How To bet On Sport While On GamStop

When it comes to betting on great and popular sports while you have GamStop self-exclusion activated, it is mandatory to do so at reputable brands. GamStop covers UKGC bookmakers only and it doesn’t affect others so you can still bet but, in a bit, different way. Today you will learn how you can do this and which other facts you should memorize. 

Exploring Options For Betting On Sports While On GamStop

In a nutshell, players can bet on sites that are not on GamStop. The most important thing here is to bet at reputable and fair bookmakers where you can still have lots of fun but stay safe while betting. Bookmakers not on GamStop have different regulations. But the reliability is also different. In order to play on quality sites, you can take advantage of trusted experts. For example, betting sites listed by NonGamStopSlots team have been repeatedly tested in practice and we can guarantee their honesty and high-quality service.

On the other hand, we can see that sites of this kind offer a lot of perks. For instance, their bonuses are much better. Bettors can get massive welcome match offers paired with free bets. Daily and weekly offers are better as well which makes betting here so much better.

The next massive advantage is the list of sports. It is usually much longer than the one you can find on UKGC platforms and is more versatile. This means that you can bet on more sports and more events! Some players who don’t use GamStop also prefer betting at these operators. They are that good.

Implementing Responsible Gambling Measures For GamStop Users

If you are on GamStop and you want to bet, you can. But, this means that you will have to bet responsibly. Here we have all the things responsible players will need to consider as soon as possible. The main one is to bet with money you can afford to invest or even lose on bets. This is the foundation of responsible gambling and the main thing you should do.

Ideally, as a bettor, you would have a budget that you will use for betting only. It can be based on a weekly or monthly base. If you spend it all, you will have to wait the next week/month to get new funds to bet. This amount of money must not risk your financial stability.

Another thing you will want to do is to set a time limit. Allow yourself to bet online for 30 minutes per day. Once you are done, you will stop betting and wait the next day. An alternative option is to define longer breaks for yourself. For example, you can bet only on great events or only on a specific sport. This simple tip can help you play responsibly and also increase your control. 

Here is an example of how all of this looks. You will set up a new e-wallet or a payment method you will use for gambling. You will transfer a specific amount of money to that account and you will set the time how long you can bet per day. Then, you will obey your own rules and you are done.

Promoting a Healthy Approach Among Sports Bettors

If you need more help, you can get it. For example, you can use various tools at the sites where you are betting. One of the most important is called the self-assessment test. Once you are done with the test, you can see if are you at risk of betting addiction. If you are not, you can continue placing more bets. If you are, then you will need to distance yourself.

Many of these bookmakers will also allow you to set time limits. This means that the site will allow you to bet 30 minutes per day or 1 hour. Some even have ‘’cool of’’ period. This means that you won’t be able to bet for 24 hours. It is a great tool.

The last thing you can do is to use separate self-exclusion. This is something you can find at many sites that are not on GamStop. However, not all of them have it. Once you opt for this feature, the site will block your access and you won’t be able to play there for a specific period of time. It is like GamStop but it affects one site only.


When betting outside GamStop, keep a few free tips in your mind. The first one is to bet responsibly and use the tips we have provided above. The second one is to use provided tools at the site where you are betting. If you do this, you will be fine and you won’t even need GamStop. 

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