A Guide To Esports In the Philippines

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Esports in the Philippines! As a nation with over 43 million active gamers, the growing popularity of competitive gaming has undoubtedly captured the hearts and minds of Filipino fans.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into what makes Esports such a fascinating phenomenon in the Philippines – from its rich history and popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, to opportunities for aspiring pro-gamers and major tournaments that fuel its booming industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Esports is a rapidly growing industry in the Philippines with over 43 million active gamers and a rich history that traces back to LAN parties and local multiplayer games.
  • Popular esports games in the country include Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).
  • Aspiring esports players can join local communities and leagues, participate in training programs offered by facilities like Mineski Infinity or Bren Esports Academy, and apply for scholarship opportunities from universities such as Ateneo de Manila University and sponsorships from companies like Globe Telecom.
  • Major esports tournaments held annually in the Philippines include Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH), League of Legends: Wild Rift SEA Icon Series, Dota 2 Asia Pacific Predator League, Valorant First Strike Philippines, and Bacchus Pro Gaming Series.

Understanding Esports In The Philippines

Esports in the Philippines is a rapidly growing industry, with many young people competing in online and mobile games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends, Dota and Valorant.

Definition And Explanation Of Esports

Esports, a rapidly growing and exciting phenomenon, refers to competitive video gaming involving professional gamers who face off in organised tournaments. These competitions attract millions of viewers worldwide and have transformed gaming into an international spectator sport.

In Esports, players typically compete against each other across various platforms such as personal computers, consoles or even mobile devices depending on their individual strengths or preferred game genres.

Highly popular games within the Philippines include Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Dota 2, League of Legends and Valorant.

The History And Growth Of Esports In The Philippines

Esports has been on a steady rise in the Philippines over the last decade. The country’s love for gaming can be traced back to internet cafes, which became popular in the early 2000s.

LAN parties and local multiplayer games like Counter-Strike and Warcraft III were among the most commonly played games during this time. As technology evolved, gaming shifted from being solely a pastime to becoming a legitimate source of entertainment and earning potential.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular games in Filipino esports culture today. Its widespread popularity has made it a staple game at numerous tournaments throughout the Philippines.

The Philippine government also recognised esports as part of their sports development priorities by providing guidelines through Games and Amusements Board (GAB), paving way towards professionalisation while ensuring that safety is observed during physical competitions just like traditional sports events.

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Popular Esports Games In The Philippines

Esports has become a mainstream phenomenon in the Philippines, with millions of gamers actively participating in various games. Here are some of the most popular esports games in the Philippines:

  1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – This multiplayer online battle arena game is currently one of the most played esports games in the country, with more than 100 million downloads from all over the world.
  2. League of Legends – The game has a large following in the country and is considered one of the biggest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games worldwide.
  3. Dota 2 – Dota 2 tournaments have been held across many cities in the Philippines. It’s another MOBA game that has a legion of fans around the globe.
  4. Valorant – Since its release, Valorant has quickly gained popularity among Filipino gamers, as it offers fast-paced gameplay and tactical team shooting.
  5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) – One of the oldest first-person shooter (FPS) esports titles, CS:GO continues to attract numerous players and fans worldwide, including in the Philippines.

While these esports titles are currently leading, other games such as Fortnite Battle Royale, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Overwatch and PUBG continue to gain traction among Filipino gamers.

Participating In Esports In The Philippines

Joining local Esports communities and leagues is a great way to get started in the Philippine gaming scene, with various training facilities and programs available for aspiring professional gamers.

Joining Local Esports Communities And Leagues

Esports in the Philippines is not just about playing games, it’s also about being part of a community. Here are some ways to join local Esports communities and leagues:

  • Check online forums and social media groups dedicated to Esports in the Philippines.
  • Look for local gaming events and tournaments near your area. This will give you an opportunity to meet fellow gamers and join teams or organizations.
  • Join Facebook groups or Discord channels that cater to specific games like Mobile Legends, League of Legends or Dota.
  • Register for local tournaments or leagues organised by different gaming associations in the country. These usually have categories for amateurs up to professionals so anyone can participate.
  • Participate in online gaming communities where you can play with other gamers from all over the country.

