What Are the Best Sports Bars in Dublin?

Dublin’s reputation as a vibrant, welcoming city extends into its bustling sports bar scene, where locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy live matches in a convivial atmosphere. Whether it’s football, rugby, or traditional Irish sports, the capital’s establishments cater to diverse preferences, each providing a unique viewing experience. With screens dominating walls and craft beers flowing, these venues are synonymous with great sports, great food, and the great Dublin sociability.

The city’s sports bars offer more than just live coverage; they are social hubs where the camaraderie of fans amplifies the excitement of each game. From the heart of Dublin’s city centre to its quieter neighbourhoods, each sports bar has its own character, featuring menus packed with casual eats, extensive craft beer selections, and often, a schedule filled with live music events to complement the sports screenings. People looking to catch multiple games simultaneously won’t be disappointed, as several bars boast an array of screens ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action.

Key Takeaways

  • Dublin houses a variety of sports bars suited to fans of all types of sports.
  • Sports bars in Dublin enhance the experience with features like craft beers and live music.
  • Venues offer immersive viewing with multiple screens and match day specials.

Overview of Dublin’s Sports Bar Scene

A bustling sports bar in Dublin, filled with cheering fans, large TV screens, and a lively atmosphere. Tables are adorned with pints of beer and plates of pub food, while the sound of clinking glasses and excited shouts fills the air

Dublin’s vibrant sports bar scene reflects the city’s passion for both local and international sports. These convivial venues bring fans together to enjoy a variety of live sporting events ranging from traditional Irish sports like Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) games to global favourites such as football, rugby, and American football.

  • The Living Room: Noted for its massive outdoor screen, which is arguably the largest in Dublin, this bar ranks high among the leading sports bars in the city. With a vast beer garden, it’s a top choice for an immersive experience.
  • Craft Beer Selections and Food: Patrons appreciate the rich selection of craft beers and the impressive food menus that are typical of Dublin’s sports bars.
  • Screening Variety: Establishments like The 51, boast seven high-definition television screens, showcasing a diverse range of sports in the deluxe Dublin 4 area. Sinnott’s complements its offering with 14 screens paired with a high-quality audio-visual system ensuring an all-encompassing spectator experience.

Sports boutiques in Dublin present a comfortable, engaging atmosphere adorned with memorabilia and offering delectable pub fare. For locals and tourists alike, these bars represent havens where camaraderie and sporting spirit thrive. Enthusiasts gather, united by shared excitement and anticipation, to indulge in the thrill of the match, making sports bars an integral part of Dublin’s social fabric.

Top Sports Bars for Football

Dublin boasts a vibrant scene for football enthusiasts, with bars that transform match day into an unforgettable experience. Here’s where the city’s atmosphere is as gripping as the premiership games unfolding before the crowds.

The Living Room

The Living Room is celebrated for housing Europe’s largest outdoor screen, providing an unparalleled view of football matches. This sports bar on Cathal Brugha Street also features Dublin’s largest beer garden, making it a top destination for watching football with a lively crowd.

Sinnott’s Bar

Situated in the heart of Dublin City Centre, Sinnott’s Bar is equipped with 14 large screens and a cutting-edge audio-visual system dedicated to broadcasting football games. Here, fans come together in a charged environment, especially on match days, to witness every goal and tackle in high definition.

The Woolshed

The Woolshed, with its famed beer gardens and numerous screens, makes every football match viewing a festive affair. Football fans can indulge in a spirited ambience while enjoying international premiership games alongside a diverse crowd that shares a love for the sport.

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Rugby-Friendly Pubs

Dublin caters to rugby fans with a selection of pubs that offer a vibrant atmosphere, top-tier live sports viewing, and excellent food and drink options. These establishments are known for their commitment to the sport, providing an ideal setting for fans to gather, cheer on their favourite teams, and enjoy the game.

The Back Page

Location: Phibsboro

The Back Page is a sports enthusiast’s haven located in the heart of Phibsboro. It is renowned for its expansive beer garden where patrons can immerse themselves in the excitement of rugby matches broadcasted on large outdoor screens. The atmosphere is always bustling, especially during key rugby events, making it a prime spot for fans who enjoy the game with a side of fresh air.

