What Is A Void Bet?

Void bets are something that happen quite a lot in sports such as horse racing. A void bet means your bet has been cancelled for some legitimate reason, making it null and void. If you’d placed a bet with real money, rather than a free bet or bonus money, this means you will get your stake returned in most cases.

If you placed a bet using a free bet or bonus funds, and the bet is void, most bookmaker rules will state that you lose your bet. But there’s nothing from stopping you getting in touch with their support teams and asking them to reinstate it. They’re not obliged to – but you’re also not obliged to bet with them ever again.

It’s also worth noting that void bets aren’t qualifying bets for most promotions. They don’t tend to count towards wagering or playthrough requirements of any bonuses.

Why Are Bets Void?

Bets can be void for a variety of reasons, which you can see below.

Non-Runner Void Bet

Non-runners are a common occurrence in horse racing. This can be because of injuries, ailments, or just a decision by the trainer to take a horse out because the ground has become unsuitable. Some horses have even been known not to get to the racecourse because of horse boxes breaking down.

If you place a bet on such as horse after the final declarations have been made, you should get your money back. However, if you place an ante-post bet on a horse that is a non-runner on the day, you won’t get your money back unless the bookmaker was offering NRNB (non-runner no bet).

In sports such as golf, if your selection does not start the tournament your bet should also be void and you should get your money back.

Postponement Void Bet

If a horse race or sporting event is postponed to another date, then all selections are normally declared void. This is also normally true of ante-post bets, though you need to check the rules of individual bookmakers as they can be different.

Races or events can be postponed for a variety of reasons, such as inclement weather, mechanical failure, or even rare occurrences like bomb threats or pandemics.

Abandonments Void Bet

While some races and events can be postponed before they start. Some are abandoned part way through. Again, this can be because of freak weather, while crowd problems and excessive injuries have also caused abandonments. Checking with your bookmaker about abandonment rules is a must, as rules can differ. In sports such as golf or tennis, if a certain number of holes or sets may have been played, bets may not be declared void.

Human or Mechanical Error Void Bet

If a bet has been taken in error by a bookmaker, then it could also be declared void. For example, if you’ve placed a bet that you clearly shouldn’t have been able to, the bookmaker has the right to void it. If you were given higher odds than were available because of an error, the bookmaker will also be within their rights to settle the bet at the odds you should have received.

Always Check the Bookmaker’s Rules

We’ve touched on the fact that bookmakers can have different rules when it comes to voiding bets on some sports, and it’s your responsibility to read them. These will be available in the terms and conditions of all bookmakers’ websites.

A typical example would be a tennis match. Rules vary greatly if a player is injured during the match and can’t continue. Some bookies will settle the bet on the player that wins the match from the moment the first ball is served. But others may require at least one set to be played, while others will declare bets void if the match isn’t completed.

This can get more complicated in a football match. Let’s say the floodlights fail after 30 minutes with Chelsea beating Manchester United 1-0. First goalscorer bets may stand but all other bets are likely to be void.

Rules may also vary for postponements. These may focus on postponed events having to take place during a specified timeframe. If they do, all bets will stand. If they don’t all bets will be void.

What Happens If Selections Are Voided In Accumulator Bets?

If you’ve placed, for example, a Yankee on four horses, this means you have six doubles, four trebles, and one four-timer. If you have three winners and one non-runner, your four-timer will become a treble, the three trebles with the non-runner in will become doubles, and the three doubles with the non-runner in will become singles.

However, if your Yankee was placed ante-post and you would have lost your money if you had placed a single bet on the void horse, you would lose the corresponding doubles, trebles, and four-timer.

2 thoughts on “What Is A Void Bet?”

  1. No clear instructions of what the bet was : ie selection of a horse but stake only put in stake box.intended bet was ew but not indicated with the horse selection .should this be treated as a void bet because there was no clear indication of what the bet was ??

    • Hi Alan, you’d need to take this up with the operator who took your bet.
      It’s hard to say without much more information but their customer support team will surely be able to help and advise.


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