How To Do A Round Robin

A question we’re always getting asked is how to do a round robin? Placing a round robin is as easy as picking three selections in different events and combining them in a bet that has 10 different legs, which will cost you 10x your unit stake.

For example, you might combine Liverpool to beat Everton at football, Leeds to beat St Helens at Rugby League, and Chacun Pour Soi to win horse racing’s Champion Chase. You set your unit stake at £1, so this round robin will cost you £10.

You can place round robins at many high street bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Coral, as well as at lots of online betting sites such as Bet365, Betfair Sportsbook, and Paddy Power.

However, while that all sounds simple, you probably also want to know exactly what 10 bets make up a round robin.

What 10 Bets Make Up A Round Robin?

A round robin is made up of 10 individual bets, which are 3 singles, 3 doubles, 1 treble, and 3 up and down single-stake pair bets.

As a round robin uses three selections, selection-A, selection-B, and selection-C, three of the bets are singles on your three selections.

Your three selections in a round robin are also combined in three doubles, with the combinations being A/B, A/C, and B/C. All three selections are also combined into a treble, comprising selections A, B, and C.

If you don’t know what singles, doubles, and trebles are, this is easy to explain. A single is a bet on one selection from which you get a return if the selection wins. A double is a bet on two selections, which requires both selections to win. A treble is a bet on three selections that requires all three selections to win. The odds of the selections in the doubles and treble are combined to offer potentially big wins.

The above bets are all relatively simple to understand, but the other three bets in a round robin are more complicated. These are called up and down single-stake pair bets, which are also sometimes referred to as twist bets or cross bets.

The best way to look at the up and down single-stake pair bets is to initially think of them as singles on each of your three selections. But the difference is, when one selection wins, you only bank the winnings. The stake from this bet is then placed on another of your selections.

For example, selections A and B are combined in the first of the up and down single-stake pair bets. If selection-A wins at 5-1 (6.00), you will win £5. But your £1 stake will then be placed on selection B, doubling your stake on this selection. If selection B wins, you’ll win double, but you’ll lose that stake if it loses.

Other Types Of Multiple Bets

A round robin is the most complicated multiple bet of all and, if you’re not sure they’re for you, there are lots of other multiple bets you may wish to consider.

If you have picked three selections, you can combine these into a patent bet, which is simply three singles, three doubles, and a treble. It’s like a round robin, but without those complicated up and down single-stake pair bets.

A trixie is another multiple bet which combines three selections into three doubles and a treble. You may wish to place a trixie when you’ve picked selections at short odds, when one winner in a round robin or patent wouldn’t cover your stake.

If you have four selections, you can combine these into a Yankee or Lucky-15. Five selections can be combined into a Super Yankee (also known as a Canadian) or a Lucky-31, while six selections can be combined into a Heinz (so named because it is 57 bets) or a Lucky-63. Bigger bets with more selections are also available.

Should I Place Round Robin Bets?

All bets have advantages and disadvantages, so the decision as to whether you place round robin bets or not is up to you.

Round robins are strange bets, as a patent covers your three selections in all the best possible ways. A patent gives you three singles, three doubles, and a treble, meaning you get a return with just one winner, while also being able to win much bigger sums of money if you land your doubles and treble.

All that a round robin does is gives you is extra singles, be it that you lose your stake with one winner but get double your stake on a second winner.

If you’re serious about making money from gambling, what you need to do is find your niche. If that niche happens to be round robins, then knock yourself out. If you’re making money from round robins, that’s brilliant. If you’re losing money, then it’s time to take a new route and start gambling like a professional gambler.

Gambling Like A Professional Gambler

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