Trinity Bar

Location: 46-49 Dame St, Dublin, D02 X466

Trinity Bar stands out with its reputation as a dynamic Trinity Bar and Venue. This establishment is equipped with numerous HDTV screens strategically positioned throughout the venue to ensure that every patron has an optimal view of the rugby action. Not just a place for sports, Trinity Bar also prides itself on a diverse selection of drinks and traditional music, providing a well-rounded experience for visitors.

The 51

Location: Haddington Road, Dublin 4

The 51 is synonymous with good company and rugby. Guests at The 51 Bar can expect a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere where the game always takes centre stage. With special offers regularly available during rugby matches and a crowd that knows and loves the sport, The 51 guarantees a memorable rugby-watching experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Murray’s Bar

Location: 33-34 O’Connell St, North City, Dublin, D01 YA48

Murray’s Bar combines the tradition of an Irish pub with fervent support for rugby. Rugby fans frequently gather here to view high-stakes matches surrounded by fellow supporters. Traditional music and a hearty food menu complement the experience, making Murray’s a standout choice for those seeking the quintessential Irish setting to watch rugby.

Irish Sports Coverage

Dublin’s sports bars offer comprehensive coverage of Irish sporting events, with a particular focus on Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) matches. These venues cater to fans of traditional sports such as hurling and Gaelic football, providing a vibrant atmosphere for watching the matches.

The Bleeding Horse

Location: Camden Street, Dublin

Known for:

  • Traditional vibe with modern facilities
  • Coverage of major GAA matches
  • Hurling and Gaelic football featured prominently.

The Bleeding Horse is a historic pub situated in the heart of Dublin. It provides extensive coverage of GAA matches, ensuring fans don’t miss any action. Renowned for its warm ambience and multiple screens, this venue promises an immersive experience during each game.

McGowans of Phibsborough

Location: Phibsborough, Dublin


  • Live sports coverage in a contemporary setting
  • Spacious interiors with large screens for an unobstructed view
  • A stronghold for Gaelic football and hurling enthusiasts.

At McGowans of Phibsborough, spectators relish in the electric atmosphere when GAA matches are broadcast. This modern sports bar is designed to host large crowds, making it an ideal spot to enjoy the thrill of Irish sports with fellow supporters.

The Square Ball

Location: Hogan Place, Dublin


  • Eclectic bar with a focus on innovative sports entertainment
  • GAA sports alongside alternative games like ping pong
  • A unique blend of traditional and contemporary.

The Square Ball offers a quirky twist to sports viewing, with a keen eye on GAA matches. Fans can watch hurling on the screens and enjoy a game of ping pong during the intervals. This bar is a favourite for those looking for a multifaceted sports experience.

Bars with Multiple Games Screening

In Dublin, several sports bars offer an atmosphere buzzing with the excitement of multiple games being screened simultaneously. These venues are a hive of activity for sports enthusiasts looking to catch every moment of the action across different sports.

Buskers on the Ball

Buskers on the Ball, located in the Temple Bar area, is a prime destination for sports fans. It stands out as a multi-purpose venue showcasing a variety of live sports matches on numerous big screens and projectors. With extra screens dotted around, one is never far from the live action. Furthermore, it elevates the sports-watching experience by including interactive games such as pool tables and table tennis, adding another dimension to the establishment’s engaging atmosphere.

The 51 Bar

The 51 Bar in the sophisticated Dublin 4 district has established itself as a top venue for screening multiple sports events. They boast seven high-definition TV screens, ensuring patrons can enjoy different games in a vibrant setting. The venue’s reputation is not just for its impressive whiskey collection but also for its capacity to host several sports matches, making it a favoured choice for those who like variety and a quality viewing experience.

Venues with Live Sports and Music

Dublin hosts a variety of venues where live sports and music converge to offer a vibrant atmosphere. These establishments cater to sports fans and music enthusiasts alike, making for a memorable experience.

Sinnott’s Bar

Sinnott’s Bar, located near St. Stephen’s Green, is a renowned sports bar with a lively atmosphere. They provide a setting where patrons can enjoy live sports on multiple screens. The bar often features live music, complementing the energetic mood set by the day’s sporting events. With an array of pub food on offer, Sinnott’s is a go-to for both match viewing and musical entertainment.

The Mercantile

On Dame Street, The Mercantile stands out as both a sports bar and a venue for live music and DJs. The bar offers a comprehensive experience with televised sports by day and diverse musical acts by night. The atmosphere here is quite dynamic, with the transition from sports bar to nightlife spot seamless, showing that watching a game can lead straight into an evening of live music.

