excels in the area of sports betting and features a wide range of sporting events and betting markets. Its online casino feature is also highly popular among the locals for its state-of-the-art features and variety.

In this article, we offer a detailed insight into the payment mechanisms employed at 96M, including the process of deposits and withdrawals and the withdrawal time frame.

The Quick Answer

How Long Do Withdrawals Take At 96M?

When you place a withdrawal request at 96M and provide the essential details and information in accordance with the company’s withdrawal policy, these are forwarded to the designated team for verification.

From thereon, it takes the team around 25 minutes to process your request, verify the information and send approval. The time it takes for the amount to reflect in your account depends on the respective bank’s processing and turnaround time. It may take around three days for the withdrawn amount to appear in your account.

If it is not transferred after a certain time has lapsed, you can seek assistance from 96M customer support.

96M offers multiple options for depositing in your 96M wallet, but bank transfer is the only available option for withdrawals. To make deposits for funding your wagers or playing a game, you can opt for bank transfers via a local account, payment gateways including Eezie Pay and Help2Pay, and cryptocurrency via NEON Pay (USDT). 

The accepted currencies are the Malaysian Ringgit and the Singaporean dollar. The minimum deposit limit is RM50. If you want to deposit via bank transfer, go to the deposit page via the link on the main page, select the bank transfer method, enter the desired amount, and upload a copy of the official receipt if required. 

Similarly, for payment gateway and cryptocurrency, you will need to select the respective links and follow the process as required. Once transferred, the funds will reflect in your main wallet on the site, which shows all new deposits and your store balance when you withdraw or transfer to a game or product wallet. For transfers, you must select the transfer option from the drop-down menu. 

You can use the funds from your main wallet to fund your bets, transfer them to a game or product wallet to play a casino game, or participate in any other product category.

For withdrawals, the platform accepts only local bank transfers. To make a withdrawal, you need to select a Bank under the withdrawal menu and enter the amount you want to withdraw. The maximum withdrawal limit is RM50, 000.

Once you have entered the required amount, provide your bank account details, including your account name and number. For member account safety, the site often asks the users for a copy of their photographic identification with a clear picture or a copy of their account statement that shows their account name and number. You can scan these documents and send them to customer service.  

96M Withdrawal terms and conditions

96M has a few terms and conditions you must consider when withdrawing money from settled bets or game winnings. We have provided a few here

  • You can make withdrawals in the same currency in which you made deposits. 
  • For a withdrawal to happen successfully, your bank account and 96M account must have the same name. In case of a discrepancy, the company will halt the transfer request.
  • 96M does not allow users to use third-party bank accounts to withdraw money. If you use another account, the withdrawn amount will be refunded to the game account.
  • The maximum amount you can withdraw in a day is RM50, 000. 
  • 96M requires users to provide proof of personal photographic identification or a recent bank statement with account name and number before approving or releasing withdrawn funds.
  • To claim or withdraw bonus or promotion money, you must fulfil the requisite requirement before being able to withdraw.
  • The company will charge any requests related to your withdrawal and deposit activities to your account and deduct accordingly. 

Is it safe to bet on sports at 96M?

96M operates under the gaming license issued by the Government of Curacao and is deemed a reliable betting service provider in Malaysia. The 96M mobile application and site employ 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your bets safe and secure and maintain the privacy of your personal information. The encryption prevents other parties from disclosing your information without your consent. Hence you can safely bet on the sport of your choice at 96M.

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