Can You Bet On The Queen Dying?

When any monarch is in their nineties, there will always be lots of talk about when they might die. It’s certainly no different with the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, who will be 100 if she lives until 2026. And why won’t she reach the landmark when she needs to send herself a birthday card or telegram, as her mum lived until the ripe old age of 101.

While many people want to speculate about what age the queen will live to, some people want to take this one step further by betting on when the Queen will die. Luckily, bookmakers won’t offer such bets. However, if you’re desperate to profit from what will be a sad event, you’ll probably find odds for when the queen will die on some seedy cryptocurrency site.

Why Won’t Bookmakers Bet On The Queen Dying?

Major bookmakers won’t bet on the Queen dying as it would offend most of its regular customers. Whether they all agree with Britain having a royal family or not, most people would prefer to bet on a variety of other things such as sports.

When asked the question of why bookmakers won’t bet on what age the queen will die, the spokespeople of all the major bookmakers were unanimous in saying that it was important that people understand where the parameters of bad taste bets can’t be crossed.

Where Can You Bet On The Queen Dying?

If you’re desperate to try and profit on the Queen dying, it’s time to search the dark corners of the seedy underworld of cryptocurrency betting. You’ll probably find a few such sites where you can bet on a variety of deaths of people dying – markets that are often called celebrity death betting or celebrity death pools. But if you are that desperate to get such bets on, we’ll let you go ahead and explore these markets at your own discretion.

How Can I Bet On The Queen?

One of the most popular ways you can bet on the Queen is when she appears at Royal Ascot. You can get a range of odds about what colour hat she will wear on each of the five days of the Royal Meeting.

There are also a variety of other bets that involve other members of the Royal Family, with Harry and Meghan attracting a lot of the attention. You can also bet when they might have a baby or whether they will have twins.

You can even bet on whether Harry and Meghan will have their own reality TV show, with proposed names such as ‘The Only Way is Sussex’ and ‘Real Royals of Vancouver’.

Should I Bet On The Queen?

If you want to bet on the Queen or other Royals, don’t let us stop you. But you’ll have to search some seedy markets if you want to bet on the Queen dying, while it’s hard to predict what colour hat she’ll wear, or when Harry and Meghan will have a baby.

19 thoughts on “Can You Bet On The Queen Dying?”

  1. I find it weird that millions of Brits happily bet on ‘sporting’ events like the Grand National knowing that on average a couple of the horses will end up being shot before the day is out. The animals in question are ‘euthanised’ even though in other scenarios the horse would receive care from a vetinary surgeon and make a full recovery and then go on to live many happy years. However, race horses who recover from broken legs do not make competitive ones. Do they?
    So with this in mind, I have no issue betting on when our ‘animal-loving’ fox-hunting monarch pops her clogs. For anyone interested the odds of her reaching 100 are about 11/1…

    • I for one find the blood-lusting, inbred ‘royal ‘ disgusting and am sure the fiery gates of hell are getting ready to welcome her. I’ll tip my hat and have a drink when I hear the good news of her being ‘un-alive’. ☺️

  2. Before the jubilee celebrations? I think she’s already dead but I would think they will wait until July to announce it.

  3. I suspect that there may still be a law on the statute book that would make betting on her death be ‘treason’, and just in case, the industry won’t allow it.

  4. I suspect many would want to place a bet on the Queen’s passing to be on June 6.
    Ninety 6 on the 6th of the 6th. How Satanic.


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