The Woolshed

The Woolshed Baa & Grill, known for its international vibe, brings together the worlds of a sports bar and nightclub with a distinctive touch. Along with an extensive beer selection, patrons can enjoy lively sports broadcasts followed by themed live music nights. The beer garden elevates the experience, providing an open-air space for fans to revel in both sports viewing and the nightclub’s dance-inducing beats.

Casual Eats and Craft Beer Options

Dublin offers a plethora of destinations for those who desire a casual dining experience accompanied by a wide selection of craft beers. Enthusiasts can savour a tasty meal deal amidst convivial surroundings while enjoying their favourite beers, including the renowned Guinness.

The Back Page

The Back Page in Phibsborough is a stimulating environment for those appreciative of craft beer and sports. It has garnered a reputation for its eclectic vibe and an array of pizza options. They offer a plentiful selection of both craft beers and mainstream options such as Guinness, ensuring that patrons have a comprehensive range of drinks to pair with their chosen pizza.

The Bleeding Horse

On Camden Street, The Bleeding Horse holds a storied place in Dublin’s pub culture. Their menu is a combination of robust pub food and enticing meal deals. Visitors to this historic venue can choose from a variety of craft beers or a pint of Guinness to complement their meal, in a setting that intertwines modern tastes with a heritage ambience.

Camden Street Options

Camden Street’s options cater to foodies and beer aficionados alike. With establishments like Against the Grain and The Camden Exchange, one finds themselves spoilt for choice. The area offers a broad spectrum encompassing pizzas, classic pub food, and innovative twists on traditional dishes. The beer selection, which includes craft beer staples and exclusive brews, is diverse enough to satisfy both the occasional drinker and the beer connoisseur. Camden Street is especially noted for integrating the authentic Dublin pub feel with an impressive assortment of Guinness and craft beers.

Specific Match Day Features

When choosing a sports bar in Dublin for match day, enthusiasts often look for venues that not only broadcast the game but also enhance the viewing experience with a vibrant atmosphere, an expansive food menu, and additional amenities to cater to the needs of every fan.

The Living Room

The Living Room is noted for its expansive beer garden, considered one of the largest in Dublin, which becomes a central hub on match days. With multiple large screens, both indoors and outdoors, patrons can view various games simultaneously. Their food menu boasts a range of options that cater to a match day appetite, ensuring no fan goes hungry during the excitement.

The Woolshed

Meanwhile, The Woolshed is famed for its international atmosphere, which draws fans of various sports into a convivial space. On match days, the atmosphere is electric, with supporters from around the globe gathering to cheer on their teams. The food menu here is a diverse mix of pub classics and international dishes, designed to satisfy cravings as patrons enjoy multiple games across the bar’s numerous screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dublin boasts an impressive array of sports bars, each offering unique experiences for live sports, vibrant atmospheres, and diverse menus. This section helps answer common queries about the best spots for sports enthusiasts.

Which sports bars are considered the best for watching live football in Dublin?

The Living Room on Cathal Brugha Street is often cited as ‘Ireland’s No. 1 Sports Bar’, with its massive screens providing an unparalleled viewing experience. Hill 16 Pub is also a top choice among football fans.

Can you recommend some sports bars in Dublin’s city centre with a great atmosphere?

Sinnotts Bar near Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre has a longstanding reputation for its lively atmosphere and multiple large screens. The Bleeding Horse and The Trinity Bar & Restaurant are also central locations known for their buzzing environments during sports events.

Are there any sports bars in Temple Bar that are known for their lively experience?

The Temple Bar area is home to The Sin Bin, well-regarded for its exuberant atmosphere, especially on match days where fans gather for the communal viewing experience.

Where might I find sports bars in Dublin that also have American food on the menu?

The Back Page in Phibsborough offers a diverse menu including American-style food, along with a vibrant atmosphere for sports watching. The 51 Bar in Ballsbridge also serves a range of dishes alongside sporting entertainment.

Could you list prominent Dublin pubs that are frequented by both locals and celebrities for sports viewing?

The 51 Bar has gained recognition for attracting a mix of locals and celebrities thanks to its excellent screening facilities and its history of winning Best Sporting Pub in the National Hospitality Awards.

What are the top places in Dublin for watching international sports events?

For international sports events, The Living Room is a go-to destination due to its vast screen setup. Additionally, The Bar provides a welcoming venue for watching a variety of international sports.

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