What is IEsnare?

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What is IEsnare?

IEsnare is an online tracking tool that allows companies to detect potential risks of fraud by monitoring anomalies across a variety of devices.

IEsnare detects fraud risks by monitoring web browser histories, geo-locations, and IP and MAC addresses to compile profiles of users and continue to track their online activities.

Although you might only have recently heard of IEsnare, there have been discussions of its use on the web dating back as far back as 2006. Companies that use IEsnare normally check up to 40 different data registers, with some of the most important ones being: high-risk IPs, use of proxy, multiple access to accounts from different devices, IP and geo-location mismatches, and mismatched time zones.

Why Do Bookmakers Use IEnsnare?

Bookmakers use IEsnare for two main reasons. Firstly, they use it to detect fraud, as required by the anti-money laundering regulations.

It’s easy to see why IEsnare could be useful in this way, as people being able to access the same account from different locations with different devices would be an easy way to launder money.

Bookmakers also use IEsnare as a way of trying to create the best possible experience for their customers, with any data collected enabling bookmakers to try and tailor offers and betting opportunities to each customer’s personal preferences.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that bookmakers are one of just thousands of companies that use IEsnare, with Adobe and PayPal being two examples of large non-bookmaking companies that use it.

Is IEsnare Legal?

Whether big brother is watching our every move is something most of us can never be sure of but, if you have nothing to hide, IEsnare may actually help improve your betting experiences. However, the legality of IEsnare still falls into a grey area.

Stopping money laundering and improving customer experiences are genuine reasons for using it, but several punters have already complained that IEsnare may have been responsible for many cases of gubbing, which is bookmakers closing or limiting the accounts of customers.

Can IEsnare Spot Match Bettors?

One of the main concerns about IEsnare among punters is has it got the ability to spot match bettors, who are punters that profit from bookmaker offers by laying off their free bets on the betting exchanges to guarantee profits.

While match betting technically isn’t illegal, match betting does breach the terms and conditions of most new player and existing player promotions offered by bookmakers. Many match bettors argue that it would be impossible for bookmakers to catch them without the help of analytical tools, so should bookmakers have the right to use IEsnare or other similar products to catch match bettors?

How Do I Know If My Bookmaker Is Using IEsnare?

If you want to know whether your bookmaker is using IEsnare, you can first check if the company that owns said bookmaker uses Iovation Technology, the company behind IEsnare. Privacy Badger, which is a plugin from Chrome, can help you do this. Each time you open a new webpage, Privacy Badger will inform you of the trackers the page is using and how to deal with them or block them.

If IEsnare is already be hidden on your computer, the good news is you don’t need to be an IT wizard to find it, simply search for ‘mpsnare’ using file explorer. If IEsnare is on your computer, you’ll see one of these folders: mpsnare.iesnare.com, mpsnare.iesnare.com, ci-mpsnare-iovation.com, or ci-mpsnare.iovation.com.

How To Remove And Block IESnare

It’s possible to remove and block IEsnare from any of your devices, but please also read the next section, ‘Reasons Not to Remove or Block IEsnare’ before doing so.

If you want to go ahead and remove IEsnare from your devices, just delete the results of your search for mpsnare.iesnare.com, mpsnare.iesnare.com, ci-mpsnare-iovation.com, and ci-mpsnare.iovation.com. As a back-up, you might also want to use CCleaner to remove any other cookies it thinks are malicious.

However, this will only remove IEsnare from your devices, and you must take further steps to block it completely. To block IEsnare, use the block cookie setting on Privacy Badger or other plugins such as Ghostery to block the appropriate cookies and protect your privacy.

Reasons Not To Remove Or Block IEsnare?

Our first reaction to any possible breach of our privacy is to try and stop it but remember that the primary reason that IEsnare is used is to try and stop fraud and money-laundering. So, if you’re not doing either of those things, removing or blocking IEsnare may well cause your betting accounts to be flagged when otherwise they may not have been.

The fact that you don’t want IEsnare watching over you could suggest to bookmakers that you are doing something you shouldn’t be. The likelihood is that bookmakers will see that you’re not trying to commit fraud or launder money, and they will probably jump to the conclusion that you’re a matched bettor who is trying to hide that fact from them. This may well mean your account gets a red flag and suffers from gubbing.

Play The Game Better Than The Bookies

While it’s not ideal that online companies can use cookies to track our data and habits, the truth is that most of the information collected is used to try and fry bigger fish than the average punter, such as money launderers.

Having said that, gubbing is still a possibility if you don’t take at least one simple step to try and disguise the fact you’re a match bettor.

If you want to remove IEsnare from your devices, then that’s up to you, but it’s probably much wiser to use different devices for different betting accounts. For example, you can use your laptop to place bets with any bookmakers that you open accounts with to get welcome bonuses or free bets.

Meanwhile, you can use your iPhone or smartphone to lay these bets off on the exchanges. This should reduce the chances of the bookmakers adding one and one together and concluding that you’re profiting from matched betting.

Our Conclusion About IEsnare

We don’t have 100% proof of whether IEsnare has the power to end or limit your chances of making money from match betting or not. But we do think there is only so much data that bookmakers are entitled to extract using IEsnare before they would be putting themselves in a dangerous situation regarding the legalities of Data Protection.

That’s why we think it’s better to let bookmakers snoop a little and use a bit of common sense by using different devices to hide the fact you’re cashing in on a few bookmakers’ offers.

An Alternative Way To Use Offers From Bookmakers

If IEsnare is putting you off the idea of match betting, you can also use bookmaker free bets to actually place bets that you can profit from by the selections winning. You don’t even have to pick your own selections, as the expert tipsters at Betting Gods will do it for you.

If you’re not sure what tipster you’d like to follow, then try the Betting Gods daily free tips.

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