5 Most Popular Sports In Delaware

Delaware may be the second smallest state, but its passion for sports is enormous! From the roaring crowds at local high school games to impressive achievements by professional athletes with Delaware roots, this tiny gem of a state has a thriving sports culture that you don’t want to miss.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top 5 most popular sports in Delaware and introduce you to some famous teams, players, and venues that make Delaware stand out on the national athletics stage.

Key Takeaways

  • Football is the most popular sport in Delaware, with the University of Delaware’s Fighting Blue Hens football team being one of the state’s biggest draws.
  • Basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and lacrosse are also highly popular sports in Delaware with a significant following among youth leagues and community programs.
  • The University of Delaware Blue Hens Football Team is undoubtedly the most successful sports team in Delaware history, having won six national titles.
  • Famous athletes hailing from Delaware include Elena Delle Donne (a WNBA player from Wilmington) and Tim Howard (former goalkeeper for Everton FC and Manchester United as well as being a goalkeeper for the US Men’s National Team in four World Cups).

Overview Of Sports In Delaware

Delaware, the second smallest state in the US, boasts a wealth of sporting culture and enthusiasm that can rival even its larger neighbors. With a rich history of athletic achievement and an array of sports to choose from, Delawareans passionately support their local teams and athletes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 5 most popular sports in Delaware – Football, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Soccer, and Lacrosse – highlighting famous players and venues that have shaped the First State’s sports landscape.

Delaware’s vibrant sports community encompasses people of all ages who participate in various athletic activities for leisure or competition purposes.

Top 5 Most Popular Sports In Delaware

Football, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and lacrosse are the top five most popular sports in Delaware.


Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in Delaware, with the University of Delaware’s Fighting Blue Hens football team being one of the state’s biggest draws.

The team has been incredibly successful over the years, winning six national titles and boasting famous alumni such as quarterback Joe Flacco, who went on to win a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens.

High school football is also huge in Delaware, with Sussex Tech and Cape Henlopen having some of the top teams in recent years.


Basketball is another popular sport in Delaware with many high schools and universities fielding competitive teams. The University of Delaware’s men’s basketball team, the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens, has a long-standing rivalry with nearby Villanova University and regularly competes for top ten rankings in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to college basketball, there are also community leagues and youth programs throughout the state that cultivate local talent and promote physical activity. Recently, former Delaware standout Elena Delle Donne made history by becoming the first player ever from the state to be named WNBA MVP while playing for the Washington Mystics.


Baseball and softball have a significant following in Delaware, with many youth leagues and high school teams playing throughout the state. The Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Kansas City Royals, plays at Frawley Stadium in Wilmington.

They offer an affordable option for sports fans to enjoy professional-level baseball games right in their backyard.

However, baseball/softball is not just about competition; it’s also about community. Many local towns host annual tournaments or leagues that bring people together from all over the state to compete and bond over their love of the game.

And let’s not forget about how important these sports are for physical activity: throwing a ball or swinging a bat requires full-body movements that keep players active and engaged while having fun on the diamond.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Delaware, with youth leagues and community programs promoting its growth. The Delaware Rush Soccer Club is a well-known team that competes regionally and nationally.

Additionally, the DE Turf Sports Complex hosts the prestigious Delaware State Cup Soccer Tournament every year. Furthermore, soccer has become an important athletic activity in high schools across the state with Sussex Tech and Cape Henlopen having successful boys’ and girls’ teams.

Moreover, famous athletes from Delaware who have excelled at soccer include Tim Howard, who played for Everton FC and Manchester United as well as being a goalkeeper for the US Men’s National Team in four World Cups.


Lacrosse is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Delaware, with the US team using nearby Lancaster as a training ground. The Cape Henlopen and Sussex Tech high school teams have both won state championships in recent years, highlighting the caliber of athletes that Delaware produces.

Additionally, youth leagues across the state offer opportunities for children to learn and play lacrosse from a young age, ensuring the continued growth of the sport in Delaware.

The DE Turf Sports Complex hosts national tournaments for lacrosse, attracting top talent from around the region.

Famous Teams, Players, And Venues In Delaware

Delaware boasts some impressive sports teams, players, and venues that have made their mark on the sporting world. From the University of Delaware’s Blue Hens Football Team to Elena Delle Donne (a WNBA player from Wilmington), there is no shortage of talent in Delaware.

University Of Delaware Blue Hens Football Team

The University of Delaware Blue Hens Football Team is undoubtedly the most successful sports team in Delaware history, having won six national titles. The team competes at a high level in the NCAA Division I FCS and has produced many NFL players over the years, including Joe Flacco, Rich Gannon, and Paul Worrilow.

Under head coach Danny Rocco’s leadership, the Blue Hens have continued to be a formidable force in college football. Their home games are played at Tubby Raymond Field at Delaware Stadium, which can seat up to 22,000 fans and boasts one of the best atmospheres in college football.

Elena Delle Donne, WNBA Player

Elena Delle Donne is a famous WNBA player hailing from Wilmington, Delaware. She began her basketball career at the University of Delaware and became the second overall pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft.