Joining local Esports communities and leagues is a great way to improve your skills, make new friends, and stay updated on the latest happenings in the Philippine Esports scene. With such a large gaming population, there are plenty of opportunities available for those looking to take their passion for gaming to the next level.

Training Facilities And Programs

If you’re looking to take your esports skills to the next level in the Philippines, there are several training facilities and programs available. Here are some options:

Mineski Infinity – with over 100 branches nationwide, Mineski Infinity is one of the biggest gaming centres in the country. They offer professional coaching and personalised training programs for various esports games.

Bren Esports Academy – Bren Esports is one of the top esports teams in the country, and they recently launched their own academy for aspiring players. The academy provides comprehensive training for games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends, and Dota.

Ateneo De Manila University Esports Program – Ateneo De Manila University has been at the forefront of promoting esports in educational institutions in the country. They offer an esports program that includes coaching, training, and tournaments for students.

Lyceum-Northwestern University Esports Program – Lyceum-Northwestern University is another educational institution with a dedicated esports program. Their esports team has won several local championships and competes internationally.

TNC Pro Team Bootcamp – TNC Pro Team is one of the most successful Filipino esports teams in history, having won several international championships. Their bootcamp offers intensive training for aspiring players looking to improve their skills.

Other options include joining local gaming communities or attending workshops and seminars hosted by industry experts.

Training facilities and programs are essential for developing skills in competitive gaming. With these options available, aspiring esports players in the Philippines can hone their abilities and achieve success on both national and international stages.

Opportunities For Scholarships And Sponsorships

For aspiring esports players in the Philippines, there are numerous scholarship and sponsorship opportunities available.

Major universities such as Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and University of Santo Tomas offer esports scholarships for students who excel in games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

In addition, companies such as Globe Telecom provide sponsorships for top players in popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Esports Tournaments And Events In The Philippines

Major eSports tournaments occur regularly in the Philippines, such as the annual Pinoy Gaming Festival and numerous Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competitions.

Major Esports Tournaments In The Philippines

There are several major Esports tournaments held in the Philippines throughout the year, drawing in thousands of fans and players from around the country. Some of these tournaments include:

  1. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) – This is one of the most popular Esports tournaments in the country, with a prize pool of over PHP 7 million. It features teams from across the Philippines competing in the mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  2. The League of Legends: Wild Rift SEA Icon Series – This tournament features teams from Southeast Asia and is held online due to COVID-19 restrictions. It has a prize pool of over $500,000 and is one of the biggest international tournaments for League of Legends: Wild Rift.
  3. The Dota 2 Asia Pacific Predator League – This annual tournament features teams from across Asia-Pacific competing in Dota 2, with a prize pool of over $120,000. It has been held in various locations across the Philippines since it started in 2018.
  4. The Valorant First Strike Philippines – This tournament features teams from across the country and is focused on Riot Games’ first-person shooter game Valorant. It has a prize pool of PHP 500,000 and is organised by Mineski Events Team.
  5. The Bacchus Pro Gaming Series – This is one of the oldest Esports tournaments in the Philippines and has been running since 2011. It features various games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends and is organised by Garena.

These tournaments provide an opportunity for Filipino Esports players to showcase their skills and compete at a professional level while also giving fans a chance to watch their favourite players live or online through streaming platforms like Facebook Gaming or Twitch.

Attending Live And Online Esports Events

If you’re a fan of esports and want to experience the hype in person, attending live events is an absolute must. Major esports tournaments are held regularly around the Philippines, featuring world-class players competing for huge prize pools.

Of course, not everyone can attend live events due to logistical and financial constraints. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry – online esports events are just as exciting and accessible.

Many tournaments nowadays are streamed online through platforms like Twitch or Facebook Live, allowing fans from all over the world to watch their favourite teams compete from the comfort of their own homes.

Tips For Transportation, Ticketing, Food, And Safety

Attending live and online Esports events in the Philippines can be an exciting and fun experience for any gamer. However, it’s essential to keep in mind some tips for transportation, ticketing, food, and safety to ensure that you have a stress-free and enjoyable time.

