How To Delete A Coral Account

If you want to close your betting account with Coral for some reason, you have a variety of choices. You can close your account indefinitely, or you can choose to close your account for an agreed period which is called a timeout. You can also limit one or more of Coral’s services, such as their sportsbook or casino.

How To Choose A Time-Out Period At Coral

We can all go through bad spells while gambling and, if you think you need to take some time off, then one of Coral’s timeout options could be the way to go.

It may be that you need to concentrate your time on efforts on work or family and need to stop gambling for a short period. Alternatively, you may want to take some time off to iron out some faults in a betting system you’re working on.

Whatever your reason to want to stop gambling, Coral’s support team is there to help you if you need them. You can also easily choose a time out from as short as a day up to six weeks. Once your chose period has ended, you will be able to access your Coral account.

Closing Your Coral Account Indefinitely

If gambling has become a real problem for you and is affecting your life in ways you don’t want it to, then closing your Coral account is probably your best choice.

You can choose to close your account for an agreed time of one month, three months, six months, or indefinitely. If you choose to close your account for an agreed period, you can contact the customer service team and reopen your account when this period is up.

If you choose to close your Coral account indefinitely, you will not be allowed to reopen your account. You will also not be able to open a new account with Coral, who will maintain your basic personal data to prevent this.

Closing Your Coral Account Terms & Conditions

• You may close your account with Coral at any time, providing you do not owe the company any money
• If you decide to close your account with Coral, contact the company in writing by email, fax, or letter. Once your request has been received, Coral will begin the account closure process.
• Accounts will be reopened after a timeout by Coral, but it is your responsibility to reopen your account if you have closed it for an agreed period. If you have closed your account indefinitely, you will no longer be allowed to bet with Coral via an account.
• Once Coral receives confirmation of your account closure request, all funds in your balance shall be paid to you.
• If you have any unsettled bets with Coral when you close your account, any winnings from these bets will be sent once they have been settled. However, you must request these winnings.

How To Contact Coral

If you want to discuss closing your Coral account with the Coral customer service team, there are a variety of ways you can get in touch.
Email the Coral team at or call their head office on 0115 948 5000. You can also Tweet Coral.

Should I Delete My Coral Account?

If you’re considering deleting your Coral account for any reason, it’s important to consider those reasons and whether you want to indefinitely delete your account or take a timeout.

If you’re positive you want to stop gambling with Coral forever, close your account indefinitely. If you’re just on a losing spell but are hoping to bounce back, a timeout gives you the chance to suspend your Coral account while you assess why you’re losing and implement a new and better betting strategy.

If you’re an impulsive or compulsive gambler who throws money away betting on thoughtless suggestions, closing your account Coral is an option that should make you and the members of your family happy.

We hope that’s answered your question, how to delete a Coral account. Happy punting!

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  1. I want to leave coral on line betting as im fed up with not seeing my virtual horses run or money not going straight into my account signal aboutsolutely rubbish had enough want out to go to better facilities.


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