Delle Donne’s success on the court has also led to off-court opportunities, such as serving as a brand ambassador for companies like Nike and JP Morgan Chase. Her commitment to giving back to her community is equally impressive; she started the Elena Delle Donne Charitable Foundation in support of Special Olympics organizations and provides scholarships for student-athletes pursuing higher education.

Delaware Rush Soccer Club

The Delaware Rush Soccer Club is a prestigious youth soccer organization in Delaware that provides elite level training and competition to young players. The club was established in 2012 and has since then become one of the most successful and sought-after soccer clubs in the state, with over 30 teams registered under its banner.

Delaware Rush Soccer Club’s mission is to develop outstanding soccer players by providing them with top-notch coaching, facilities, equipment as well as access to high-level competitions that expose them to college recruiters.

Several current professional soccer players have passed through their ranks. For instance, Tina DiMartino is an alumna who represented Team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics before playing professionally for several years after college graduation.

Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball Team

The Wilmington Blue Rocks is a minor league baseball team that plays in the Northern Division of the Carolina League. The team is based in Wilmington and is affiliated with the Kansas City Royals.

The Blue Rocks have played at Frawley Stadium since 1993, which has been rated as one of the best minor league ballparks in America.

Over their years of existence, the Wilmington Blue Rocks have won six division titles and four Carolina League championships. Many talented players have played for this team during their careers including Mike Sweeney, Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran, Jermaine Dye among others.

DE Turf Sports Complex, Home Of The Delaware State Cup Soccer Tournament

DE Turf Sports Complex is a state-of-the-art facility located in Frederica, Delaware. It is home to the Delaware State Cup Soccer Tournament every year, which draws soccer players from all over the state.

The complex features 12 synthetic turf fields and hosts a variety of other sports events throughout the year as well, including lacrosse and field hockey tournaments. Additionally, DE Turf provides ample parking space for visitors and has several amenities on-site like concessions stands and restrooms.

The Growing Popularity Of Sports In Delaware

Delaware’s commitment to promoting physical activity and sports participation has led to the growing popularity of various sports in the state, making it an exciting place for both athletes and fans alike.

The Impact Of Youth Leagues And Community Programs

Youth leagues and community programs play a crucial role in shaping the sports culture of Delaware. These programs provide young athletes with opportunities to learn fundamental skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

One prime example is the Delaware Rush Soccer Club, which boasts more than 5,000 players across several age groups. The club offers a variety of training programs that cater to every player’s ability level and provides professional coaching staff to help guide them towards their goals.

Moreover, these youth leagues and community programs have significant economic benefits for Delaware by attracting visitors and generating revenue from tournaments or events hosted in various venues throughout the state.

The Economic Benefits Of Hosting Sports Events

Hosting sports events can bring significant economic benefits to Delaware. Sporting events create jobs, boost local tourism, and generate revenue for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Sports events also help promote Delaware’s reputation as a sports-friendly destination. By hosting high-profile sporting events such as NCAA basketball tournaments or national championships in swimming or track and field, the state can attract media attention that enhances its brand name recognition.

Overall, hosting sports events has numerous benefits for Delaware’s economy and community building efforts by building physical activities around a sporting event in diverse neighborhoods within which they’re hosted — it not only creates opportunities but bring people together across different backgrounds from all around the state.

Delaware’s Commitment To Promoting Physical Activity And Sports Participation

Delaware is a state that takes sports and physical activity seriously. The government has invested heavily in promoting sports, with programs designed to encourage residents of all ages to participate.

Additionally, schools and community organizations throughout the state offer a variety of sports programs and leagues for children and adults alike. These include high school teams in football, basketball, wrestling, field hockey, lacrosse among others.

Various youth soccer leagues are also active across Delaware where children can learn teamwork and develop their skills under trained coaches. Not only do these activities help individuals stay fit and healthy but they also promote teamwork skills that can be applied outside of athletics as well.


In conclusion, Delaware is a state that loves its sports. From football to lacrosse and field hockey, the top 5 most popular sports in Delaware have captured the hearts of many residents.

Famous teams, players, and venues like Elena Delle Donne and the University of Delaware Blue Hens Football Team have made their mark on the state’s athletic history. With growing participation in youth leagues and community programs, it’s clear that sports will continue to play an important role in Delaware’s culture for years to come.


What are the five most popular sports in Delaware?

The five most popular sports in Delaware are basketball, soccer, football, volleyball and lacrosse.

How big is the sports culture in Delaware?

Delaware has a vibrant sports culture with many professional and amateur teams as well as athletic events held throughout the year.

Where can I find information about local sports teams or events?

Information about local teams and events can be found through various media sources such as newspapers, online publications or social media community pages. Additionally, contacting your city’s parks and recreation department or local schools may also provide insight into upcoming sporting opportunities.

Are there any notable athletes from Delaware?

Yes! Several famous athletes hail from Delaware including professional boxer Henry Milligan Jr., former WNBA player Elena Delle Donne and NFL player Paul Worrilow among others who have made an impact within their respective leagues while representing their home state proudly.

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