  1. Transportation: Use reliable transportation methods such as taxis or ride-sharing services to get to the event venue. If you’re driving, make sure to park in designated parking areas or public parking spaces. Be aware of traffic conditions when planning your arrival time.
  2. Ticketing: Purchase tickets only from authorised sellers and ensure that they are legitimate before making any payments. It’s best to buy tickets in advance to avoid last-minute rush and uncertainty.
  3. Food: Most Esports venues offer food options, but it’s good to bring your snacks or drinks if allowed. Inquire about their food policies beforehand so you can plan accordingly.
  4. Safety: Always be aware of your surroundings, take care of your belongings, and avoid carrying valuables with you unless necessary. Stay alert at all times and report any suspicious behavior to the authorities immediately.

In conclusion, attending Esports events in the Philippines can be an unforgettable experience for gamers of all ages. Just remember these essential tips for transportation, ticketing, food, and safety beforehand so that you can enjoy your time without any hitches or problems along the way.

The Future Of Esports In The Philippines

Experts predict that the future of eSports in the Philippines is bright, with continued growth and potential for becoming a major player in the global gaming industry.

Potential For Growth And Opportunities

The potential for growth and opportunities in esports is immense in the Philippines. With a rapidly growing gaming industry, there are plenty of chances for players at all levels to make their mark.

One area where we’re already seeing significant growth is in professional esports teams. Many major brands have begun sponsoring popular local teams such as Bren Esports and Omega Esports, providing new opportunities for players to develop their skills and compete on a global stage.

Overall, it’s clear that the future looks bright for esports in the Philippines.

Government Regulations And Guidelines

The Philippine government has recognised the growing popularity of eSports in the country, and as such, issued guidelines for its regulation. The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) has taken charge of governing all forms of competitive gaming in the Philippines, including eSports.

Moreover, GAB requires organisers to obtain permits before holding tournaments or events so that they can monitor them closely. These regulations are important not only for maintaining a level playing field but also for ensuring player safety during these events.

Impact On The Philippine Economy And Society

The rise of eSports in the Philippines has not only impacted the gaming industry but also the economy and society as a whole. It has provided job opportunities for many in the fields of game development, broadcasting, event management, marketing, and more.

Moreover, eSports events have attracted both local and international audiences to visit cities such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao where these tournaments are held. This influx of visitors generates tourism revenue for accommodations, food establishments, transportation services, among others.

Aside from its economic impact, eSports has helped foster a sense of community among gamers nationwide by providing opportunities for them to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for competitive gaming.

In turn fostering sportsmanship skills while experiencing fun activities together.

Overall, esports is now recognised as a legitimate sport like basketball or football according to GAB (Games And Amusement Board) guidelines aforementioned earlier. This recognition comes with potential government funding which will enable expansion and growth further increasing its positive impact on the Philippine economy alongside elevating it into the main entertainment streams loved across different demographics within Filipino Society.


In conclusion, Esports is rapidly gaining popularity in the Philippines, where gaming has become a mainstream form of entertainment. With an increasing number of gamers joining local communities and leagues, participating in training programs, and attending live or online events, the future of Philippine eSports seems bright.

Despite challenges posed by government regulations and guidelines that require adherence to ethical standards in conducting tournaments and events, the Philippine eSports community remains optimistic about its chances to develop further.

The enthusiasm around esports in the Philippines extends beyond just gaming enthusiasts; it has also piqued interest among investors who see the potential for economic development through sponsorships and partnerships with game developers.

Whether you’re an avid gamer looking for a chance to compete professionally or someone new discovering what esports has to offer in terms of entertainment value – there’s never been a better time than now to explore what Filipino esports culture has to offer!


What is esports and how popular is it in the Philippines?

Esports refers to competitive video gaming, where players and teams compete against each other in organised tournaments. In the Philippines, esports has gained significant popularity over the years, with a growing fanbase of both casual and professional gamers.

Which are the most popular esports games played in the Philippines?

Some of the most popular esports games played in the Philippines include Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

How can aspiring gamers get involved in Philippine esports scene?

Aspiring gamers can get involved in Philippine esports by joining local teams or participating in online tournaments hosted on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. They can also attend live events or even start their own team if they have a group of like-minded individuals who share their passion for gaming.

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